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137 Dream come True Not an Update

To my beloved readers,

I am truly thankful for all the comments, reviews and powerstones you all have given me. It always breaks my heart when I'm unable to update chapters as promised. As this was my hobby and I used to do this during my free time. But as my work gets busier, I'm unable to find time for Vince and Yve and to all of you. I'm deeply sorry.

I know I wasn't as consistent in updating my story but still I would like to thank you all for your undying love and support for my story.

However, I never thought that the famous line, "Good things happen when you least expect them." will be experienced by yours truly yesterday. I received a contract invitation from WN. This is all thanks to you. As this is my first time, I'm still not sure on how things will go through from this point onwards. Because of this incredible development, your dearest author has become more inspired to write more chapters and to finally fulfill my promise of updating on time.

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This hobby mixed with your love and patience brought me to this pedestal. Thank you very much.

I hope you will continue to bear with me and stay as we embark to another stepping stone in my writing adventure. I would also shamelessly ask you to support me with your powerstones, comments, reviews and in the future, spirit stones... hehehehehehehe.

As to how many words will be in each upcoming chapter, I'm still not sure but my usual range is from 600 to 1.3K words. So you can continue to expect that much from me.

Anyways, as your author is happy, she is planning to give you surprises today until Monday.

Let's continue to enjoy the journey of Vince and Yve as they both promise to themselves that "This Time You Are Mine."