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"Maddie, I am honored to have lunch with you but I don't think you will call me to have just a simple lunch." Amira asked.

"Of course. Now have you finished eating?" Maddie asked.


Then Maddie signaled the staff to clean their table. The staff gladly obeyed and in a flash, the table is good as new with only two cups of warm tea left.

Maddie handed an envelope to Amira which she instantly opened. A smirk flashed in her face as she saw the pictures of Vince and Yve.

'Maddie must have investigated about them while she was away. Now's my chance.' Amira thought.

"I was about to talk to you about this. Maddie, I feel sorry for my daughter as Vince hasn't been treating her well. It looked like our company aided yours and got nothing in return." Amira expressed her thoughts well but Maddie didn't say anything. She took this as her chance and continued.

"I was aware about this young lady and I have told Vince about this but he would not listen."

"Oh. What did you found out about this lady?" Maddie asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Maddie....." Amira was lost in words.

"I was hoping to hear more about this young lady. But all I got was that she's the new president of SkyMu and was the leader behind Hyacinth's new album launch and caused a great increase of SkyMu's stock value." Maddie said.

"Are you supporting her more than Airis, my daughter?" Amira felt threatened by the praises she heard from Maddie's mouth.

"Not exactly. I was just wondering how come that Airis was easily replaced by this lady. Who is she?" Maddie continue to ask.

Amira was lost for words. She knew that it won't be a good idea to reveal Yve's new identity as their wedding agreement between the heirs of the company will then fall into Yve's hands.

"I also heard a ridiculous news, Amira. I was hoping you could verify it?"

Amira swallowed her own saliva and asked, "What is it?"

"Some say, that the young lady in the pictures is the sole biological daughter of Mr. Smith. Therefore, she's the rightful heir of Stones Enterprises. Is that true?"

No words can express how Amira looks like when she heard Maddie's question. She can't utter a single word. But one thing's for sure, 'Maddie isn't on our side.'.

"I guess it's true. Then, I'll lend a hand in support for Yve's success."

Maddie continued to tease Amira as she clapped her hands and said, "Oh, you were also talking about wedding, right? Don't worry seeing those pictures, Gray Group won't certainly back down. I'm more than happy to see our companies merge as well as my son's happiness."

Maddie's face showed a smile but her eyes clearly showed disgust on the woman sitting in front of her. Amira isn't insensitive enough not to feel Maddie's gaze.

"You clearly knew about this, right?"

"I just found out about this. However, I don't think that anything is against the agreement, right? My son, the rightful heir of Gray Group is to marry the heir of Stones Enterprises who happens to be Ms. Yvory Smith. Now correct me if I'm wrong."


"Or are you planning to make sure that Yvory will turn over everything to you and your daughter's hands?"

Then Maddie's smile vanished from her face and suddenly the room's temperature reached the negative degrees. Her eyes were cold as she continue to say.

"Now that I know who's the real heir, don't expect that you will remain in your throne for long. And if you dare to hurt Yvory, I promise that I will do anything in my power to crush you. So i suggest for you to just give it up!"

Immediately, Maddie stood up and walked towards the exit of the restaurant without throwing a single glance back at Amira. On the other hand, Amira is filled with range as everything seems to fall out of her hands.

"If you think that I will go down that easily, well you're clearly wrong! I'm not going to just give everything up now that it's within reach." Amira promised to herself.

Maddie was beyond satisfied with how she dealt with Amira. Inside her car, she decided to give Yve a call.


"Yes, who is this?"

"Oh, I forgot. This is Maddie. Are you busy?"

Yve is speaking to Sylvan when her phone rang. Seeing an unregistered number, she answered her phone cautiously. But hearing her mother-in-law's voice made her feel nervous and this didn't escape Sylvan's eyes.

"I'm not busy.... mom."

After hearing the word 'mom', Sylvan already understood and decided to give them some space and left the room.

"Good! How about we go out this afternoon after work?" Maddie asked.

"Ahmm... I'd love to..." Yve said but in an unsure tone.

"Do you have any prior commitments?" Maddie asked.

"Hmm... not really sure about it. It's just Vince asked me what time will I finish my work. He also told me to have dinner with him."

"I see. If it's just my son, don't worry. I'll handle him. So see you this afternoon? Meet me at Noble's head office."


Then the phone call ended. Just to be safe, Yve send a message to Vince.

'Your mother called. She wanted to meet me after work. So I might be home a little late. But let's have dinner together. Okay?'

In a minute she got a response.

'Okay. Enjoy your bonding. Let mom spoil you.'

A smile formed in her face as tears threatened to fall. She turned her chair around to see the view outside her office. As she look outside and appreciate the beauty of the clouds, sun and sky, she said,

"Dad, I'm finally going to experience a real mother's love."