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Vince is in his office and reviewing the financial report of SkyMu. He decided to check it once again after hearing some bad news from Sylvan when his phone rang. It was from Edward.


"Bro, can you let me handle Nyelle's case?"

"What do you mean?"

"I discovered something. I already forwarded the details in your email. Let me also handle this Airis."

"Will you be okay?"

"Yes. I think this is what I need to formally end this pain I have right now."

"Okay. But I won't let you move on your own. Eybelle will be with you always."


"Please. Let me have my way with this. I just don't want to see you in the hospital again."

"I got it. Thanks, Bro."


Vince ended the phone call and looked at Sylvan.

"Sylvan, can you tell Slayne to report to me tomorrow?"

"Are you planning to have Slayne as your secretary."

"Hmm. Edward will be at the base so everything will be fine there. However, with this issue with SkyMu, I need someone to assist me with my responsibilities."

"Yes, Sir."

Vince and Sylvan were still in a meeting about the financial reports when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Vince casually said without looking away from the papers.

"Sir, the CEO of the construction company has arrived and is waiting for you at the meeting room."

"Thank you. I'll be right there."


"Come with me for awhile, Sylvan. I wasn't able to review their proposal last night. I need to check on them as we go along the meeting."

"Yes, sir."
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This project is one of the reports that Vince was supposed to check last night but because of Yve's breakdown, he failed to do so. Sylvan understood this and went along with his boss. After all, having two brains check at the same time is better than one.

However, what seemed to me a short meeting were dragged and it's already lunch time but still Vince and Sylvan were stuck inside the room.

Meanwhile, Yve finally woke up and was worried for a moment, seeing that it wasn't Vince's office anymore. But as she sat on the bed and look around, she realized that it's the same suite they slept in. Vince must have brought me here.

'He is really sweet.' Yve thought.

Upon looking at the time, she saw that it was already twelve thirty.

"That's why I'm getting hungry. I should order and have them send the food at Vince's office."

Yve said and called the reception. After she made the call, she went to the bathroom to freshen up and went straight to Vince's office.

After knocking the door, nobody answered. So Yve being worried and curious, opened the door and peeked inside.

"Vince isn't here." She said as she let herself in walk towards the couch.

"Well I'll just sit here and wait for him and the food." Yve said and sat down.

But to her dismay, her final conversation with Nyelle is haunting her. She looked down and can't help but felt bad. Tears are threatening to fall from her eyes once more when she saw a folder with SkyMu's logo in front. She rubbed her eyes to double check the folder she's seeing on top of the desk.

'A financial report... from SkyMu?' She thought and picked up the folder.

"What is it doing here?" She opened her folder and saw the header.

'Ah... Sylvan must have finished the task. He is really amazing. Now, let's check it.' Yve said.

She's deeply focused on understanding the report that she forgot about Nyelle. Since she wasn't a business major, it was difficult for her to understand some parts. She even can't calculate everything automatically. So she went to Vince's desk and decided to borrow his laptop for awhile. She accessed Vince's accounting program to fully understand the report.

As she continues to read the report and with the program's aid she was able to discover an unbelievable truth....

"Bankruptcy? SkyMu?! How can this be?!" Yve exclaimed.

Hearing a voice from his office, Vince opened the door instantly causing Yve to look at the door. Yve, seeing Vince within her reach, released her frustration and the tears she has been pushing back flowed from her eyes. Instantly, Vince ran towards her.

He held her shoulders and asked,

"Why are crying again?"

Yve just hugged Vince without answering his question. Because of this Vince was forced to look around to figure out what made her cry when he saw his laptop and SkyMu's report.

He hugged her Queen and with one of his hands smoothing her hair, he tried to comfort Yve.

"Is this true, Vince? SkyMu is on the brink of bankruptcy?"


"Vince, please answer me, truthfully. I checked it once on my own and the second time with your program and still the same result came out."

"....." Vince continues to brush Yve's hair with his hand.

"I don't want to believe it. Please tell me that I'm wrong and that there was a bug in your program causing the mistake in the analysis."


Hearing no response from Vince, Yve was forced to look at Vince's face. Her final hope was crushed when she saw Vince's eyes. Without saying anything, Vince was able to convey the words,

'I wish that's true. But no. SkyMu is falling down.'

Her silent cry turned into small sobs as her tears continuously flow down like a river with a strong current. Vince wiped her tears immediately but it was no use. He rotated his office chair making sure that it was facing him entirely and he knelt down.

"It's not yet the end. This is your greatest challenge and biggest opportunity."

Hearing the word opportunity, Yve wiped her own tears and tried to calm herself with several deep breath before asking,

"What do you mean?"