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92 Queen and Queen Mother

Vince has finally finished his work for the day and decided to head to his private suite since Yve is still there. As soon as he rang the bell, Yve opened the door and embraced him tightly.

"I missed you." Yve said which left Vince in confusion.

He like the idea but Yve isn't usually like that. She tends to be a little shy and won't openly show her affection. Nevertheless, he embraced his Queen and enjoyed her scent.

"I missed you more. By the way, how are you feeling?"

"The hangover has subsided but now I'm very hungry." Yve truthfully answered.

Vince looked at her in confusion and asked, "But the food has arrived already, right?"

"Hmm" Yve responded and nodded her head. She dragged Vince towards the dining table and saw all the untouched food.

"But I want to eat with you so I waited."

"You should have called me at the office so I could have went down and ate with you as soon as the food arrived."

"But I didn't want to disturb your work and besides I know that you would finish your work on time. So I just decided to wait."

Vince sighed in defeat and washed his hands before sitting down and enjoying the meal with her. But his heart continued to feel sorry as he saw Yve eating the food in large amounts and in a fast manner.

"You should take it easy. No one is going to take the food away from you." Vince said as he handed a glass of water to Yve.

"Everything tastes very delicious and I'm very hungry. I just can't help it." Yve answered as she continued to stuff her mouth with food.

Vince has finished eating and is now enjoying his Queen as she continuously eat. Yve noticed this and so she asked Vince.

"Why are you not eating anymore?"

"I'm full now. Just continue eating and let me enjoy the view."

But this bothered Yve so instead of continuing to eat, she asked,

"Is there something to tell me?"

"Yup but that can wait until you've eaten yourself out."

"No, it's fine. Just tell me."


"I'm almost finish anyway. So what is it?"

"I want you to come with me and meet my mother." Vince said.

"WHAT?! Meet your mother?! Are you sure about that? But she's in the Australia, right?" Yve flooded Vince with questions.

"I knew you would act like this. Calm down first."

"How can I calm down?! Just answer my questions."

"My mother came home and wanted to see for quite some time. I requested to have the dinner with her tomorrow."

"Okay.....? But do you think you're mother knew about us?"

"Well, she might have heard what happened during the meeting at Stones Enterprises. But I'm not very sure though."


This vague response from Yve worried Vince.

"You don't want to? There's no need to push yourself. I didn't tell my mother that I would bring someone with me." Vince said.

Yve finally stopped eating. She stood up and sat on Vince's lap with her hands clasped around Vince's shoulders.

"It's not like I don't want to. I know how much this means to you. But I'm a little afraid that she might not like me especially with all the gossips lingering around."

Finally understanding Yve's worries, Vince smiled and said, "My mother isn't like that. She would definitely give you a chance to prove the rumors true or false."

"But I left you before. She might still hold grudges for that."

"Hmm.... Then explain it to her. Tell her everything. Besides it's all in the past now, right? You will stay by my side from now."

"Of course! I will definitely not let you leave me alone!" Yve said and kissed Vince's forehead.

"I would be stupid to do that. By why on the forehead only?" Vince got a light push from Yve as she responded, "Just be happy I gave you one!"

Vince just laugh it all out for awhile. Then his face was serious again and asked Yve.

"So are you coming tomorrow?"

"Hmm. I guess I'll just give it a try."

Vince stroke his hand on Yve's hair and with a caring gaze at her, he said, "That's my Queen."

"The I guess it's time for me to meet the Queen Mother?" Yve jokingly said and both of them laughed it out.


on Noble's main boutique


"Madam, you should rest now. You have been working non-stop for that piece."

"I have to give this tomorrow to my son and Yve."

"I understand. Then would you like some coffee or tea?"

"Just coffee. Then leave it there and you can go home."

"No, madam. I will stay here with you. And besides it's nice to see you look so happy as you recreate a masterpiece for your the Young Master."

"Well, this time it's not just for my son but also for my future daughter-in-law."

"So you accepted Ms. Yvory already?"

"Well, not entirely but I can say that she's a very good girl. Now, I just want to make sure that she can handle her own and not be conquered by the power and fame of being the next madam of the Gray Group."

"I'm sure Young Master will be happy to hear that. I should go now and make you a cup of coffee."

"Thank you."

Maddie has been working for the couple gown and suit for Yve and Vince ever since she met her. Now, she's positive why her son wanted to postpone their dinner for tomorrow. With all the big events that SkyMu did under Yve's supervision, she will not have any free time. Her son would definitely introduce the young lady to her tomorrow. She might also have the chance to know the reason behind the painful events that happened in the past between Vince and his first love and only Queen.

"I hope they will both like this." Maddie said to herself as she continue to work.