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74 Meeting Sylvan


in Yve's hospital room


Edward arrived together with Sylvan and Chrysthe. Upon seeing his substitute has arrived, Jaleb bid goodbye and went out of the door.

"Finally I can enjoy and I don't have to deal with their sweetness." Jaleb whispered to himself as he went to his motorbike.

"Edward and Chrysthe and..... who are you?" Yve asked.

"My name is Sylvan, Ms. Yve."

"Okay and?"

"Oh, I'm sorry Yve, I forgot to introduce him to you. This is Sylvan and I'm proposing him to be your executive secretary." Edward said.

Yve looked worried and that didn't escape Vince's eyes. Vince is quite confident with Sylvan because among the 5 members it is with Sylvan that he didn't need to voice out every little thing he wants to do. He will also be a good secretary to Yve and a good spy as well.

"Don't worry, Yve. He has worked as my secretary before and he was good." Vince said.

"But if he was really good, why did you let him go?" Yve looked at Vince with a questionable face.

"Well, I assigned him important tasks in Australia to which he successfully finished."

"Yve, Sylvan here is the only person aside from me that Vince allows to make immediate decisions without informing him. He has never been wrong with his decisions." Edward added.

A smile formed in Yve's face and said, "If both of you trust him so much then I'll do the same."

She extended her hand to Sylvan and said, "I'm sorry for being rude earlier. My name is Yve and I'll bee in your care from now on."

Sylvan extended his hand for a handshake and said, "It's okay, Ms. Yve. I totally understand. Your attitude shows how much you value your work."

With this interaction, Sylvan got an idea on how Yve works. He also realized why Slane was amazed with this lady. She truly deserves Primo. He also likes how strong this lady is but dependent on Primo when needed. He will enjoy his time here.


The door opened a team of doctors followed by two nurses came inside the room.

"Ms. Yvory, we're so glad to see you're doing well now." The head surgeon greeted them.

"How were the laboratory results?" Yve asked.

"Everything was fine. You can be discharged today. But I have some restrictions for a month."

"Restrictions? Why is there a need when I'm fine?"

"Yve?" Vine looked at Yve with the eyes telling her to let the doctor finish.

Yve liked this tone of Vince. It was like a father scolding his daughter and this action of his reminded him of her father. But this time, she was more focused on coming back to the office to personally supervise the projects at hand.

"It's for complete restoration of your health, Ms. Yvory. We are also preventing the relapse." The doctor explained.

This time, it was Vince's turn to worry.

"Relapse? What do you mean?"

"When she woke up, she felt dizzy and normally when a patient who got operated on the brain, it becomes a common effect when stressed. But, it can be avoided if the brain will actually get the proper rest it needs to recuperate. For Ms. Yvory, we wanted it to be a month."

"I understand. Now what are the restrictions?" Vince asked.

Now, Yve smells trouble. After hearing the doctor's explanation, Vince will surely take note of all the restrictions and will constantly make sure that I obey them. She also have no way to escape it as Sylvan will surely report each and every action to Vince.

'Ughh!! Great! Just when I thought I can go back to work normally.' Yve thought to herself.

The doctor handed out a list to Vince. He instructed Edward to finish the discharge process. Edward obediently complied and followed the doctor outside. Now, there were 4 people in the room.

"Chrysthe and Sylvan, I want you to be mindful of the following things on the paper. You boss has a lot of tendencies to do naughty things." Vince looked at the two young men.

"Hmph! You're naughtier than me. " Yve said and walked towards the dining area.

Suddenly, she felt two strong arms wrapped around her waist. "Of course! I'm naughty in a different way." Then the man stole a kiss from her. Yve was left there shocked by everything that happened. When everything has sunk in, a smile formed on her face as she looked at the man in front of her. He was preparing the table for them to eat.

"Sylvan?" YVe suddenly called out. Sylvan came and walked towards Yve with a tablet in his hands.

"Here is the latest update about Hyacinth's latest MV teaser." Sylvan handed the tablet to her. She was impressed by this gesture and looked at Vince.

"Told you. He's very efficient." Vince said as he started eating. Yve could only nod in agreement.

As she was eating and watching the news through the tablet, Vince got annoyed as instead of enjoying the food she was more focused on watching. He was about to reprimand the girl when he saw a sincere smile on her face. In defeat, he decided to fed her with a spoonful of food. The girl was momentarily shocked but gladly took the bite.

"I know you're happy and all, but remember to eat on time, okay?" Vince reminded.

"Yes, sir!!" Yve responded with a salute.

But Vince was not convinced so he looked at the two young men behind them. From his face, they already understood. The two gentlemen silently gestured a salute to avoid disturbing Yve.

"I saw that! Don't you trust me?" Yve stopped doing everything and pouted.

Vince found this cute but he knew that he had to address this immediately. He held the girl's hand and kissed it.

"I do trust you especially on your love and loyalty to me. But I know that you tend to lose track of time when you focus on your work. You have the tendency to forget about everything else."

Yve didn't give any response. She is enjoying how she's being pampered by Vince. Deep inside, she fully understood what Vince meant. But she just want to feel the warmth of being loved by someone she truly loves.

The door opened and Edward came inside.

"Everything is settled. So where should we head to?"