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114 Biggest Gamble

"What do you mean?" Yve asked as she looked at Vince.

"If you can surpass this bankruptcy and elevate SkyMu's reputation, I don't think that they will still question your right as the heir of Stones Enterprises."


Silence fell inside the office. Vince knew that the stakes are high but losing will never be an option. He will never let Yve fail and besides with a little guidance, Yve can definitely pull it through.

Sylvan, who was listening inside the room, felt that it was a tall order for Yve to do it. However, he also knew that Vince is right. In this way, they could even put that not only the Gray Group was saved by Yve's skills but even SkyMu.

'Not a walk in the park but never impossible, too.'

Yve, who heard the idea from Vince was mesmerized and began to ponder on his words. It's certainly correct but she's also not sure if she can make it.

"Do you think I can do it?" She doubtfully asked Vince.

"Of course, you can." Vince said.

"I will be here to help you."

"Count me in, as well." Maddie came inside the room.

"MOM!" Yve said and came running to Maddie and hugged her.

"Oh! It seems that someone is happy to see me." Maddie said as she hugged her daughter-in-law and looked at Vince for any answers.

With uttering any word, Vince was able to say to his mother that his Queen needed comfort and Maddie did just that.

"I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I heard what happened and I have good news about that." Maddie said.

Vince, Yve and Sylvan looked at the middle-aged woman with confusion.

"I did some investigation on my own after hearing your story and I was able to dig some information."

Everyone sat on the couch and began talking about their strategy. Maddie was able to dig out the missing money from SkyMu.

"What? On auction goods?" Yve said in disbelief.

"Yes. I have the location as well as the transaction proof, my dear." Maddie showed the papers to Yve and Vince before handing it to Sylvan.

"Verify it."

"Yes, sir." Then Sylvan left to do the task at hand.

Now, Yve is lost. She's new about this after all. She looked at the mother and son who's faces are seemed pleased with everything.

"Uhm... once Sylvan verifies the information, what happens next?"

"You will have an exclusive contract with Noble and Gray Group." Vince said.


"Gray Group and Noble will own some of the shares that you have as the president. In return, you will receive new funds and we will support you all the way." Maddie said.

"But how about the shares? If I sell some of my shares to you, I won't be the president anymore. With your shares in Stones Enterprises and in SkyMu, both of you will be able to overthrow me."

"Smart thinking, my Queen. That's where the legal clauses of the contract comes in. We are only interested in buying the shares but not in the position. So our vote as shareholders will only have you as the president of SkyMu. It will also prevent Airis and Amira from gaining the control back." Vince said.

"Hmm... I see." Yve can only nod in agreement. She doesn't fully understand it yet but she trusts Vince. Moreover, she can ask him again tonight.

"But there's one problem..." Maddie said.

"What is that?" Yve asked.

"You need to declare bankruptcy first."

"WHAT? But that will cause the stock value of SkyMu to go down!" Yve said.

"Yes. Which is why you need to launch something big before declaring it. It should be big enough to stand against the issues and can provide you with the daily funds you will need in the mean time." Vince explained.

"I see. But aside from Hyacinth, I don't have any artist that big yet." Yve confessed.

"How about that young man who wore the Nobel suit?" Maddie asked.

"Young man?" Vince asked.

"Tristan?! Well, if I remember correctly, his training report isn't that bad but his group is not that good yet." Yve casually answered.

"May I know who that man is?"

"My dear son, he's the young man that Yve brought to my shop." Maddie answered.

"Hmmmm..." Vince responded in a grumpy tone. He stood up and walked towards his desk.

"Vince?" Yve asked when he noticed the change in Vince's tone.

"Just let him be, my dear. Anyways, that young man is quite handsome. What are you planning to do for him?"
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"Well, all the groups and trainees are undergoing extensive classes to improve their skills."

"Another investment...." Maddie said worriedly.

"Yup. I didn't know that the company's financial status is this bad."

"How about the groups who were launched?"

"They will have solo activities to increase their individual fan base and improve the hype for their group's next project."

"Hmm... Not big enough but at least money will come in for the company."


"How about Tristan?"

"Hmm... I think he will be in to modeling or acting. He's the visual in his group, after all."

"Perfect! I want to sign him up!" Maddie excitedly said.

"That will be nice, Maddie."

"But before that, you need to sign the agreement first. Remember the proposal we handed over?"

"Ahh.. yes. It's in the office. I'll ask Sylvan to bring it home so that I can sign it tonight."

"That would be nice. " Maddie said and looked at her watch.

"Oops, I have to go now. I still have a meeting back at the office." Maddie said and hugged Yve before letting herself out of Vince's office.