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77 Only the Two of Us


Stars Village


After putting everything in order, Chrysthe received a message from Vince.

"Everything is okay for now. You may head back and help Slane or Eybelle with the other mission."

After reading the message, Chrysthe smiled naughtily while typing his reply.

"Primo, you just wanted to have the Ms. on your own."

Then instantly he received a message,

"If you know that then, you should leave immediately and turn the highest security on."

"Okay, Primo. But remember that Ms. hasn't fully recovered yet. So don't go overboard!"

Chrysthe, afraid of what Vince might do or say after reading his response fled as swift as possible away from the house.

Meanwhile, Yve has just came out from the toilet when she heard a knock on her door. Based from what she saw awhile ago, only her, Vince and Chrysthe are in this beautiful house. Now, who could it be?


"It's me, can you let me in?" Vince answered.

"Sure, get in." Yve answered and as Vince opened the door, she realized something....


"Yve.. what do you....wa..." Then Vince couldn't finish his question as he can't help but ogle the beautiful view in front of him.

"AAAAHHHH!!! Please don't around!" Yve tried to cover herself and went back to the comfort room.

Vince swallowed his own saliva and shouted, "I'll be in the kitchen to cook something to eat. If you have any request feel free to tell me."

Yve heard him but didn't dare to go out from the toilet and as Vince knew that Yve heard him, he went out of the room. He can't believe what he saw. He looked below and saw that his body is reacting on its own.

Well, who wouldn't? His woman is actually in front of him wearing a bath robe after washing up. The water droplets from her hair to her collarbone. Ugh!! It's really not healthy for him.

"I should go to the toilet room myself." Vince said.

Meanwhile, Yve finally went out of the toilet and dress herself up. As she was combing her hair, she can't help but notice that compared to the penthouse, in this mansion, their rooms are separated. Even if they are clear now with their feelings and relationship, Vince still choose to respect her. She also noticed the interior of the room. This was how her room looked like before, her room at the Smith's mansion.

A tear was about to drop from her eye when she slapped her face and said,

"You can't always cry when you remember your dad. He will not like that!"

Then she practiced her smile and went to the kitchen where she saw Vince slicing up some fruits. Vince acted like he didn't notice to make Yve feel comfortable and forget what happened upstairs. As soon as Yve sat in front of him, Vince gave her the fruits he just sliced. Yve gladly took it and look at how beautiful the rabbit apple.

"You always have a talent for this kind of stuff." Yve said as she took one slice into her mouth.

"Well, it's because a certain someone always wanted me to cook."

"You're a better cook than most of our chefs after all."

Vince smiled at Yve's complement and the peace inside the house calmed the two of them. Vince continued to cook while Yve looked at him. Both of their minds are wishing that the time will stop and no one is ever going to disrupt this peace.

Since both of them are downstairs enjoying each other's company, none of them noticed their phones ringing. Nyelle is calling Yve while Eybelle is calling Vince.


in the SkyMu Building


"Is there anything wrong?" Sylvan asked Nyelle seeing the frightened look on her face.

"Yve isn't answering her phone." Nyelle answered.

On cue, Sylvan also received a text message from Eybelle that Vince isn't answering his phone also. Sylvan immediately understood the message and sent a reply to Eybelle.

"Primo is busy at the moment. Chrysthe might be coming to aid you. Hold the fort for awhile."

Sylvan calmly said to Nyelle,

"Ms. Yve might be resting. Is there anything you need to report to her? Just inform me."

"Ahh okay." Then an unexplained look flashed on her face. Even Sylvan couldn't comprehend it for awhile.

"Is it a personal thing?" He finally asked.

"Ahmm.. No. The staff is asking for her final approval for Hyacinth's music video. They will finish the shoot tomorrow morning and was asking if she can oversee it."

"For now, tell them I will be coming. I will consult Ms. Yve about it tonight."


Nyelle knew that Yve isn't an ordinary person anymore. But this incident slapped her in the face. She was told that even though she is now her secretary, as she's just an ordinary person, there will still be a great difference between them. She can't help but send a text message to Yve.

"Are we still friends?"

