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140 What should I do?

"I LOVE YOU!" Yve shouted out of the blue and interrupted Vince.

Yve blushed by her sudden outburst while Vince looked at his Queen turning into a tomato. In a low tone, he responded,

"I love you more."

Seeing that Yve turned redder by his words he smiled and rose up the table.

"I'm going to work upstairs. What's your schedule for today?" Vince changed the topic as he walks to the dresser.

"I'm going to the office to have a meeting with the trainers. By the way, some of the investors of Stones wanted to talk to me. Did you plan this?" Yve curiously asked as she placed the dishes back in the tray.

Vince walked back to the dining area in his suit while holding a tie. He answered,

"No. I haven't spoken to any of the investors. Do you have any idea on who they are and what they wanted to talk about?" Vince asked.

Seeing him back with a tie in his hand, Yve naturally took the tie from him and decided to have it fixed by herself.

"I don't know what they wanted to talk about but Sylvan has researched in who they are. I will check them as soon as I arrive at the office."

"Have Sylvan and Chrysthe accompany you. I will have Jaleb pick you up after the meeting."

"Okay." Yve tapped Vince's shoulder and said "There you go. You can now go to the office."

"Thanks." Vince kissed Yve on the forehead and said, "See you later."


SkyMu's office


"Sylvan, have you called one of my business teachers about the change in schedule for today?" Yve asked as soon as she arrived at the office.

"Yes. They will be arriving at lunch. Where would you like to eat?"
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"Have it here then. I will eat while studying."


"How's the progress of Hyacinth's upcoming provincial tour?"

"It will start next week. Some of our artists are also preparing for the Noble fashion show."

"I see. Are there any new changes with my schedule?"

"Nothing. That will be able, Ms. Yve."

"Okay. Then I review these notes. Thank you, Sylvan. You may now go."

Yve is now reviewing the papers given my Sylvan. She looked at the pictures of the people she will meet later.

"These people are quite familiar to me. I think I have seen them in my father's burial." She whispered and continued to read the papers.

On the other side, Amira hasn't slept a wink ever since the driver told her what had happened.

"What should I do? I can't lose everything after sacrificing so many things."

"But I love my daughter and Levi."

"It's not yet confirmed though. The driver might have received quite a lot of money to lie like that."

She went to the balcony and looked at the wonderful view brought about by the wealth as a Smith. As she took a deep breath to calm herself down, she finally made up her mind.

"I'm not going to admit it. They must have no proof of what I did and everything might be a trap."

Amira went inside and washed herself to report to the office.


Vince's private base


"I don't think she will admit the evil things she did. What should do?" Eybelle asked.

"We have already informed Secondo about this and he said that he's waiting for the final decision from Primo." Jaleb said.

"Slayne, let's have a game, who do you think will be penalized this time? The appropriate messenger for Amira." Eybelle suggested.

"If I were Primo, I would choose Airis." Slayne answered.

"Why, her? Isn't she the most important asset for Primo?" Jaleb asked.

"Yes, she is. But if Primo will harm Mr. Williams and have others know about it, the stocks of SkyMu and Stones will be affected. You all know the financial crisis at SkyMu, right?" Slayne explained.

"You're right, Slayne. That's what I think, too. But let's wait for an order from Primo." Edward casually said.