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100 Her Sacrifice 2


Present Time; at the restaurant


Vince answered the call and it came from Slayne. He reported that they spotted a text message from Nyelle's phone. They even figured out who was the mastermind and asked Vince if what would be their next plan. Vince instructed them to gather concrete evidence then to capture Nyelle and the mastermind. Slayne clearly understood the plan and ended the call.

'You aren't contented with what you and your mother did to Yve. Now, I'll make sure you will pay double time.'

Vince thought as he went back to the second floor but then he stopped just a few steps away and hid behind a post as he heard Yve telling her side of the story.

'This mother of mine is really sneaky. But I'll just let them talk for now.'

A waiter who saw Vince was about to greet him but was halted when Vince placed his hand on his lips to hush the waiter. The staff got the message and went back to his job.

On the table, Yve continued her story.




Then she heard someone knocking on the door.

'It must be Vince. He's back now!' Yve thought and hurriedly rushed to open the door.

She was petrified to see the person she least expected outside Vince's condominium. It was Amira. Yve didn't know what to do.

"Afraid to let me in? Then I guess I won't sign this paper." Amira threatened Yve.

Seeing the envelope both of them knew what it was. This left Yve with no choice but to let Amira in.

Seeing the interior of the condominium, Amira can't help but feel jealous.

'This should belong to my one and only daughter.'

Both of them sat on the living room and Yve didn't waste a single time.

"I don't think there is anything wrong with the plan in helping Gray Group. So why are you here?"

"Little arrogant, aren't we, Yve?"

On the contrary, Yve is feeling nervous that something might have happened and the board suddenly disagreed. As today's the 7th day, every second that passes by is of great importance.

"The board agreed to my proposal yesterday." Yve plainly said.

"Yes, they did as it ended on my desk last night."


"Oh my little Yve, I'm still your legal guardian so your signature will not be enough to implement this huge deal. My signature is definitely needed."

"Don't tell me..."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I'm not that evil. I just want to propose a deal with you."

"What kind of deal?"

"I will sign this right here and I will call the office to implement this immediately under one condition...."

"What is that?"

"Stay away from us and from Vince."

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Yve exclaimed.

Amira ignored her question and said, "How will Vince feel if he lost everything and that even Stones Enterprises didn't lend their hand?"

In her mind, Yve knew the answer. Vince will feel so down not because she didn't help but because the company failed despite offering his assistance. He will continue to look down on himself.

"You will just let him suffer, Yve? When with just one signature of mine, everything will be fine with Gray Group?" Amira continued.

Yve didn't answer and as she contemplate on the offer. She thought,

'I don't have enough time to think of another way. There's really no other choice.'

With teary eyes full of sadness and range, she agreed to the deal and Amira followed her end and called the company. Amira stood up and said,

"I fulfilled my side of the deal. Therefore, I will be expecting you to do the same."

Yve was left in the living room and as the door closed, tears from her eyes started to flow.


Present Time; at the restaurant


As Yve finished her story, tears became unstoppable. Maddie and Vince truly felt how much she regretted her decision. Vince wanted to hug her as soon as possible but as he turned around he saw his mother.

Maddie stood up and hugged the crying Yve in her arms and said,

"It must be hard. You sacrificed a lot not only for my son but for his family and company. Thank you very much."

Maddie sincerely said.

"I... hope.... you.... will forgive... me." Yve said in between her sobs.

"Of course. After seeing how much you and Vince love each other, who am I to disagree."

Maddie looked at Yve and wiped her tears.

"From now on, when it's just us, please don't call me Maddie." Yve looked at Maddie worriedly.

"Call me, Mom!"

A smile flashed in Yve's face and hugged Maddie and said, "Thank you..... Mom."

Vince who was a few steps away from them, smiled and approached his Queen and Queen Mother.

"Did I miss something?" He asked.

Maddie and Yve looked at each other and together they said, "Nothing."

'And now, they're in sync.' Vince thought.

"Before I forgot, I have something to give the two of you." Maddie said and carried two boxes on her way back.

Vince received the boxes and asked,

"Mom, what are these?"

"Just a little welcome gift from me."

"Thank you, ....mom." Yve shyly answered.

"Get used to it, Yve. The sooner the better.

Vince has an idea on what they might be and seeing the bags under his mother's eyes, he knew that his mother didn't sleep well the past few nights because of these boxes.

"Mom, thank you so much." Vince sincerely said and hugged his beloved mother.

"You're most welcome. I just hope I get to see you both wearing these on a special occasion and not be placed inside a glass cabinet." Maddie teased her son because she knew that most of the suits she made for her son ended up in that cabinet.

Yve knew about this and since she didn't want Maddie's hard work to go to waste, she promised,

"Don't worry, mom, as soon as an opportunity arise, I will ask him to wear it. I'll also send you a copy if you want."

"I'll be looking forward to that, Yve."

'This is why I wanted to have a daughter. Daughters always understand their mother's hearts.' Maddie thought.