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102 Break the Agreemen

Chrysthe came early at the mansion to begin his day but to his amusement, Vince is the only one in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Where is Ms. Yvory?"

"She is still in her room, sleeping. Come, help me prepare the table."

"She will not go to work?"

"She will. But then it seemed that meeting my mother last night stressed her out so she wasn't able to hear her alarm."

"I see. So you will not wake her up?"

"Not yet. As soon as I finished this, I will wake her up."


But this sudden obedience shocked Vince. Normally, Chrysthe is a jolly person, which is one of the reasons why he chose him to be Yve's bodyguard. This change brought curiosity in Vince's mind, so he asked.

"Is there anything you want to ask me?"


"I said don't call me Primo when Yve is in the vicinity."

"I'm sorry...." Chrysthe apologized with his head down.

Vince took a deep sigh and continued to ask.

"Is this about what I asked Jaleb last night?"

"Yes... Sylvan told me that it is for Ms. Yvory."

"Sylvan's correct."

"But Ms. Yvory will end up getting hurt!" Chrysthe protested.

"I know that. But knowing her she would want to find out the truth. If we don't let her know as soon as possible, she would try to discover it on her own which is more dangerous." Vince explained.

Both of this gentlemen didn't know that Yve is already awake and was about to launch a surprise attack to Vince. But when she heard her name, she stopped and listened to their conversation.

"I know eavesdropping is not good, but they just mentioned my name." Yve whispered to herself.

'What's about this me trying to find out the truth on my own?'

She continued to observe and saw how sad and desperate Vince look. Her logic is telling her that it must be a very big secret. Vince might have been planning to tell her all along. She decided to stop listening. Slowly and silently, she traced her steps back to her bedroom.

"Vince will eventually tell me everything. I'll just wait for him to do so." Yve said when she reached her room.

A few minutes later, Vince came knocking on her door and as he opened it, Yve acted as if she just woke up.

"Good morning!" Vince greeted as he approached her.

"Good morning!" Yve greeted him with a smile.

"Come on down. Breakfast is ready."

"Thanks.I'll just wash up."

"Okay. See you downstairs."

Vince calmly said and head down thinking that how much he wanted to always see Yve with a smile on her face.

After a short while, Yve came down and the three of them enjoyed the food that Vince cooked. They talked, laughed just like their usual morning routine. When they finished their meal, Chrysthe volunteered to clean the table up and wash the dishes so the couple headed up to their respctive rooms to get ready for work.

Just as Yve was about to open her door, Vince asked,

"What time will you go home tonight?"

"Hmm.... not sure though. I haven't spoken with Sylvan yet but since everything is still on the planning stage, I might go home the usual time. Why?"

'Will he tell me that secret tonight?' Yve thought.

"Nothing. Just don't overwork yourself, okay?"

"Hmm..." Yve replied and went inside her room.

'I will tell her everything tonight.' Vince thought.


Noble Head Office


"Madam, I have here the papers that you asked for."

"Thank you. Have you called the Smith family's lawyer?"

"Yes, he will be coming in an hour."

"How about our family lawyer?"

"He will also be coming in an hour."

"Okay, good. Time to break this deal."

'Amira and Airis, you really dared to fool me and my son for so long?! You even stole the rightful throne from Mr. Smith's rightful heir.' Maddie thought.

Her secretary has known Maddie for quite awhile and the face she's making clearly shows that someone made her mad. Maddie may be a very good and civilized woman but she can also show her fangs when needed.

The hour passed by quickly and now, both Smith's and Gray's family lawyers are in Maddie's office.

"Madam Gray, what honor to finally meet you." Smith's lawyer said.

"The pleasure is all mine. Please gentlemen, have a seat."

"Thank you." Both of the gentlemen said and followed her order.

"I believe you have seen the papers I sent."

"Yes, Madam. But I am quite confused with your reason." Gray's lawyer asked.

"I want to terminate that contract." Maddie plainly answered.

"But you will pay a large amount in doing so! Why would you that, Madam?" Gray's lawyer said.

"I want my son to marry the rightful heir, Ms. Yvory." Maddie said which caught the attention of Yve's family lawyer.

"Will that be possible?" She asked.

"Yes, Madam Gray. That is if they will turn over all the rights to her."

"But their not doing it now, right?"

"Yes. It all came to Ms. Yvory's skill to manage the company."

'Damn those people! Can't they see that Yve is a gem in the business world!' Maddie thought.

"So, what can we do to make sure that my Vince will marry Ms. Yvory?"

This question sent both of the lawyers in shock. Luckily, Gray's family lawyer was able to give an answer almost instantl.

"We need to make sure that they won't be able to prevent Ms. Yvory's success."

"Or, you can make them terminate the contract on their own." Smith's lawyer said.

"Hmm, now I know why the Smith's never lose in a battle. Enlighten me with your plan." Maddie said as she complimented the idea.