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After the heat they shared, both Yve and Vince are still lying on the sand, enjoying the stars in the night sky. Vince is playing with some of Yve's hair strands when he said,

"Thank you accepting both of my sides."

Yve hugged him tighter and said, "I should be the one thanking you."

"Thank you for loving me continuously." Yve confessed.

"Anything for my queen."

*Stomach Growling*

"Sorry, I'm just very hungry." Yve said as she pushed herself away from Vince to sit and open the food they bought.

Vince laughed out and sat as well to accept the food Yve handed out to him. They ate and enjoyed the food together.


Vince's Secret Base


"Secondo, we have found the place where Nyelle's mother is being kept."

"Good! Let's go! Call Eybelle and Jaleb. " Edward said and stood up to get his coat.

"Secondo, wait!"

"What is it this time, Slayne?"

"There's no need for them. There aren't any guards in that place."

"What do you mean?" Edward asked with a confused look on his face as Slayne handed the report to Edward.

The report stated that Nyelle's mother died 3 months ago and was buried in the cemetery in East Coast.

As soon as Edward saw this report, his face turned dark and couldn't help but feel bad for Nyelle. She did everything for her mother and betrayed everyone only to find out that her mother is now dead.

"What's the cause?"

"She found out the agreement of Nyelle and Airis and committed suicide in the hope of freeing her daughter from the pain of betraying a good friend."

"Have you sent someone to confirm the report?"

"Not yet."

"Why not?"

"We need to do an autopsy and if possible, a DNA check but to do those things…"

"You need the permission from the relatives of the deceased." Edward continued for Slayne.

"I got it. Prepare the team tomorrow and have our best forensic team. I'll break the news to Nyelle."

"How about Primo and Ms. Y?"

They have reached a mutual agreement to call Yve as Ms. Y when they're in the base or any CONFERENCE-related events to avoid unnecessary exposure of her name.

"Inform Sylvan about this and have him inform Primo. Let's leave the decision to Primo." Edward said before he sat on the desk once again. He massaged the area between his eyes. He does this when he is stressed.

"Secondo, do you want a massage or coffee? I can call Eybelle for that."

"There's no need. I'll just sleep since we have accomplished our mission. You should also rest, Slayne."

"Yes, Sir." Slayne saluted as Edward left his office wing of his room to go to the bed room just a door away.


Smith's residence


Inspector Dean has just left the mansion without any news about Airis' location. Mr. Williams decided to stay the night to comfort Amira, who's now heavily worried about her daughter's whereabouts.

"Levi, I really think that Yve has something to do with Airis' disappearance." Amira said.

"We will know about that tomorrow. Both Yve and Mr. Gray were invited to the interview, right?"

"But I don't think they would admit their faults." Amira said.

"Of course they won't. But while they are in the police station, I can send someone to investigate their offices."

"But will you get information from that strategy?"

"We don't know unless we try. But it will prove if the rumors about Mr. Gray is true."

"What rumors?"

"His secretary isn't by his side for the past few days. If Mr. Gray isn't hiding our Airis personally, then it must be his cousin/secretary."

Amira nodded and said, "You're right. So we will then request a separate interview with his secretary."

"Exactly! So there's no need for you to worry. Go and rest for now."

"Levi, thank you very much." Amira hugs Mr. Williams and is reciprocated by the man.

"Anything for you and our princess. Now get some sleep so that our princess will not laugh at you because of your panda eyes."

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Like that, the two people slept in the bed with the comfort from each other.