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64 Her Pieces on the Move

At the hospital 2 in the Morning

"Prim… I mean Mr. Gray, you're back." Chrysthe said as he approached Vincent and got the black suitcase Vince brought.

"Mr. Gray? Chrysthe, I don't like the sound of that. It seemed very formal. Just call me Vince or Brother Vince." Vince said as he walked towards the hospital bed where Yve is sleeping.

Chrysthe also followed him and objected.

"Don't make me repeat myself, Chrysthe. I'm very tired. Please." Those were Vince's words and Chrysthe was saddened to see him acted that way.

Chrysthe has never seen Vince this down before. Back in the CONFERENCE, Vince has the title of the Ccld King because aside from Edward and Team Alpha can dare to approach him casually. Well, it was also the same for the Team Alpha. Although they were close, there are still things which they haven't seen and known about Vince. This is also one of those things.

To give some peace and serenity to Vince, Chrysthe decided to back out and looked at the things that Vince brought. He saw a bag and decided to peek inside. There, he saw that it was the food which Jaleb had cooked. He pulled it out along with the rest of the food inside. By looking at the food, he knew that Vince hadn't eaten a single thing.

"Vince, come on here. Let's eat together." Chrysthe called out to Vince. He did this because he knew that Vince never liked eating alone. As expected Vince walked towards the dining area and sat down with him.

"Are there any news about Yve's condition?" Vince asked as they were eating.

"Nothing new except that a nurse came to give her a shot of vitamin." Chrysthe answered as Vince nodded in recognition.

"I also need your authority to obtain Ms, Yve's records. I will have Slane analyze it for me and help me identify the characteristics."

Upon hearing those words Vince stopped eating but continued to chew his food while looking at Chrysthe. This is his non-verbal language which says 'speak' or 'explain'. Since knew about this, he continued to explain and the reason behind this request.

"I didn't know that Slane is into medical science." Vince said.

"He wasn't into it. He was forced by his family to learn about that subject at a young age since they were from a medical dynasty."

"Hmm, I see. So what happened to his family then?"

"They were all wiped out when their experiment in their own laboratory didn't work well. Since Slane wasn't interested, he sold his shares and left."

"Pretty bold move from Slane, as always."

After eating, Vince went to the long desk to set up his working station. He then called Edward.

"Edward? I want you to balance my schedule both in Gray Group and in SkyMu. I will also be checking up the progress of the projects she had started for SkyMu."

"Why are you not answering, Edward?"

"About that… I don't know how but the Board got a hold of the information of Yve's attack and they want to call a meeting this afternoon. The agenda is to reverse her appointment in SkyMu."

"WHAT? I will not let that happen. Can you…"

Edward interrupted and said, "I knew about that. I have already sent Yve's project plan to your account. You can check them on your own and prepare your strategy."

"Thanks, Ed." Vince said as he check the email in his computer.

"But we have one more problem. The board will surely question my authority, I don't have any official and legal document with me."

"I have already prepared it. I will be bringing the document with me."

"What kind of document is it?" It caught Vince's attention.

"Well, you will know later. Is there anything else?" Edward asked.

"Nope. Thanks, bro." Vince said and ended the phone call.


7AM in the Hospital

Vince is getting ready leave for work and Chrysthe is doing a regular check on the room again.

"Chrysthe, now that I think about it, will you be fine on your own without any substitution?"

"No worries. Slane will be here to teach me about Ms. Yve's medication. But Jaleb will be my substitute. He will report every night."

"Okay, that's great. Now, please take care of Yve. I will be leaving now." Vince said as he got his attache case and walked towards Yve. He kissed her forehead before exiting the room.


In Cozy Bell Hotel

"Bro, the meeting is confirmed at 3 in the afternoon at the headquarters."


"How's Yve?"

"She is yet to wake up. Doctor's estimation will be either this morning or later this afternoon."

"But if that's the case, shouldn't you be.."

"I wanted to, you know that Edward. But the best thing that I can do for her is to ensure that SkyMu is still hers."

"I understand. Then I wouldn't disturb you. You can focus on the meeting. I will take care of Gray Group for today."

Vince looked up at Edward. With a tired but sincere smile, he said, "I'm lucky to have you as my secretary."

"I know so don't ever forsake me, okay?" Ed winked and left Vince in awe.

In Vince's mind, he never thought of leaving Edward behind. He would not be able to reach where he is right now without the capable hands of Edward. The reason why he can do so many things at the same time is because of Edward. When things get rough, Edward can handle the rest of the easier tasks. He is also able to give me a daily progress report. I wish, when Yve wakes up, Nyelle will be as efficient as Edward.

"Sir Edward, I am feeling this tension in the air today. Is anything wrong?" Nyelle asked.

"Well, I will tell you later. But for now, come with me. We will handle the rest of the affairs of Gray Group as Mr. Gray needs to focus on an important meeting this afternoon."

"But his meeting is only with the Board of Directors for Stones Enterprises."

"Exactly! They are planning to demote Yve."

"WHAT?! How come?!" Nyelle asked.

"I can't explain it for now. But the only thing we can do to prevent it from happening, is to leave it in the capable hands of Vince."


"We will not idly stand on the sidelines like what you're thinking."

"Then what are we gonna do?"

"We will be in-charge of all of Vince's duties and responsibilities for today. We also need to submit a report to him by the end of the day."

"How can we…"

"He doesn't mind if we send it bits by bits. Believe me, you'll be happy to be given this chance. Who knows? You might also do this for Yve someday."

Nyelle was still in shock about the things that she heard today. She is also worried about Yve's case but since Ed would not tell her anything and she's not at ease enough to personally ask Vince, she had no other choice but to do as what Ed said.