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122 Isn“t a suspect.... Ye


At the Smith's residence


As soon as Mr. Williams received the call, he hurried to the mansion and saw the police cars parked outside. When he went inside, he immediately comforted Amira not minding what the people would think about their actions. The woman was crying more in his arms leaving the police with no option but to stop the interview.

"Amira, what happened?"

Mr. Williams asked but with Amira's sobs, the police answered on her behalf. They handed a couple of pictures. He looked at each picture and anger can be seen on his face.

"Amira, who could have done this?" He asked.

"I can only think of one person but she isn't capable of doing this." Amira answered.

"May we know the name, Mrs. Smith." The investigator asked.

"My step daughter, Yvory Smith." Amira answered.

"What would be the motive?"

"My daughter, Airis is engaged to her former boyfriend, Mr. Gray." Amira thoroughly answered.

'Since it has all come to this, I would lay all my cards and put the blame on you, Yve!' Amira thought.

"Mrs. Smith, I understand that you're deeply worried about your daughter but including the name of Mr. Gray is a little bit…." The inspector wasn't able to finish because Mr. Williams interrupted.

"How about offending both Smith and Williams because of this incident?! With these pictures, we don't know what's happening with the heir of Stones Enterprises. We need to find her as soon as possible and put the suspects behind bars." Mr. Williams insisted.

"Don't worry, Mr. Williams rest assured that we will do our best to find Ms. Smith's location."

"You're going to interrogate, Yvory, right?" Amira asked.

"We will invite her to the police station along with Mr. Gray. Then we shall be on our way, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Smith." The inspector said and left.

The news of Airis disappearance flooded the media and everyone learned about. Even Yve who was now working in SkyMu. She read an article in the newspaper and was shocked. She wanted to know more about this case so she called Sylvan using the intercom.

"Sylvan, can you come here?"

"Right away, Ms. Yvory."

Sylvan came knocking on her door and Yve immediately let him in.

"What is it, Ms. Yvory?"

"Sylvan, can you investigate about this incident?" Yve said and gave the article to Sylvan.

He knew he would be asked to investigate so he was prepared with the things he can say and information he can give to Yvory. However, what happened next was beyond the things he expected.

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Yve's intercom suddenly rang and Sylvan answered it for her.

"CEO's office." Sylvan said.

"Sir Sylvan? This is the reception."

"What is it?"

"A police inspector and his team are here to speak with Ms. Yvory."

Once Yve, Chrysthe and Sylvan heard the words out of the receptionist's mouth. Sylvan looked at Yve for instruction which was approved then.

"Have them wait for a moment, I will go down to assist them personally."

"I understand, Sir Sylvan." The call ended and Sylvan instantly tried to calm Yve.

"Don't worry, Ms. Yvory." Sylvan said.

"I'm not worried at all because I know I didn't do anything. It's just SkyMu's stock might get affected if this news goes out."

"We will not let that happen." Sylvan said as he went out of the room with his phone to his ear.

"Everything will be alright, Ms. Yve." Chysthe said.

"I know and thanks, Chrysthe. But can you call Edward or Vince? If they included me in the investigation, they would certainly not miss Vince." Yve requested.

"Yes, miss. I will give them a call as soon as Sylvan arrives here."

Knocks were heard and Yve responded,

"Come in!"

Sylvan came inside followed by an inspector and two other police officers. Yve stood up and shook hands with the inspector.

"Good morning, Ms. Yvory. I am Inspector Dean."

"Good morning, inspector. Please have a seat."

"Thank you." The inspector politely responded as the two other officers remained standing.

"Chrysthe, you may leave now." Yve ordered and Chrysthe excused himself.

From that small gesture, Inspector Dean was able to observe Yve as a CEO.

'Her people respect her a lot and she also does the same. Her workers seemed loyal to her despite her short stay.' The Inspector thought to himself.

"What would you like to drink? Tea, coffee or juice perhaps?"

"No, thank you, Ms. Yvory." He politely declined.

"Okay, so may I know why you're here?" Yve asked in a neutral tone. This change made the inspector realized that this must be the serious CEO he's speaking to.

"I believe you have heard about the kidnapping of Ms. Airis Smith." Inspector Dean began.

"Of course. Through the newspaper just few minutes before you came." Yve frankly answered.

"About that, we would like to invite you to the police station."

"Inspector Dean, you know that isn't possible. There should be an arrest warrant." Sylvan said.

"Nothing is concluded and Ms. Yvory isn't a suspect..... Yet."