But after seeing that there was no response, she put her phone inside her pocket and returned to work.


back at the Stars Village


The couple had finished eating and is now in the living room. Just like in the penthouse, there is a grand piano and this time, Vince's guitar was also placed beside. Yve's head leaned on Vince's shoulder as the man envelopes his arm around her. Yve's fingers also played with the ripples from Vince's t-shirt.

"Do you want to do anything?" Vince asked.

"Hmmm...." Then Yve looked at Vince and nodded his head.

"What is it?"

"Can you play the guitar for me?"

There was a confused look on Vince's face before he finally regained his composure and asked, "What do you want me to play?"

"Anything as long as acoustic?"

Since it's the first time that Yve requested for something unrelated to work and isn't stressful, Vince can't say no. He walked towards the guitar and sat on the piano bench facing Yve.

"It's been awhile since the last time I played. So forgive me for some mistakes."

Yve just smiled and encouraged Vince to start. Then Vince began to play some chords on the guitar. Yve just sat there and listened to him. But never in her dreams expected what happened next.

Vince sang as he played th guitar. Yve recognized this song. It was a famous pop song but it wasn't in English. She was sure it was in different language. Anyway, she was drawn into the lyrics as the man she loves dedicates the song to her.

I want to be your oppa

I'm so hungry for your love

I want to be your oppa

I'll have you, just watch

Why are you shaking up my heart?

Why are you shaking up my heart?

Why are you shaking up my heart?

Shaking up

Shaking up

(Dad) Just how exactly

Did dad ask mom out?

Should I write you a letter?

What is this? I become like dust in front of you

You make me so angry and mad for no reason

I'm serious but you make me into a loser, who picks fights with you

Why do I care so much about you?

You're making a big boy act like a little kid

But I'll turn things around

From just knowing each other to becoming lovers

If it's with you, I think I can go to a good college

ABCDEFGH Hakuna Matata

Your profile picture is the same but why do I keep checking it?

But don't misunderstand, I'm not an easy guy

I'm getting nervous, I'm getting nervous

Who are you? Are you that great?

Why do you keep teasing me?

Just stop now, hold up, hold up

Hold me tight before I kiss you

Before my heart lets you go

Say what you want

Say what you want

What is it that you really want?

A bad bad girl on the outside

An even more bad bad girl on the side

If you lose a guy like me, you'll regret it

You checked my text message but you're not pressing send

The "1" disappears, making me so anxious

Maybe I'll buy a GPS navigation

(Quickly quickly quickly) I keep trying to appeal to you (trying trying trying)

Genuine feelings? (I got em) Endurance? (I got em)

The only thing I don't have is your beauty beauty beauty

How should I change for you? (hold up)

Playing mind games? Two-timing? I don't know how to do that

But if you're ever sick, don't call 911 but call me

Tell me to cry, I'll cry, tell me to smile, I'll smile, tell me to roll around, I'll roll around

I want to be your oppa

Why don't you know my heart for you?

Even if you ignore me

Even if you act cold

I can't push you out of my mind

I want to be your oppa

I will be your man, just watch

So that my heart can touch yours

I will run to you right now

Hold me tight before I kiss you

Before my heart lets you go

Say what you want

Say what you want

What is it that you really want?

Hold me tight before I kiss you

Before my heart lets you go

Say what you want

Say what you want

What is it that you really want?

Yve was in awe as she fully understood the meaning of the song. And with just singing, Yve knew that the lyrics came from Vince's heart. He sang it with sincerity and love in his eyes. Tears began to flow from Yve's eyes but she doesn't care. Every woman will feel the same way, too.

Vince smiled as he look at his Queen with her tears of joy in her face. Although, his performance was far from being perfect, he was happy that his woman felt his emotions. But Vince was in for a surprise from his Queen.

Yve approached Vince and sat beside him on the piano bench. Yve cupped Vince's face and touched his nose with hers. She whispered,

"You don't have to do anything else. Just stay by my side."

Then, Yve took the initiative to kiss Vince. But even if Vince was holding the guitar, he still fought for dominance with this kiss. As Yve still wanted to say something, she slightly pushed Vince. Vince wasn't shocked and took this time to put the guitar on top of the grand piano.

"I love you." Yve said and the final string of control has snapped. Vince kissed Yve full of hunger and longing.