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84 Countdown and Surprise

The rest of the shooting for the music video went smoothly that they're on the right time as they finished it according to the schedule. The music video is now in the hands of the editing team. Everyone is on the edge of their seats as the time of release slowly approaches. To make it more interesting, 30 minutes after the video release, Hyacinth will do a video reaction live. Most of her fans are releasing the information on their social media accounts. Ten hours before her music video release, Hyacinth made it to the top of the trending topics. But little did the fans know, they are in for a better surprise. SkyMu's PR has never been this motivated.

The reason for this is simple, Yve's trust in them and the praises they received for their hardwork.

As the night passed by quickly, the countdown turned to 5 hours. Yve didn't get a wink of sleep as she tirelessly kept her busy while observing the trending topics. Vince had already finished cooking their breakfast and decided to call Yve only to find her busy on her laptop with dark circles under her eyes.

"You didn't sleep?" Vince asked as she approached Yve on her bed.

"I can't sleep. I'm a little scared about this. After all, this project can help me improve my standing as the president of SkyMu and increase the chance of getting Stones Enterprises from Amira." Yve said.

Vince took the laptop away from her and put it on her bedside table. He sat in front of Yve, caressed her hands and said,

"You did your best and as part of the board of directors, I can finally recognize the skills of your PR and PD teams. Making it to the top trending list a day before the release and staying on top overnight isn't an easy thing to do. This has been the best thing that happened to Hyacinth's career."

"You really think so? Not as my boyfriend but as a member of the board?" Yve asked.

Vince embraced Yve and answered, "Of course! Now all you need to do is wait for the time announced and let's head down. Breakfast is waiting."

With that, Vince pulled Yve up and lead the way to their dining area. Yve continued to be astonished at her man. This man prepared all of her favorite breakfast food for today's special event.

"I know you will be stressed and the best comfort for you has always been to eat. So dig in." Vince said.

Yve pulled Vince's face and gave him the best reward she can. She kissed him on the lips. It was just a split second that their lips touched but it was enough to Vince as his smile flashed on his face.


Meanwhile at the Smith's Residence


"I heard that today will be a special day for SkyMu." Amira said as she eat her breakfast with her daughter.

"Don't worry, mom! My mole was able to prepare a special event that will put Yve in her proper place. Failure surely awaits her."

"Then I'll be looking forward for an amazing performance."


At the SkyMu Building


A person dressed in black leather pants and black leather jacket with a black cap and mask is on his way to the IT department of the company. As the music video release is just few hours away, the team uploaded the video and just the final click is needed to release it to the world.

He opened the door and approached the main computer. He altered the video with a different one. But he made sure that the thumbnail and the duration of the video is still the same. To avoid any final checking, he even installed a virus to delay the release further.

As he awaits for the completion, he murmured to himself,

"I'm sorry I have to crush your hardwork. I never thought I would need to do this."

Few seconds after everything was set, the man left the IT Room. He didn't notice the CCTV and the camera installed in the main computer.

Sylvan, on the other hand was notified about this on his smartphone. He knew that the mole will do it's absolute best to tamper the video so he planned this trap. But before that, he needs to assemble the alpha team for their step 2. So he called Chrysthe.

"Inform Primo about this as I will call for an emergency meeting. By the way is everything set on the venue?"

"Yes. Secondo made some arrangements yesterday."

"Okay. Now let's pull this mole from its cave."


Stars Village


Vince knew about the trap and is now waiting for Sylvan to inform Yve personally. But to avoid exposing the trap to Yve, they have all agreed for Yve to attned the meeting through a video conference. This is also because the enemy and the mole are definitely observing Yve's actions.

In cue, barely three hours before the release of the music video, Yve's phone rang. She didn't expected Sylvan's call to be about a sabotage. To Yve's delight, Sylvan acted immediately and called everyone for an emergency meeting.

"Okay I'll be right there, Sylvan." Yve said and was about to end the phone call when Sylvan answered.

"Ms. Yvory, we can't wait any longer. We are all in the meeting room. Why don't you attend the meeting via video conference?"

Yve didn't answer as she didn't know if it would be possible. So she looked at Vince who nodded its head and walked to the study.

"Okay then just give me 5 minutes to prepare."

"Yes, Miss."

Yve followed Vince promptly. As she opened the door, the laptop and the projector has been set up already.


"Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Sylvan is there and you're entire team is waiting for you." Vince comforted Yve. Knowing that everything is part of their plan Vince can't help but feel sorry for Yve. But he promised himself, that he will tell Yve once all have been settled.

"But with just three hours... I never prepared anything else. What should I do?"

"Which is why I have Sylvan by your side. He definitely has a plan for this."

"Okay." Yve said as she try to calm herself.

"I'll be staying here just in case you need my help."

Then the video conference began. As Yve listened to Sylvan's back up plan, a smile of relief flashed on Yve's face. She looked at Vince and mouthed, "Thank you".

She felt that they will be able to go through this. The music video release will still be a success. Yve approved Sylvan's plan and as each department received their tasks, they left the meeting room and the video conference ended.

Yve sighed as Vince approached her.

"Feeling better?"

Yve stood up and hugged Vince.

"Thank you for everything!"

"You don't need to thank me every single time." Vince said as he massaged Yve's back.

"But I want to!"

"As you wish then."


Back at the Smith's residence


"Hello?" Airis answered.

"Everything has been planted."

"Okay, perfect! Then I'll be on standby for her defeat."

The phone call ended as the other person felt guilty. As the person put the phone back inside the bag, he said.

"I'm really sorry. I hope you can forgive me."