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At Vince's private base


Airis wasn't budging one bit despite Phase one. Therefore, Edward ordered to initiate Phase two intermittently. Phase two is where they played voices of other people being tortured. These were actual torture recordings from the main base. This was done to enforce the feeling of fear and urgency to her. Every time the recording is being played, Airis would tremble in fear but would still not volunteer to speak.

Slayne had gathered all the properties that were under Airis' name and sent some of their men to check the area.

"What happened?"

"No significant news as of the moment, Secondo."

"Hmm... I don't think that Airis would be that smart to have a separate hideout for the mom." Edward thought.

"Secondo, what if Airis asked for someone else's help? Someone more powerful than her?"

"Well, I know that there's her mother, for one, but Chrysthe is already on the move. Let's wait for their report."

"Yes, Sir."

"What about Yve's car accident and Vince's penthouse incident?"

"Our men is doing their best, Secondo but nothing comes up. I think Amira is our greatest lead."

"Okay. Why don't you go and assist Chrysthe on his task. I have a bad feeling about his mission."

"Yes, Secondo!"

Edward was now left inside the office. It has been weeks since the two incidents that cost Yve's life but still they were stuck. They were even using the CONFERENCE'S resources. How is still possible?

"Why can't I be at ease with Chrysthe's mission?" Edward murmured to himself.


Cozy Bell Hotel and Resort


"Good afternoon, Sir. How may I help you?"

"I came here on Ms. Yvory Smith's request."

"Oh, the Young Miss. I'll call her right away!" The receptionist answered.

'The Young Miss? It seems like Yve really found her man and the family is doting on her.' The lawyer said to himself as he recalled how the famous Maddie Gray wanted to meet him to ask about Yve and the things that happened in the past.

"Sir, our staff will guide you to her room. Please follow him."

"Thank you." The lawyer said and the receptionist smiled and bowed her head to bid goodbye.

A few minutes later, Yve heard a knock and expecting that it would be their family lawyer, she opened the door.

"Uncle, thank you for coming." Yve said at the man and led her inside the room.

"Anything for Ms. Yve."

"Have a seat."

"What do you want to discuss about?" The lawyer asked and Yve handed the financial report to you.

The lawyer studied the contents and was beyond shocked with what he read.

"How is this possible? So, Ms. Yve what are planning?"

Yve told him of Vince's idea and discussed it with him.

"Well, that would be the most logical thing to do. But, you must be thinking of another thing.."

"As expected of Uncle!"

"So what are you thinking?"

"I don't want to declare bankruptcy. Can you help me think of another plan?"

"Dear, you know I'm not that much familiar about that."

"I know. But can you help me contact my previous tutors?"

"With that I can! What will be schedule? They are quite flexible especially when they know that their favorite student has decided to take the business profession seriously."


"I know that this isn't your first love and right now getting it back is your priority.."

The old man was interrupted by Yve.
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"Yes. I don't know what to do next as I'm focusing everything to ensuring that Stones will be taken away from Airis and Amira."

"Okay, my dear. Just tell me your schedule and I'll handle it. Where do you want the classes to be conducted?"

"Well, just have them come at the company but the time will be after the working hours."

"Mr. Gray is fine with that?"

"I haven't told him yet. But I think he will understand besides if you're worried about my safety, he has already assigned bodyguards for me. So I don't think staying at the company after work will get him all worked up."

"You said so but from an old man who's been in a relationship for a long time, you should not hide this from him, okay?"

"You got it, Uncle. Thanks."