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When Yve and the rest arrived there, Edward and his team had started to dig the graveyard. They were nearing the depth where the coffin was buried. As soon as they open the coffin, Nyelle fell down and tears began to flow from her eyes.

"There's no need for an autopsy." Edward ordered his men.

Yve felt sorry for her best friend and approached her. Nyelle saw her shoes and without looking at her, she said,

"I betrayed everyone here and deceived you to save my mother. But then not only did I fail in doing so, I even lost my mother."

On one leg, Yve knelt beside Nyelle and hugged her and said,

" I understood why you did that. Aside from sabotaging, you did nothing else to harm me. Aside from that, I know that you have been a true friend to me all these years."

"I'm sorry, Yve. I'm really sorry." Nyelle said and hugged her back.

With these words, Yve's tears fell from her eyes. Forgiveness between the two has been given.

With the temperature cooling down, Edward offered his jacket to Nyelle while Vince gave his suit to Yve. Both of the ladies smiles at what the cousins did.

"It's fine now. You can cover her up." Nyelle requested.

With a nod from Edward, the men started to move and slowly returned the coffin to its original location.

"Come back to us now, Nyelle." Yve said.

Nyelle smiled at her best friend but her words meant the other way. "Yve, I can't."


"I know that you already forgave me and believe me that really made me happy. But….."

"But what?"

"I need time. Time to forgive myself and time to strengthen myself."

"Strengthen yourself?"

"I was easily blackmailed by Airis because I was weak. When Edward and Vince arrived, I wasn't able to gather my strength to tell them about what is happening."

"But every one here understands your situation."

"Yes, but still I want to be a person you can depend on."
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"Yve…" Vince said as he touched Yve's shoulder.


"You have to let her go for now. She needs time and space to heal herself. Don't you want the best for her?" Vince said.

"Thank you for understanding, Vince."


Yve pouted but she can't deny that she wishes the same thing for her best friend.

"I do want the best for her. Okay… but I want you to stay in touch with me. Got it, Nyelle?"

"Yes, mam. I'll get in touch with you."

Deep inside her mind, Nyelle was sure that for her to fix herself, she might need to avoid communicating with Yve as much as she can. But with Yve's request that will be a little difficult.

"So where do you plan to stay for now? Amira might not let you get away as soon as she finds out that you were the last person who talked with her daughter." Yve said,

Nyelle looked at Vince and Edward and based on their reactions, they must have not informed her that Airis is being held captive at the base.

"Don't worry too much about her, Yve. I will protect her in the base and she will be safe there until the issue subsides."

"Oh, I see. Then I will trust you in that, Edward."

"Primo, and Ms. Y, Sylvan sent me a text message. He is reminding me about your interview at the police station." Jaleb said.

"Interview? Police station? What happen, Yve?" Nyelle asked.

"Now, you're worried about me….." Yve continued to pouted at Nyelle. With her friend's stubborn switch on, Nyelle knew she won't be getting a good answer. So she looked at Vince hoping to know what happened.

"It's just for formality sake. After all, Yve didn't do anything wrong."

"Primo, Slayne said, it would be best for us to return to the base and for you to go on with your schedule. The mastermind behind the ambush is coming." Eybelle reported.

"Okay, but I want you and Slayne with a couple from your squads to remain. Let Edward escort Nyelle back to the base." Vince ordered.

"Yes, Sir."

Then as ordered, they all dispersed and went on their separate ways.