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90 A Betrayed Heart 1

It was already six in the morning but the rest of Team Alpha didn't see Edward. Eybelle couldn't contain her curiosity and asked them.

"Hey did anyone saw Secondo? He's normally awake now and cooking our breakfast."

"I haven't seen him yet and since we have our own missions, I decided to cook for us." Slayne answered.

"Maybe he already went to the Hotel. Primo told him to report to work earlier." Sylvan asked.

"And are you also doing the same, Sylvan?" Eybelle asked.

"Yup. Since Primo and Ms. Yvory are together and will be late for work." Sylvan casually answered.

"But isn't it strange? Normally when Secondo needs to go to work early, our breakfast is laid on the table for us to dig in?" Chrysthe asked.

"Maybe he overslept?" Eybelle asked.

"That only works for Chrysthe." Sylvan teasingly answered but Chrysthe wasn't in the mood to argue as he recalled Nyelle's betrayal.

"Eybelle maybe you should check Secondo's room just in case." Slayne ordered.


Eybelle walked towards the room with the lightest steps possible as she doesn't want to disturb Edward just in case he's still inside. She gently knocked on the door three times and when no response was heard, she slightly opened the door and peaked inside. She was horrified with what she saw. Edward was nowhere to be seen but definitely he wasn't fine. Bottles of strong liquor are scattered through out the room.

Eybelle immediately run downstairs and informed the rest of the gang what happened. Sylvan and Chrysthe already knew what happened. Both of them just got one sandwich and went on their way.

"I will Primo to inform him about this." Sylvan said.

"Ok. I will hurry to the hotel so that Jaleb can rest and Primo can go to work early." Chrysthe said and they both went to their separate ways.

Slayne wondered what happened.

"Maybe it's because of the contents of this report." Eybelle said while showing the folder to Slayne.

"What does it says?" Slayne asked as he put the last batch of hot dog he cooked and sat down to eat.

"Well, it's about Nyelle, Yvory's best friend." Eybelle casually answered as she read through the report.

Seeing the look on her face, Slayne was intrigued and grabbed the folder from her to read it himself. The look on his face says it all. It was obvious to them that Edward has a crush with Nyelle but if there's one thing he truly hates, betrayal. He is the person who truly values loyalty above all. With this news, he must be devastated.

"Eybelle, this is no time to eat. We should do our works more efficiently than before." Slayne answered and packed the food instead.

"I'll clean up his room first and I'll head out to my mission." Eybelle said.


in Vince's personal suite


Both of them were still sleeping beside each other so Vince wasn't able to pick up his phone or read the messages sent to him by the team. But their sleep was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Vince grumpily woke up and head to the door.

"Who's this?" Then he directly opened the door without checking. Then he saw Edward. He was wearing the same clothes as last night and he definitely reeked of alcohol.

"Were you drinking?" Vince asked.

"I need to talk to you." Edward said without even answering his question.

"Well, it's fine but you should have taken a bath first." Vince was about to say more when Edward showed him the USB.

"So you really did found out?" Vince casually asked.

"Can you tell me what is this about?" Edward asked.

"Exactly as how it looks like. I'm also sure you have read the report." Vince directly answered.

His words may seem bad but since he wasn't able to prepare for Edward's sudden confrontation, the words just came out from his mouth. As he walked back, he saw Yve was standing in front of him.

"Vince, is everything okay?" Yve asked.

"Yeah. How about you?" He's really not prepared for this confrontation so he can only lie.

"Please don't change the subject. Edward isn't looking well. Is there something wrong with Gray Group?"

Vince was able to sigh a relief as Yve thought that Edward was worried about the company.

"Nothing is wrong with the company. Besides, I am inside the office now. So if there's anything urgent, I'll be able to handle it."

Then without any further statement, Yve lied back down in the bed.

"Are you okay?" Vince worriedly asked.

"I have a severe hang-over. Can you tell Sylvan to report early for work today?" Yve said.

"I already did." Vince said and went to get the clothes which Edward bought last night and tossed it to Yve.

"That should teach you the lesson not to drink too much, okay?"

"Hmm... I will." Yve just answered and since it looked like she just wanted to sleep, Vince covered her well with the blanket.

"I'll go to work early today, since Edward has an emergency. Just give me a call if there's anything you need, okay?"

But when Vince didn't hear any response, he peeked at Yve only to see that she's back to dreamland again. Well, that might be the best for now, but what about his cousin?

"I have to help him mend his broken heart." Vince uttered to himself before leaving his suite.


in an unknown beach


A young man is looking into the horizon as his thoughts continued to wonder.

"How can you do this?"

"Did I just fell in love with the character and personality you portrayed?"

"Which one is the real you?"

The man continues to rant his endless questions as he drownes himself with different bottles of alcohol.

Then all of a sudden he dialled a number and asked,

"Where are you?"

"I have so many things to ask you."

"Can you meet me today?"

"I'll be sending you the location."

Without waiting for the confirmation from the person on the other line, he ended the phone call, sent a message and continued to drink.