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After the meeting, Hyacinth's manager called her to immediately go to the venue of the surprise meet and greet as they will be doing it first before the music video launch. They decided to switch the order to give time to the IT team to fix the issues. The PR team immediately released a flash report and moved the time of Hyacinth's live stream.

As soon as Hyacinth arrived at the venue, she wore her outfit from the music video and let the make-up artist applied her make-up. In just a few minutes she's ready to do the live stream. As it was already on the top trending list, the change in time didn't affect the number of views. On the contrary, it piqued the interest of other people who weren't precisely her fans. This time it was a candid video.

Hyacinth was singing and rehearsing. When she was about to practice the dance, she saw the camera,

"Is it time already? I thought it would be later! I almost reveal the secret ahead." She said and winked in front of the camera.

"Anyways, as promised I have a special surprise for my dearest fans. As you will be the first one to see me perform this song. You can also get the chance to watch the music video with me." Hyacinth explained.

Then there was a comment from one of the fans, "How is that possible?"

"Good thing you ask. I will be holding a fan meeting at Hero Music Hall at 11:30. Just 2 hours from now. So I hope my fans can make it. As more surprises awaits you. Let's watch the music video together."

Then there were various comments from fans and non fans. Hyacinth bid farewell to her fans as she prepares for the stage. On the other hand, the PR made a louder noise by broadcasting Hyacinth's live stream at the Metro Intersection which was the busiest intersection in the city. Hyacinth's fans learned about it and rushed towards the venue.

The Music Hall can occupy around 3,000 people but Hyacinth never expected for her to occupy every seat especially on a short notice but to her amusement, just few minutes after her live stream ended, news about her comeback stage is every where. She also started to hear loud noises outside the venue. She really couldn't believe it.

Then she received a text message from Yve,

"I'm sorry I couldn't come. I don't want to steal the limelight from you as it's your day. Break a leg!"

In her years with SkyMu, this was the first time, she received words of encouragement from her president. A smile formed from her face and she made a promise to herself.

"I will certainly perform my absolute best."


Back in the Smith's residence


Airis threw the wine glass as she angrily called her spy.


"Ms. Airis, I didn't know about this live stage that Hyacinth talked about. Maybe it's their desperate plan while they'e fixing the virus I planted in their computer."

"DESPERATE?! They were able to book Hero Music Hall!! How come you didn't know about this live stage?"

"But you don't have to worry. As long as the music video isn't released yet then we will be fine."

"Just make sure about that." Airis ended the phone call and closed her eyes for awhile.

The spy, on the other hand, fell on her bed and got a picture on top of her bedside table. It was a picture of Yve with her best friend, Nyelle.

"I'm very sorry, Yve. I hope you will forgive me." The tears from the spy's eyes fell on the picture frame.

Back at SkyMu building, Sylvan has now the recording from the camera of the main computer in the IT department. He browsed through it until he finally saw the video he is looking for. He played it.

In the video, the spy came in the room and went directly to the main computer. Before he touched anything, he removed his cap and mask, which allowed the camera to fully show who he was.

He isn't a he. She isn't a stranger to Yve. She's none other than Nyelle. Sylvan doesn't looked surprised as he even thought about it for once. But he began to wonder if what he should do with the information. Either ways, he was sure that Yve will get hurt.

After all, Nyelle isn't just any employee. She is Yve's best friend and one of the few people she really trusted after all the betrayal she experienced from her stepmother and stepsister.

Sylvan collected and arranged the information he got and was planning to turn it over to Vince. He sent a text message to the entire team alpha, Vince and Edward.

The mole is caught. Queen might still be hurt.

Turning the information to Primo later.

Everyone who got the message knew what it means and they even got the idea on who it might be. Vince, who got the message, looked at Yve who's lying down on his lap while waiting for the live stream of Hyacinth's comeback stage.

In his mind, 'How do I tell her this heartbreaking truth?'