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109 Confrontation

"Running away after everything?"

Nyelle was shocked to see the person she least expected to be standing outside her apartment.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Don't expect anything. Vince wanted to see you. I'm just here to fetch you and deliver you to him." Edward coldly said as he looked at her from head to toe including the luggage she has behind her.

Edward's gaze hurt her as she thought,

'He can really be as cold as ice. But this is what I get for betraying them.'

She was lost in her own world that she failed to notice that Edward had moved to his car until he said,

"Are you expecting me to help a traitor get inside my car? What are you still standing there for?"

Nyelle was hurt by Edward's words but they're the truth.

'Truth really hurts.' She thought as she carry her baggage and let herself in Edward's car.

"Edward, I'm sorry."

"SAVE IT! I don't want to hear any of your explanation. No reason will be able to validate your betrayal!" Edward said.

The ride was thoroughly suffocating for both of them and in a short while they arrived at Cozy Bell Hotel and Restaurant. Edward immediately brought Nyelle to one of hotel's meeting rooms.

"Just wait here!" Edward said and left Nyelle alone inside.

Little did Nyelle knew that Eybelle was outside guarding her while Jaleb and Slayne are in making some final check at the place where she will meet the mastermind.

Nyelle nervously sat inside the office. The silence and chill he is feeling inside the room is making her heart beat drastically. Her thoughts are scattered all over the place.

'You should have thought about this when you decided to obey her.'

What felt like five seconds to Nyelle was actually fifteen minutes. Her composure was long gone when she saw two silhouette approaching. With the sound of heeled shoes, she has the idea on who it might be.

Her brain is still functioning as it was right.


Then Nyelle saw a fierce look on Yve's face and an aura of a tigress.

'She's really angry. Well who wouldn't be.'

Nyelle misinterpreted Yve's look. In reality, Yve is scared to face her alone that's why she asked Vince to come with her. Moreover, the fierce look was because she cried last night which she tried to cover up with make-up. The aura she thought isn't from her but from Vince, who's trying to suppress his anger for the woman in front of them.

"Sit down." Vince said as he gestured Yve to sit beside him across Nyelle.

"Nyelle..." Yve began.

"Is this all true?" She asked.

Nyelle can't take it so with her face down she nodded twice. Yve got her answer as broad as daylight and silent tears started to fall down again. Vince placed his hand on top of Yve to comfort her as the other hand wipes the tears away. But Yve stopped him as she wants to know more.

"You approached me way back with an ill intention in mind?" Yve asked.

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However seeing that Nyelle didn't say or do anything to deny the accusation, Yve's hand beneath Vince's turned to fist.








Seconds turned to a minute until Yve can't take it anymore.

"You still have no plans to telling me anything?! Can't you see that I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt?!" Yve raised her voice in frustration.

"I don't deserve that and you also don't need to know more." Nyelle answered in a very low voice. Still it was heard by Yve and Vince, loud and clear.

"You know I can find it out for Yve if she wishes to, right?" Vince coldly said trying to invoke fear to Nyelle.

"I know." Nyelle simply answered.

"It seemed you have made up your mind. Then I guess this is goodbye then." Yve said as calm as she can and walked outside the room. Vince trailing behind her.

As they went out the room, Yve is walking slowly towards Vince's office.


"Stalk her out and have them both interrogated." He coldly ordered Eybelle.

"Roger that."

He looked at his cousin and said,

"It's up to you what you want to do. But I'm giving you 2 weeks of vacation." Vince said.


"Don't worry about anything. I'll handle everything during that two weeks. In return.."

"I get it! I'll be as efficient as before by the time I return. Sorry for the burden." Edward said and bowed to Vince.

Vince tapped Edward's head and said, "No problem. Just take care of yourself, okay?"

Then Vince followed his Queen.