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121 Shameless You

"What happened?" Vince asked as he gently pushed Yve's body inside the room without breaking their embrace.

"I had a nightmare." Yve said.

Vince broke their embrace and encircled one of his arms around Yve's waist. He guided Yve to the couch.

"What is it about?"

"I suddenly woke up without you beside me. When I looked around you weren't there. As I went outside the room, I saw no one, not even Jaleb and Chrysthe. I tried calling Sylvan and Edward but nobody is answering. Then, I saw on the news, that …."

Yve couldn't finish as she starts to cry again. Vince hugged her and said,

"Shh… Stop crying. It will not happen. I will never leave you alone without someone looking after you and your call will always be answered by either me, Edward or Sylvan."

"Hmm…" Yve responded as she hugged Vince tighter.

"I'm hating myself for this." She whispered but it was enough for Vince to hear her.

"Why is that?"

"I'm getting weaker and I've been depending on you so much."

"It's fine. You can depend on me more and I wouldn't mind." Vince assured Yve.

"It's easy to say that when our relationship is just beginning. Soon, you will find it annoying." Yve said.

"Yve look at me." Vince said while making Yve's eyes look at his.

"We were together and never did I find your dependence on me annoying. You were strong and weak and I like both of your sides. I will always be here for you. Besides, having my woman dependent on me shows how trustworthy I am."


"Hmm.. Promise, my dear Queen." Vince said and hugged her once more.

"I'm thinking I might want to kiss you now." He said quietly, intently.

"Then do it." Yve said and blushed at her boldness.

But Vince only gave that breathy laugh, untangled their embrace and leaned in. His lips brushed Yve's testing, soft and warm. He pulled back a little. He was still staring at Yve and Yve stared right back as he kissed her again, harder, but nothing like the way he'd kissed Yve before. He withdrew more fully this time and watched her.

"That's it?" Yve demanded and Vince laughed and kissed her fiercely.
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As soon as both of them were out of air and were panting hard, Vince placed Yve's forehead on his and said, "I also like the shameless you."

Yve blushed and Vince left her hanging as he went to the bathroom.

"VINCE, IDIOT!!!" Yve shouted when she recovered.

She only heard Vince's laughter. She ran to the bed, curled herself under the sheets and closed her eyes. Despite her efforts, she can't sleep. Every time she closes her eyes, their recent kiss flashes causing her to blush. The cycle repeats itself.

"Are you asleep now?" Vince's voice caused Yve's body to stiff underneath the sheets. Vince noticed this and was now aware that Yve isn't asleep yet. He lied down beside Yve and slid one of her arms pulling Yve's body closer to his. He felt a little rejection from Yve.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything without your permission. I just want to sleep with you in my arms."

Upon hearing this, Yve took the initiative and hugged Vince. She can hear Vince's heartbeat from their position. Yve smiled as she realized that Vince must be feeling the same way. She forgot how many times she wanted to take their relationship to a different level. Yet knowing that she wasn't ready to take another responsibility and the time isn't right.

`I'm lucky that Vince isn't pushing me.' She thought as she fell asleep in Vince's embrace.


The following morning at Smith's residence


"Madam, a package has arrived for you."

"Package? Put it on the table. How about your young miss. Is my daughter awake?" Amira asked the maid,

"Madam, the young miss isn't in her room." The maid answered.

"What do you mean?"

"Ms. Airis didn't return last night."

"What time did she leave the house yesterday?"

"She left around 12 noon."

"Did you notice anything different from her?"

"No, Madam. She brought a small handbag and was wearing her casual attire."

"You may now go." Amira dismissed the maid and called Airis' number. But to her dismay, she was directed to the voicemail.

"Fooling around again." Amira said as she looked at the package and wondered who sent it and the content.

Amira looked around the box but no name nor address of the sender written. She gently opened the box but as soon as she saw the contents,


She shouted and fell to the floor. All the maids who heard her rushed to the scene and saw their madam on the floor.

"Madam, what happened?"

"Throw that box away and call Mr. Williams immediately." Amira ordered the maid. The other maids cleaned the place and saw the contents of the box.

There were pictures of a lady chained with blood all over her. There was also a picture which showed the ten fingernails.

"Madam, isn't this…"

"No, that's not my Airis. Call the police as well."

"Don't throw the box yet. Just put it away from me."

Amira gave orders as she trembles to stand up and sit properly on the couch in the living room.

"That can't be my Airis. She's just fooling around somewhere around the city." She murmured to herself as she tries to calm down.