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Amidst all the fun that Yve and the rest of the staff are experiencing, Vince is in his office wondering what he should do. He just saw the video and read the report. Everything was a facade. Nyelle wasn't Yve's true friend. She was a spy sent by Airis from the moment they met. This was how Airis was able to keep an eye to Yve's moments.

Now, he is greatly torn on what decision he should make. Should he deal with this on his own to avoid hurting his Queen or should he tell Yve and let her deal with it while being there by her side. Either which, he knew that Yve will be hurt from all of this. Especially when she thought that her only best friend had betrayed her and was payed to be her friend.

He was brought back to reality with a call from Sylvan.


"Ms. Yvory opted to stay at the hotel. Jaleb is guiding her towards your personal suite."


Contradictory to how their phone calls would end, Sylvan is still on the other line. It seemed that he was doubting whether to say it.

"Is there anything else, Sylvan?"

"I think Ms. Yvory is drunk."


He abruptly left his office and hurried towards his personal suite. As he opened the door he saw Yve throwing her shoes at Jaleb.

"Primo, I..."

"You don't have to explain anything. I know. Just leave us alone and tell Edward and Sylvan to report to their respective offices on time because their bosses will be late."

"Yes, sir!"

With that Jaleb went out of the room and Vince attended to Yve.

"Oh, you're here!" Yve said with a burp.

"Oh, so you know who I am?" Vince asked with sarcasm in his voice.

Even before, Yve is worst when drunk. She would do things totally out of her character and this time was no exception. She didn't mind that someone is watching her. She is starting to remove her clothes. This is driving the sanity out of Vince's mind.

"Yve what are you doing?" Vince asked as he tries to stop Yve from stripping.

"It's too hot!" Yve said as she continue to remove her clothes.

Vince looked at the air-con and saw how cold it was. It's definitely because of the drinks. Her body feels hot inside.

"Okay, okay. Stop doing that here. I'll prepare a cold bath for you. Do it in the bathroom, okay?"

Yve nodded in response. Vince hurriedly went to the bathroom to prepare the water in the tub. He made sure that the water isn't too cold for Yve. When everything was settled, he went back and carried Yve who is now wearing only her underwear. Vince is also starting to lose control.

"I told you to wait. Why did you have to remove your clothes?" Vince asked trying to fight his inner desires as well.

"It's so hot and besides you took your sweet time inside." Yve said as she played circles on Vince's chest.

Vince swears that his little man is in attendance right now. Maybe he should also take a cold bath after Yve to eased himself. Yve was placed inside the tub gently however, she was dismayed at the tub.

"Where are the bubbles?! I want bubbles!" Yve demanded.

Then she smacked the water inside causing a loud splash which reached Vince who's standing beside. Vince was not only about to lose his rational mind but even his patience is being tested. He had no choice but to get the bath gel and placed a considerable amount in the tub. He brushed his hands gently creating the bubbles.

"Happy now?" Vince asked.

"Hmmm..." Yve answered as she nod her head.

With this Vince decided to leave the bathroom and went back to the bedroom. He picked up Yve's clothes and placed them neatly on top of the table. Since his clothes got wet, he was feeling a little cold. So he decided to give Edward a call.

"Yes, bro?" Edward answered.

"Where are you?"

"I'm still at the hotel. I was about to see you in your office."

"I'm at my personal suite now."

"Oh. I just entered you office when you said that. Anyways, what are you doing there?"

"I will tell you later but for now can you buy me a set of casual clothes and Yve as well?"


"Don't think about anything else. It's not what you think?"

"Hmmm.... If you said so. Or are you also trying to convince yourself?"

Hearing no response from his cousin / boss, he was laughing hard inside. He saw the mess on Vince's desk and decided to arrange the papers when she saw Nyelle's picture. By the looks of the report, Sylvan must have been the one who prepared this report. But why in the world.....

"Hello? Edward? Are you there?" Vince asked on the other line which snapped Edward out of his thoughts.

"Yes. Do you also want me to buy your underwear?"

"Hmm..." Vince shyly replied.

"I thought so!" Then Edward laughingly teased his cousin before ending the phone call. But then the smile was erased on his face as he arranged the papers and placed them neatly inside the folder along with the USB.

"Something is happening about Nyelle. I need to know this." Edward murmured before heading out of Vince's office.

Once the phone call ended, Vince realized that he left Sylvan's report about Nyelle on top of his desk.

"Edward might knew about this..." He whispered to himself.

"Things are getting more complicated because of this woman. Both my Queen and my cousin will get hurt because of her."

On the other side of the hotel, Edward decided to put things behind as he still needs to buy the things that his cousin told him to. As he was about to head out, he saw Hyacinth about to ride her car. He didn't know what embodied him but he decided to call her out.


"Oh, Mr. Edward. It's nice to see you again."

"Yes, me too. Are you on your way home?" Edward asked.

"Yes, but I was hoping I could give Yve a ride. She seemed a little drunk after all."

"Hmm.. that's true. But you don't need to worry. She's in one of our private suits sleeping."

"That's a relief. Thank you for letting me know." Hyacinth said with a bow.

"Of course. But you should also get some rest. Things will get busier for you."

"I will."

Then they both rode their respective cars and went their separate ways.