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112 Interrogation

After sending a message to Slayne, Edward called Nyelle's guard and informed him to bring Nyelle into the interrogation room. Instantly the guard obeyed. Nyelle, who is walking with two guards beside her asked,

"Where are you taking me?"

"To the interrogation room."

They opened the door and escorted Nyelle to the lone table in the center of the room. She sat on one of the chairs as the guards leave her behind.

"So I'm going to ..." She said but was interrupted when the door opened.

'..... wait again? or maybe not.' She continued in her thoughts.

Edward pulled the chair opposite to her and sat down.


"Fire your questions away. I don't know how to begin." Nyelle answered.

She masked her sadness well. She honestly wanted to revel everything so that she can see her mother but it didn't cross her mind that Edward will be the one to show up. His coldness is affecting her a lot more than the temperature drop inside the room.

"Tell me everything."

"Everything started from the day that I saved Yve's life from Airis' men. I took her in my care and let her live with us until they left. By with us I meant with my mother. Two days after, Airis contacted me and offered an amazing deal."


Two years ago


"What do you mean?" Nyelle asked.

"The lady you adopted isn't a good person. She is trying to get everything from me."

"I don't believe you."

"You don't have to. Because I am a good person, I have decided to let her go."

"That's good. But what does it have to do to me?"

"I want you to watch over her and make sure that she won't ever stand in my way."

"Why do I have to do that? What's it for me?"

"Because by watching over her and reporting her whereabouts and activities, I will send your mother to the finest medical facility. I will also pay for the medical fees needed for her kidney transplant."

"But it's difficult to find a donor."

"Of course! If you don't have the money and the power. But I have all of those. Just sign the contract now and I'll help you." Airis said as she hand her an envelope and a pen.

Nyelle opened the envelope and the papers. Her mother's condition is getting worse and the doctor told her that only kidney transplant will help her. Nyelle exerted all the effort she can give and approached all the agencies but to no avail. Her mother's doctor told her that the only possible way to obtain a kidney is to wait for an alive donor to die. But that will not assure the success of the operation. When she finally give up and decided to bring her mother home and enjoy their remaining days together, Airis came with an amazing offer.

"So basically, I'll watch over her and report everything to you?"

"Yes. You can even be her friend. I don't care. The things that she shouldn't do are indicated on the paper."

"How about the duration? I didn't see when this agreement will expire." Nyelle asked as she scanned through the pages.
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"I'm saving the life of your mother. I don't think that it's a difficult thing to watch over a person. It's not like I am asking you to kill."

As Nyelle weighs the good things and bad things from Airis' offer. Finally she made the decision to agree on it and signed her name on the contract.


end of flashback


"So you agreed to her just like that?!" Edward fiercely asked.

"It sounded like an easy job and I was desperate! I wanted to save my mother."

Edward sighed deeply before asking, "Was your mother's operation a success?"


"But my conscience has been bugging me for quite sometime."

"So why didn't you confess when you have the chance? We would have saved you."

Edward expressed his frustration but Nyelle was firm on standing her ground this time. She badly wants to see her mother.

"Airis is holding my mother as a captive. I was only allowed to see her pictures and hear her voice through phone calls." Nyelle said and cried. Her defenses finally melt down. Edward saw the sincerity in Nyelle's eyes as this longing might be the reason for her cooperation.

"Do you want to see her?" This question shocked Nyelle as she looked at Edward with disbelief.

"I think Yve will at least let me do that. Airis is yet to be interrogated anyways."

"But I..."

"You betrayed all of us here but... I wish to think that if your mother wasn't in need before you wouldn't even consider Airis' plan.

"Of course!" Nyelle said and turned her palm into fists.

"I disobeyed her by letting Yve work At Cozy Bell Hotel. I didn't know it was because of Vince but I was hoping to help Yve."

"That decision brought you to your downfall." Edward coldly said.

"I never planned to be successful in this evil job."

"What else?" Edward asked.

"It was all written in the report. Aside from reporting to Airis, I sabotaged Hyacinth's latest project."

Edward stood and said to the guards, "Bring her back to her room under normal conditions."

"Yes, Sir." The guards responded and guided Nyelle. But she wanted to hear something else.

"How about my mother?"

"Wait for awhile." Edward answered before walking away.

Nyelle felt helpless as she can only wait, again.

Edward who is walking away from Nyelle has his mood turned dark. He murmured to himself, "Time to defeat the devil wannabee."