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75 Sylvan“s Tes

"Everything is settled. So where should we head to?" Edward asked them.

"At home." Vince plainly answered.

"WHAT?! How about my work and your work?" Yve asked.

"I need to take a day off even just for today and beside, Edward can handle things back at the company. Right, Ed?"

"Yes!" Edward said and left the room.

"What about my work?" Yve asked Vince.

"For today, I want you to rest." Vince answered while putting his hands on top of Yve's shoulders.

Yve doesn't look satisfied with his answer. She has been away from her work for 4 days now when she was to implement the initial plans she have for Hyacinth and the rest of her artists. Vince knew about this but she's in a lost and doesn't know what to say.

"Ms. Yve, if it will help you ease a little bit, I can go to the company and find out the current status. Edward gave me the rundown last night." Sylvan suggested.

Yve was about to protest because she really wanted to do the work herself when Vince interrupted.

"Sylvan has a nice idea. It's also a chance for you to rest more while checking the efficiency of Sylvan as your secretary." Vince said.

"Then, shall I accompany the both of you home?" Chrysthe said.

"Okay, then. Sylvan after knowing the details, please report it to me. Okay?" Yve asked.

"Certainly, Ms. Yve." Sylvan answered.

Vince approached Yve and whispered,

"Do what you think is beneficial for the company. Report only the major ones. I think Edward has given you an idea."

"Yes, Primo." Sylvan whispered back.

In a flash, Chrysthe has finished packing their things back and was now on his way to the parking lot with Sylvan. Vince and Yve on the other hand are waiting at the main entrance of the hospital.

A few minutes later, two cars parked temporarily in front of them.

"I hope you don't mind, Sir Vince." Sylvan said.

"Of course. Go ahead and use the car. Later on, I will arrange for you to have a car on your own." Vince answered.

"Then, Ms. Yve, I will be going now." Sylvan bowed before starting the engine of the car.

Chrysthe carried the other things into the car's trunk. Vince opened one of the car's door and gently helping Yve into the car. As Yve sat down, Vince closed the door and went on the other side to sit beside her. Chrysthe was also finished and started to accelerate the car. From his center mirror he can see what is happening behind.

Vince moved closer to Yve and put his right arm around Yve's shoulder. Yve leaned on Vince's chest in return.

"Feeling Dizzy?" Vince asked worriedly.

"Nope. I just felt like lying down with your chest as my pillow." Yve answered.

"But I thought you wanted to go to work now?" Vince teased Yve.

Yve was about to move back to re-battled Vince's statement but Vince didn't let her go. The man stroked the lady's hair and said,

"I know. I know. You don't have to tell me. But you also have to understand that I only want you to think first about yourself. After all, if your health is not fine, you will not be able to focus on work."

Yve calmed down and smiled at Vince's gesture. The man then heard the steady breathing of the lady on top of him. As he took a peek, he saw her sleeping. It must have been the effects of the antibiotics given to her before they left the hospital.


at SkyMu building


Nyelle being the internal executive secretary sent a mass email to all the employees announcing the arrival of the new executive secretary of Yve. It also includes his picture and the fact that he is arriving today. She also included an executive letter telling them to prepare their reports as they will have a meeting an hour from Sylvan's arrival.

Everyone was in the edge of their seats as they finalize the report after all, they knew that like Edward, the new executive secretary used to work at Gray Group. Since their lady boss is still recuperating, they wanted to assure her that everything is being taken good care of.

Little did Yve knew but she has already gathered the support of her artists and employees especially after hearing about her hard work during Hyacinth's teaser launch. They were also in awe at how the video turned out. Everyone was motivated to contribute.

Just like that, Sylvan arrived at the building in Vince's black sports car. The guard knew who he was and got the valet to park the car for their new executive secretary. Nyelle was also waiting inside.

"Mr. Sylvan." Nyelle greeted with a handshake.

"Ms. Nyelle, the pleasure is all mine." Sylvan accepted the lady's hand.

"I have already informed the executives about your arrival. I will be sending them an email that we will have a meeting in an hour." Nyelle reported.

Based on how Nyelle reported, Sylvan perfectly got an idea why Edward wanted Nyelle as the internal executive secretary. She is still new to the job and keeping things in order inside the company is the best way she can help their lady boss. After all, their lady boss is still new to the business.

"Okay. But before that, I want you to call the screened interior designers for the cafeteria and the training rooms' renovation." Sylvan said.

"Okay." Nyelle responded.

They have arrived at the highest floor of the building and went to their respective rooms. Nyelle followed Sylvan's command and did her work while Sylvan looked at the papers on top of the long table beside the desk.

'As expected of Secondo. The papers are arranged according to urgency.' He picked one of the papers and checked it himself. Sylvan knew that it hasn't been a month since the lady boss took over the company but even he was amazed at all the proposal Yve has done.

'Now I know why Primo wants me to do the easy tasks myself.' Sylvan said to himself as he heard three knocks at his door.

"Come in."

"Mr. Sylvan, here is the first interior designer who passed the initial screenings." Nyelle reported and came inside with two young women. From how they look, Sylvan can tell that they just finished their college and this might be their first big job.

"Thanks. Ladies please have a seat." Sylvan pointed at the tables in front of his desk.

As Sylvan sat down, Nyelle approached him and whispered, "The second group will be here at one in the afternoon, while the third will arrive at four."

Sylvan nodded in response and Yve went out of the office.

As soon as Nyelle got out of the room, she was scanning the surrounding and opened her smartphone and typed in a message. This action didn't escaped Sylvan's eyes.

"Why does she need to be that cautious?" Sylvan asked.

"Mr. Sylvan, is everything okay?" Asked the interior designer.

Obviously, the ladies heard him. Despite the suspicious act of Nyelle, Sylvan focused on his meeting at hand and urged the ladies to continue with their presentation.