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96 To Meet the Queen Mother

Both Yve and Vince feel tired from the long meetings they both had. Yet each of them are hiding a different kind of mental stress. For Yve, it was her meeting with Vince's mother while for Vince, it were Edward's case and Nyelle's betrayal that he had been hiding from Yve.

"This is it!" Both of them said to themselves at the same time but in different places.

Yve is now waiting for Vince in her office fully prepared. Earlier she asked help from Hyacinth by sending her stylist and make-up artist. Hyacinth asked but she was able to coax her out by saying that she has an important meeting and she needed to look presentable. So now, she has changed her clothes into a semi-formal attire with light make-up while her hair was tied up in a low ponytail.

Vince, on the other hand, was on his way to fetch Yve and didn't bother to change his suit. After a few minutes, he finally arrived at the building and without minding what the employees might say, he parked in front of the building. The security recognized him as one of the stock holders so they just let them in. Vince walked straight towards the elevator and went to the the top floor when Sylvan and Yve's offices are located.

Upon seeing Vince, Sylvan was about to stand up and approach him but was stopped by Vince.

Vince mouthed "Finish your work. I can handle this.".

This message was clearly understood by Sylvan as he once again continued his work. Vince didn't bother to knock as the door was slightly opened.

As he entered the room, Yve just came out from her private toilet. She was happy to see Vince and immediately ran towards him. Vince was caught off guard by Yve's look and her gesture that he wasn't able to react fast. Yve knew this and wanted to tease Vince so she asked,


The naughtiness in Yve's tone brought Vince back to reality but he didn't mind being teased at this moment. Yve is clearly nervous but since she wants him not to notice it, he will gladly act that way.

"Mmm. But how did you have all the time to prepare? I was informed that you were busy."

"It's all thanks to Sylvan. He vacated my 2 hours prior to prepare and Hyacinth gladly helped me."

"Hmmm... As expected of my Queen."

"COME ON! Don't put too much pressure on me. Can't you see that your compliment just now added another burden?!" Yve slightly tapped Vince's shoulder which earned a laugh from her King.

Seeing that Yve pouted and hasn't been talking since then, he understood the depth of Yve's feelings. He hugged her and slowly caressed her back.

"Don't worry. I know my mother will definitely like you."

"But I hurt you before."

So that's why. Her decision in the past is still haunting her. Vince pulled Yve's face to meet her eyes and said,

"My mom is a very understanding woman. If you will explain to her everything, I bet she will not mind it anymore. Besides, it was you who helped our business before. That's enough to earn you big points."

"I hope so."

"I know so! That's why you need to stop worrying. Just be yourself." His words and gestures finally got to her as she finally smiled.

"Okay. Now, let's go. I don't want to be late for our first meeting." Yve said as she tightly hold Vince's hand. Vince's tightly pressed her hand and lead the way outside the office.

Sylvan noticed them and can't help but smile as he saw how happy Vince and Yve look. Now if only Edward can find his match, too. Suddenly, he received a message from Slayne.

"A new information about the mole. Gather at the hospital ASAP."

"Finally." Was the only word that Sylvan uttered as he gathered some urgent files and placed them inside his bag before heading to the hospital.