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89 “You can“t drink“.... “Even you?“

Vince was busy checking the entertainment world to know the latest updates about SkyMu and as expected, Hyacinth is still on top and has achieved an all kill. Different business articles were also published praising SkyMu's new president. This also piqued the interest of other people in and out of the financial world to know who is she. This resulted in a spot as the top 5 trending topic.

Just in time, Vince heard the door chyme rang. 'It must be Edward.' Vince thought as he went to check and opened the door.

"Thanks, bro." Vince said.

He looked at Edward when he didn't hear any response from him. He's trying to check if Edward has seen the paper scattered on his desk. But Edward was quick enough to hide it from him and asked,

"Where is Yve?"

"She's taking a bath. She drank a lot."

"Oh, so that's why. Now here are the things you requested. Sylvan also told me to report to work early tomorrow. So I should go now. ENJOY!!!" Edward laughingly said and left the room.

Vince sighed a relief when he heard and saw Edward's reaction. But little did he know that as soon as Edward was inside the elevator, he looked at his bag and uttered something....

"Now, I know that the content inside this report and USB are important to Vince. He seemed to be gauging my reaction. I better make sure to check things out before I sleep."


Back inside Vince's private suite


After checking the contents, Vince gathered the things that Yve will need for tonight and put them near the toilet but then he began to wonder, what is Yve doing inside the bathroom for so long???

"Don't tell me....." Vince immediately knocked on the door and called Yve's name but there was no response. Without any choice, he opened the door and saw that he was correct.

Yve was still inside the bath tub this time without any underwear on her sleeping soundly. Sighing deeply, he carried Yve gently and brought her to the shower area not minding that his clothes are soaking wet from Yve's body.

He didn't feel cold from the water sprinkling. Instead his body is being enveloped with heat which he definitely knew why. Seeing the naked woman in front of him with all the curves and bumps at the right places. Not to exclude that he's touching some parts of her skin to wipe away the soap from her dip in the tub.

Unusually, Yve didn't seem to mind and realize what is happening to her as she lean on Vince's chest and continued to sleep soundly.

When Vince was sure that the soap has been washed away, he lightly pressed the towel into Yve's shoulders, arms, and hands before covering her with a bath robe. He carried her to the bed and covered her with the comforter.

'I can't dress her up.' Vince thought so he got the control for the air-con and changed the room's temperature into a hotter one.

"I love you, Vince." Yve murmured in her sleep before turning over to the other side.

"You're really testing my control, Yve. There should be no alcohol for you." He said to himself as he painfully look at his little guy standing tall and proud.

"As for you, it's the cold shower for now." He said and walked towards the bathroom.


in Edward's apartment


As soon as he arrived, no one greeted him as he arrived quite late. Most of the Team Alpha had their respective missions and badly needs to rest at night. Well, with Jaleb as an exception who is about to report to Vince in the hotel.

"Jaleb, can I talk to you?"

"Of course, Secondo."

"Are you now on your way to the hotel?"

"Yes, sir! Primo told me to come over just to check the perimeters and guard them. I'll be staying in the next room though."

"Being close with Yve that past few days, you might have an idea about this." Edward said and showed the folder to Jaleb.

He immediately recognized this as the report about Nyelle's betrayal. But Sylvan told him not to leak any information to Edward unless Vince said so. Tied by superiority, he answered,

"I'm sorry, sir. It is highly classified."

With this military answer, Edward knew that he can only read the contents and watch the video on his own. Afterwards, only Vince can answer his questions.

Before driving his motorcycle, he sent a message to Vince,

"Secondo learned about the mouse."

But Vince wasn't able to read the message. He is now lying beside the sleeping Yve. He is wearing the casual clothes bought by Edward. He's watching the television but his mind is wondering elsewhere.

How is he going to explain Nyelle's betrayal to Yve and Edward?....

The dinner with his mother....

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around his waist. As he looked down, he knew that it can only be Yve. Now, this lady is driving him crazy.

'What should I do with this woman?' He thought.

But before he could do anything else, Yve said,

"Vince... I like you..... I want you..."

And Vince gave in to his inner beast. He is now on top of Yve and kissed her hungrily. Then unexpectedly, Yve's hands wrapped around his neck pulling him closer. Vince took this as a sign and continued to kiss Yve. Since she is drunk, Vince didn't need to fight for dominance in this kiss. He can even taste the alcohol in Yve's mouth. His hand began to wonder in Yve's neck, then shoulder.

Finally, he broke the kiss and said,

"You're so not allowed to drink without my presence."

"So I can't even drink you?" Yve asked with her eyes still closed.

This act brought Vince back to the reality and stopped in his tracks. He should not do this when Yve is drunk. He decided to kiss Yve on her forehead before lying back on the other side.

"You don't want to?" Yve teasingly asked.

"I want to but you I'll do it only when you're sober." Vince answered and decided to walk to the toilet and have another round of cold bath.