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103 Wake Up from Slumber

After meeting with the lawyers, Maddie is now more fired up to meet Amira. Little did the vicious woman knew that Maddie will put everything into an end. Maddie planned to meeting to be held in a restaurant located near the Noble's office at lunch time. Amira blindly accepted the meeting.

At last, lunch time has arrived. Maddie just came out of her car and saw Amira sitting in one of the chairs inside the shop. She calmly approached her and was greeted with Amira.

"Maddie, it's nice to see you again." Amira greeted her.

"Yes. Please, have a seat. Let's have our lunch first."

"Anything you say, Maddie."

"Hahahhahahaha. Are you sure about that? You will gladly obey everything I say?" Maddie sneakily asked.

"Of course! If you say, you want to arrange the marriage then I'll fulfill it as soon as possible."

"That's neat! But let's talk about that later. For now, I'm beyond famished."

Amira continues to enjoy the lunch not knowing about Maddie's main reason for meeting her.

On the other side, Vince is in the hospital to visit his cousin before heading to the office. In the room, he saw Slayne sitting beside Edward. His cousin's face is still pale but one can see that he is not in physical pain anymore.

Sylvan noticed his presence.


"Leave me alone with him. You can get yourself a meal at the cafeteria."

"Thank you." Slayne immediately left without any word.

Vince looked at his cousin at sat at the chair where Slayne used to sit.

"I know you're already awake. I know you hate me for doing everything behind your back."

"I was just afraid you'll end up the same way right now. Still, you found the truth and you're hurt."

"I'm sorry about it. I will not pressure you to return to work if you don't want to."

"But I want you to know that I'm planning to tell Yve about it tonight. You must also have heard about Team Alpha's operation. If you want to be a part of it, I won't stop you."

Vince stood up and touched his cousin's head before saying,

"I miss my amazing cousin and dependable right hand. Wake up from your slumber soon."

The moment Vince turned his back, Edward opened his eyes and quite a number of tears fell from them. Edward clearly understood his cousin. He was never mad at Vince for doing what he did. However, Nyelle's betrayal brought about the past pain caused by another woman he loved.

'Will I be able to face her tomorrow?' Edward asked himself as he saw Vince walk away.

Edward wiped his tears and closed his eyes again.

Instantly, Slayne arrived at the room and Vince said,

"Take care of him."

"With pleasure, sir."

Then Vince left the hospital and headed to the office.

Slayne approached Edward whose acting asleep on the bed. Slayne said,

"Secondo, it's okay to be hurt. All of us in Team Alpha had bad experiences, right?"

"But now, we're together, protecting each other. You and Primo did well to bring us under your wings. Now, let us protect you."

"Stop acting asleep and help us with this mission."

"Knowing is just the first step. You need to face and the problem head on."

Then Slayne went to the small table on the corner of the room and ate his breakfast.

Edward heard everything he said.

'Both him and Vince are busy body. Then who am I fooling with this act?!'

He opened his eyes and shouted,

"Fine! I'll wake up! Now, give me something to eat!"

"YES, SIR!" Slayne happily said and gave Edward the food he bought from the cafeteria. In an instant he saw Edward eating, he sent a message to the entire team including Vince.

'Secondo is awake and eating. He might be present on the day of the mission. Let's make this a successful mission.'

The entire team read the message and was happy to hear the progress. Vince who was driving his car stopped beside a shop to read the message and said,

"Now, it my Queen's turn."