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"So, Mr. Williams, why did you do that to my father?"

"Hmph! A very easy question. Because he is a fool! When you were born and showed a lot of interest in music and science, he said that he didn't want to force you into business. So what's going to happen to our business?" Mr. Williams said.

"So, you planned to kill my father?"

"Not yet. I wanted to have your mother back. I love your mother, Yve." Mr. Williams said.

"But she was never yours to begin with!"

"YES!! Because of that she deserved the death she received."

"Did you….."

"YES!!! I killed your mother!! When your father learned about this he was about to kill me but I use you as a defense. With no other heir, you will be forced to take over the company if we both died from our battle."

"So my dad married Amira and adopted Airis. You planned all of this?"

"Smart, wasn't I? Your father didn't realize any of this until the few days before his death. I was hoping to gain everything first before I kill your father. I wanted to have the company for my own."

"But he outsmarted you, didn't he? He realized your plan and made the deed."

"YES!! The deed of marrying you to another business tycoon. Luckily Amira was smart too."

"All of you are plain evil!!!!" Yve shouted in disbelief. Then she walked out of the room and hugged Vince tightly who was about to storm in the room.

Yve cried in Vince's arms and the man knew how heartbreaking it was for his Queen.

"Vince?" Yve whispered while still in his arms.


"I don't care how you deal with them. I also agreed to announce our marriage and have you take the reigns of Stones. I just want to focus on SkyMu."
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Vince was shocked when he heard this from Yve.

"Shhh… Don't think about anything else. Let's talk about the business things some other time." Vince released Yve from his arms. He looked at her eyes and said,

"Right now, you're very angry that's why you make such decisions in a hurry. When you have calmed down, that will be the right time to talk about it."

"But I'm serious about letting you handle Mr. Williams, Airis and Amira. I don't want to have anything to do with them."

Hearing this from her, Vince nodded at Edward to execute their plan which Edward did. Nyelle was standing behind them but didn't dare to approach Yve seeing that Vince will be able to calm her down.

"You have now found your King and he is there to stay with you." Nyelle said and walked silently back to her room.

With an arm around Yve's shoulder, they head out of the base and soon Vince was driving towards the Hotel. Yve didn't say anything and Vince didn't dare to interrupt. He knows that right now that's the best thing he can do for Yve.

When they arrived at the hotel, Yve is sleeping soundly in the passenger front seat. Vince didn't want to wake her up. So as gently as possible, he carried him back to his personal suite. All the staff who saw this can't help but notice who it was.

"Was that Yve?"

"Yve who?"

"The former employee. The one who gave the welcome speech to Mr. Gray when he arrived here."


"Are they in a relationship?"

Gossips are everywhere but Vince didn't mind it. Soon, he will make an announcement that the sleeping lady in his arms is his lifelong partner, his one and only queen.

The next morning, while Yve is still sleeping in the arms of Vince, the media is feasting on Airis. She looks like a crazy person walking outside a convenience store in the next city. The police heard this news and immediately responded. Amira also saw this in the morning news and rushed towards the said place.

When she arrived there, Amira hugged her daughter only to be pushed back and shouted by her very own daughter.


With that revelation, the mother and daughter made the headlines once more and the police began to investigate another controversy.