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Right now, the black SUV is on its way to the new house bought by Vince. Since the enemy was able to penetrate his penthouse, he immediately bought a different place to live in while intensifying the security. Yve noticed the different road they're taking, so she asked.

"Where are we heading to?"

"Home." Vince plainly answered.

"Home? But this isn't the right way."

"Miss, Sir Vince bought a different house after what happened."

Yve can't believe what she just heard so she looked at the man beside her waiting for an explanation. The man, finally defeated by her stares, decided to answer.

"I don't want to take any chances anymore. This is the only to keep you safe."

Sigh. "To keep me safe or to lock me away?" Yve answered.

But immediately, she regretted doing so as she was intercepted by the fierce eyes releasing a cold air inside the car.

"Okay. I'm sorry." Yve hugged Vince to ease his temper. She also played with the ripples in his clothes above his chest. It seemed to be effective as the temperature is slowly decreasing.

A few minutes later, they arrived at an exclusive village called Stars Village. True to its name, only the richest in different fields can afford to buy a house. The more expensive the house is, the farther it is from the gate. Yve can only imagine how much did Vince pay to be located in the deepest part of the village.

As the mansions get lesser and lesser in view, there stood a beautiful house. From that angle one can see that it's painted yellow with red accent. It looked like a fierce house. Yve then began to wonder who owned the magnificent house.

But not to keep her from guessing, their car stopped in front of the house for a moment and went inside as the gates opened.

"Welcome to our house." Vince said with a smile.

Yve can't believe her eyes!


in the Gray's old mansion in Australia


"How is the Cozy Bell Hotel and Resort doing?"

"It's doing pretty well."


But the secretary didn't walk away, so the lady asked.

"What's wrong?"

"It's about the Stones Enterprises, Madam."

"What about it?"

"Recently, they're having a clash on who will take over the company. But there's nothing to worry about their stocks. Contrary to the usual scenario, their subsidiary companies are doing well especially the SkyMu Entertainment. It has been trending and making noise positively."

"That's great! But what are you worrying about then?"

"The Young Master is supporting the person who is claiming to be the legal heir."

"What? And who is this girl?"

"Ms. Yvory Smith, the sole biological daughter of the former CEO of the company."

The lady in the mid-40s is lost in her thoughts. Vince really love Yvory and I know that the girl feels the same. But they can't just neglect the promise they made with the Stones Enterprise when they helped them before. Was this the reason for the young miss to battle it out? What is exactly on Vince's mind?

"When will my schedule be free?"

"You have two days off next month."

"Then book me a ticket to Vince's. Those days are reserved for me to see my son and to know what is he up to."


in the Cozy Bell Hotel


"Sir Edward, it has been awhile!" The head of the HR department welcomed him.

"Did all the managers and directors got my message?"

"Yes. They have an hour from now to get ready in the meeting room."


"By the way, sir, we have the list of the events for the next quarter. We also have requests wanting to rent out our halls. I have placed them on your desk."

Edward nodded in response.

"Other papers are also there."

"Okay, thank you. You may now go back to work. I'll take it from here." Edward said and the representative went back to her office.

While waiting for the elevator, Edward received a text message.

"Why is there a new external executive secretary?"

"Are you not coming back?"

This message was from Nyelle. A smile formed from Edward's face, thinking that the lady might have missed him. He typed his message.

"Gray Group needs me now. But don't worry, Sylvan is a good senior. You're training will still continue. I will text you the schedule as soon as I can."

Edward erased the glimpse of romance for now and put his game face on. He still has a lot of meetings to attend to.


Smith's mansion


After crying her heart out last night, Airis has just woke up. She immediately checked her mobile phone and saw a text message from her mole.

"There is a new executive secretary for Yve. His name is Sylvan and he used to work for Mr. Gray. I have yet to figure out his skills."

As soon as Airis read the text, she couldn't figure out what are Yve and Vince's plan. So she replied,

"Okay. Continue monitoring and notify me as soon as you can."

Airis is a little worried about this new twist. Is it possible that Yve has discovered about her spy. But if that's the case, shouldn't she be planning a counterattack?

"Ahh!! I really don't know what to do anymore!!!!" Airis shouted in her room due to frustration.


at Stars Village


Assisted by Vince, Yve got off the car and drooled at the magnificent house in front of her. She still can't believe her eyes.

"Why do you have to buy this house?" Yve stared at Vince for awhile before she got his answer.

"This will be our nest forever." Vince just whispered to her ears and left her there looking shocked and lost in her own world.

"Ms. Yve, are you not getting inside?" Chrysthe asked.

His sentence brought Yve back to the reality. Vince is not the famous Mr. Vincent Gray for nothing.