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129 Real Friendship


Vince's secret base


Edward woke up early and went to Nyelle's room in the base. After her confession and upon thorough understanding, Edward ordered them to treat her fairly. Her room is well-regulated. You can say that she's experiencing a house arrest treatment like.

As soon as he reached the room, two guards saluted him and told them to go away including the person on surveillance. He wanted to talk to her alone. They obeyed him and went on their way.

As soon as the door was opened, Nyelle sat down with the comforter covering her. She seemed to be well except for the panda eyes she currently have showing how sleep deprived she was.

"Did you find her?" Nyelle asked.


"Edward, please, where is she?"

"..." Edward didn't answer. Instead he handed out an envelope to her. Nyelle looked at him and opened the envelope.

Silence filled the room for quite awhile and when Edward thought that Nyelle was fine, he saw the tears flowing from her eyes. She was crying silently as she continue to read the report.

"Edward, I'm fine with doing all the tests. Maybe your men had a mistake and there is a chance that my mother is still alive."

"Okay. We'll head out there so I'll send someone to bring you some clothes."

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me. I just want to clear things up. To end everything I'm feeling for you. I did this for myself."

"Still, thank you."

Edward was about to walk away when he remembered the response he got from Vince. He turned around once more and said,

"By the way, Yve is coming to see you. I told them about the information I got."

Nyelle looked at him once more and the sadness in her eyes, doubled.

"I betrayed the person who saved me for my mother yet she's now gone. I bet Yve will forgive me for all my misdeeds."


"Why did you do that?"

"I didn't tell Yve. I just reported it to Vince and he decided it would be best to let her know."


Nyelle seemed lost in her thoughts and knowing how big was the information she received, Edward decided to leave the room and informed a female guard to prepare Nyelle's needs before heading out.


In the car on the way to Vince's secret base


"Are we going to the headquarters?"
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"No. We are going to my personal base. That is where the Team Alpha is living along with the rest of their squads."

"Aside from Nyelle, are there others imprisoned there?"


"Vince, please?"

"Hmmm… But there's just one. I usually don't bring prisoners to my personal base."

Witnessing the hesitation in Vince as he answered her questions, Yve decided to stop asking and turned her head towards the window. Vince was worried that Yve might have been offended by his reaction so every time he would look at the mirror on the right side, he would steal glances at Yve.

Seeing that Yve looked her usual calm self, he sighed in relief. Then his phone rang. Seeing the caller ID and thinking it might be related to Nyelle, Vince turned the speaker on.


"What's up?"

Yve questioned Vince with her eyes, seeing that it has the Italian name for Secondo, he understood her question.

"It's Edward." He answered.

"Primo, are you on loudspeaker mode?"

"Yes. Yve is here and we're on our way to the base."

"Okay. She's still preparing to leave the base."

This time, Yve gathered all her courage to ask,

"How is she?"

"You should ask her for yourself."

"Hmmm….. "

"That's all." Edward was about to end the phone call but Yve intercepted it.


"Yes, Ms. Y?"

"Ms. Y?"

"That's your code name. We don't want to reveal your name to the organization and involve you in our business." Vince explained as Yve nodded in agreement.

"Instead of talking in the base, can we drop by somewhere else where we can talk?"

"....." Edward didn't answer which they all mutually understood.

"It's okay with me." Vince answered.

"So, where do you want to talk?"

"In the cemetery where her mother is buried."

"You wanted to meet there? But you will not have…."

"I don't think she will talk to me. I also know that you she doesn't want me to pity her. Although, I have forgiven her already, she wouldn't accept it."

Edward can't help but smile at how deep and real their friendship is. Someday, once Nyelle is ready to forgive herself, all the people who truly cared for her will welcome her with open arms.

Edward came to think about his inner feelings about Nyelle and unexpectedly his mind and heart are opposing each other.

Am I also one of them?

Have I forgiven her already?

But that's impossible! She's a traitor!

She was forced to betray her friend for her mother.

She could have told us!

You just met! With that Airis blackmailing her, it would be difficult for her to trust other people instantly especially from the upper class.

We're not in the same as that b*tch!

She didn't know that!

"Hello, Ed? Are you okay?


"Hmm.. Yes." Edward finally answered as he erased the thoughts in his mind for now.

"Then see you at the cemetery then." Vince said and was about to end the phone call.

"Primo, just let your car pass by the base so that I can send Jaleb and Chrysthe with you."

"Is it that dangerous there?" Yve asked.

"Not for now but it's better to be sure. I'm quite sure that someone is helped Airis about this."

"And that person might be standing on guard there." Vince continued.

"I understand."

When all the sides agreed, they mutually ended the phone call.