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79 A Wishful Thinking You Won“


SkyMu Building


It was already 7PM when Sylvan finished everything. As he noticed the time, he sent a text message to Vince asking if it's okay for him to report back to Yve late at night.

Vince replied to Sylvan,

"Is there anything that you need to ask Yve's consent?"

Most of the decision making for today's meetings were done by Sylvan on his own based on his understanding of Yve's and Vince's methods. This is the primary reason why Vince agreed to have Sylvan as Yve's secretary. Although, he might not be as efficient as Edward yet but his understanding of other people is second to none. If Slane is the famous brain of Team Alpha, then Sylvan is the dark and hidden brain.

Sylvan looked at the message he received and immediately knew what to reply.

"Hyacinth's music video shoot."

"What time is it?"

"It will start at 9 in the morning. But the location is pretty far from the city."

Then there was no response. Vince must be asking Yve for verification.


Stars Village


Vince went out from his study and walked towards Yve who was cooking in the kitchen. Earlier, after their long debate, Vince finally agreed for Yve to cook. Yve was able to won him over by using her cute attack and by planting kisses on Vince's face. In return, Vince asked her promise him that she will be very careful and to cook simple meals.

Well, as if Yve will cook plain dishes. As expected, she's cooking a soup and while waiting for her baked zucchini with potatoes. Vince also noticed the blender. It seems like she's planning to blend some fruits for their drinks. Since she was busy, Yve didn't notice him approach. Vince took this chance and hugged her from behind and whispered.

"I told you not to cook so much and yet..."

"Be careful! Your hand might get burned." Yve lightly slapped his hand.

As Vince rest his head on Yve's shoulder, she answered her.

"But I love cooking, especially for the people I love." Then she pecked her on his cheeks.

This caught Vince off guard forming only a smile on his face.

"You're getting cheekier again."

Yve used to be this sweet when they were together way back their university years. Vince is now assured that Yve has finally let go of all the uncertainties she have.

"You don't like it?" Yve asked.

"I'm the receiver, so why should I hate it. But promise me that I should be the only one."

"Of course!"

Yve turned the heat off indicating that the soup is fine. So with Vince hugging her like a koala to a tree, she walks to the other counter and blend some fruits.

"Are you finished with work?"

Yve knew not to disturb Vince once he goes inside his study. Since Vince chose to spend the day with her and Edward attended his meetings, the two must have conducted a video meeting. This is Edward's method of reporting to Vince. She even planned not to call Vince unless the food is prepared and ready to eat on the table.

"Nope. I still need to go over some documents."

"You better go and finish them. I'll just call you when food is ready."

"Okay. Ah, by the way, Sylvan texted me."

Yve turned the mixer off and asked,

"What did he say?"

"Hyacinth's team wants you to supervise the music video shoot tomorrow."

"I'll certainly come! Text him to send the details to me."

"I perceived you would say yes. It was my wishful thinking that you won't."

Frightened can be seen from Vince's eyes and Yve recognized it directly.

"You know this is my biggest project for now. You can have Chrysthe and Jaleb accompany me at the same time. You can also lay down all your demands. Just let me go on this one, hmm?"

Vince can only nod his head. Basically, this was one of the reasons he loves Yve. Back in the days, when her father was still alive and everyone treats her like a princess, she never acted like one. She just continues to work hard to achieve whatever she wants without hurting anybody.

Vince's lips slightly brushed on Yve's cheek and found his way back to the study. He opened his phone and called Sylvan.

"She will go but I want the maximum security for her. Send them two tomorrow. Give me and Yve the rundown for the music video."

"Yes, sir!."

As soon as Sylvan received the confirmation he obeyed Vince's orders and informed Jaleb and Chrysthe. They planned about Yve's security before they went to their respective rooms to prepare for it.

At the same time at Stars Village, Yve and Vince are enjoying the food on the table. It was fabulous.

"You really outdid yourself, tonight." Vince completed Yve's cooking.

"Thanks but these foods are easy to prepare. I want only the best for my King."

They dig in and allowed themselves to be consumed by the silence brought by eating the feast.

When their stomachs were full, they cleaned up the dishes and went to their respective rooms. Yve opened her own laptop to check the email and confirmed the details. She also double checked it with the teaser and the song. She needs to make sure that the people wouldn't think that the teaser wasn't shoot first.

Because Yve was very focused with the work at hand, she lost track of time and knowing this, Vince knocked on her door.

"Come in."

Vincent came in with a tray of water and some medicines.

"I bet you forgot to take your medicines."

"OH YEAH! Thanks."

"No problem. Here you go." Vince assisted her as she drink the medicines.

"Yve, please don't forget to drink your medicines on time tomorrow and during the times we are not together, okay?"

Yve tiptoed to reach Vince's shoulder and clamped one of her hands while the other was massaging his neck.

"I promise. This would be the last time so don't worry too much and focus on your work, okay?"


Vince took this position and carried Yve towards her bed.


"You need to rest already."

"But what about...?"

You've reviewed so much. Trust yourself and let everything flow during the shoot tomorrow."

In an instant she was on the bed, Yve yawn and feel sleepy.

"At least your body is honest. It wants to rest."


Vince folded the comforter leaving the other half open for Yve to get under. Yve accepted the gesture and as Vince covered her with the blanket, Yve tapped the other side. Vince understood this but he was still unsure about this.

"I'm sure about this. I'm more afraid of having a nightmare and no one will be by my side to wake me up and save me from it."

"Okay. Then I'll turn the lights off first."

Before walking towards the switch, Vince turned the bedside lamp on to lighten up the room when the main lights are off. As soon as Vince sat down on the bed, Yve burrow herself to his lap.

"I get it. Just let me position myself first before you do that, okay?"

But Yve didn't move an inch. So Vince had no other choice but lie down with Yve's head on top of his legs. Subsequently, Yve moves her head on top of Vince's chest to sleep.

"I guess, that's your pillow for tonight." Vince smiled.

"From now on....." Yve answered corrected Vince's statement.

"I like that. From now on."

Yet there was no response from Yve. Thinking Yve may have fallen into slumber, Vince embraced Yve with hopes that Yve will have a nice dream with him by her side.