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Either because of Yve's presence or her speech filled with encouragement, but the staff were highly motivated that they finished the set up just a few minutes after YVe arrived. The two gentlemen found it also amazing which made them sure that the mole can't be found in this team full of supportive and hardworking people.

"But we're still not at Sylvan's level so I guess we should continue to be vigilant." Jaleb said.

"Yes we should be! Who knows how sad Primo would be if we failed. This woman is his ultimate treasure." Chrysthe whispered.

"There's no doubt! He told us before that he will never use us for personal benefit unless, it is for his most important person." Jaleb whispered back.

Their whispers got Yve curious on what they're talking about so she asked,

"What are you two whispering about?" Yve asked.

"Oh, it was nothing for you to worry about, Ms. Yve." Chrysthe shrug Yve off.

"Okay, if you say so. Just tell me if you need anything." Yve told them.

Even is they're her bodyguards for now, she can sense that their connection with Vince isn't that shallow. But she doesn't want to go into details. As long as Vince trusts them, she will also do the same. She can patiently wait for Yve to open up about it.

"No need for that, Ms. Yve. We are your bodyguards." Jaleb answered.

"Are you telling me that bodyguards and their boss can't be friends?" Yve asked.

"It's not like that, Ms. Yve." Jaleb flustered as he try to defend his answer.

"Forgive Jaleb, Ms. Yve. He's just not flexible not like me." Chrysthe winked at Yve which made the lady smile.

"No worries. I just don't want you to neglect yourselves because of your duty." Yve said.

"Let's begin the dance break part. Everyone on their places." The director shouted.

Then the music started playing and Hyacinth danced to the beat like a total different person. This is way different from the Hyacinth they saw on the movie and the magazine covers. Her look is very fierce and paired with red and black outfit. This look is the evil identity.

Since the song is about a girl trying to get the love of her life again, YVe decided to show two sides. The bad side as soon as the girl will take the road filled with evil schemes and the pure or good one that tries to bear all the pain. But it was only the evil side which was exposed in the teaser. They are planning to give a surprise to every one with this video. Yve also asked the training department to sent the most promising trainee with excellent acting skills to participate in the music video as Hyacinth's lover.

"PASSED!" The director said.

"Wow! Hyacinth passed the dancing part in one go! She became a different artist when Ms. Yvory took over." One of the staff said.

Hyacinth acted as if she didn't hear the compliment and continued to approach the director

"We're still going to shoot the dance break but in a different area of the restaurant later. For now, let's shoot the close ups."

"Yes, director!" Hyacinth enthusiastically answered.

Her stylist approached her to wipe away the sweat and retouched some parts of her make-up. Meanwhile a young man in 20s approached one of the staff. One of the stylists approached him with a worried look on her face. Amidst all the commotion from Hyacinth's explosive close up shots, Yve noticed this and approached them with Jaleb and Chrysthe trailing behind her.

"Is there anything wrong?" Yve asked.

"Ms. Yvory, this is the trainee sent for Hyacinth's music video." The stylist introduced the man.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Yvory. My name is Tristan." The young man said.

Yve offered her hand in response and said, "Don't worry about the formalities. It's great to meet you."

"The man looks promising and he's tall. Physically he's fine and all he needs to have is a final touch and he will be fine." Yve evaluated the man.

"Thank you for the praises, Ms. Yvory." Tristan can't help but feel a little embarrassed.

"You're correct, Ms. Yvory but the problem is the wardrobe. As his height is taller than what the training department said, I don't think the suit will look good on him." The stylist admitted.

"Okay. For now, get him dressed up and call me if as soon as he's finished." Yve said.

"Yes, Ms. Yvory." The stylist said and left together with Tristan.

Yve return back to her seat but this time she was deep in thought. The male character must be good enough to avoid the criticism especially if it's something as fixable as clothes. Then she thought of Vince. His suit are always of the same brand. He began to wonder if this brand would customize a suit in a rush.

"If I'm not mistaken the brand is Noble." Yve said in a louder voice.

It didn't escape the ears of the two gentlemen. They knew that this apparel is managed by Vince's mother. Although they don't know if Vince's mother has met Yve.

A staff approached Yve and told her that Tristan has finished fitting. She stood up and went to the dressing room. Instantly, she knew that the suit can't be worn by Tristan. The suit is about five inches short. It's pretty obvious.

"Okay. Both of you come with me. We're going on a suit hunting." Yve said.

Tristan and the stylist were both shocked but since it's their president, they followed her instruction.

Yve approached the director and said,

"Please shoot Hyacinth's scenes without the male character for now. There is a wardrobe problem."

"Oh what are we..."

"Don't worry about it. I got it under control. Just focus on your work. I will handle the rest." Yve said.

With that the group of 5 headed out of the restaurant. Since there are five of them, Yve decided to take the company van. This shook the other people as they never thought that their president will willingly ride with them and lower her status for them.