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Trying to get over with the sadness and disheartened feelings, he went upstairs and packed his things. Starting tonight, he will be staying in the hospital until Yve's finally better. In that way, he can guard his precious queen at night. He also packed the dinner that Jaleb cooked and decided to bring it to the hospital since he is not in the mood to eat.

Soon, Vince find himself on his way back to the hospital. Unlike earlier, he is now wearing casual clothes. Since it's already dawn, the street is very quiet with no cars and even the traffic lights aren't working. Only the street lights illuminate the road on the way to his Yve.

Meanwhile in the Smith's residence, Airis saw her mother drinking wine in their mini bar. She wants to say report the latest information she got from her spy.

"Mom, I have something to tell you." Airis said as she approach the mini bar and got herself a drink.

"What is it?" Her mother asked as she look at her.

"I can be one step ahead of Yve and I can ruin her plans easily."

Her mother didn't give any reaction and continued to look at her so Airis continued to give out her information.

"I have a spy in SkyMu and she can tell me the things which Yve has planned for the company so that I can prepare a counter attack." Airis said.

"Well, that's good to hear. At least you should make her life in in business miserable." Amira said after taking a sip from her glass.

"What do you mean?"

"As it is. Since, Yve is here now, it's difficult for your dream of marrying Vince unattainable."

"MOM!!!" Airis shouted.

To let off some steam, Airis drank the entire drink in one shot. Amira continued to drink hers slowly. As they were focused on their drinks and thought of nothing else, silence filled the air. It was only interrupted when Amira's phone rang. Amira lazily accepted the phone without even looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" Amira said.

Airis just looked at her mother and decided to take a sip from her glass until she realized that it was empty. She stood up to get another drink for herself. As she looked again at her mother, a smile formed from her mother's face which indicated that she received a good news.

"Thank you so much." Amira said and ended the phone call.

This smile and positive tone of her mother during the conversation piqued Airis' interest. She can't help herself so she asked.

"It sounded like a good news, Mom. Care to share the hottest update?"

"Yve is gone for sure! And the company will be back in your hands as soon as this reaches the board." Amira excitedly said and caressed Airis' hair.

"REALLY, MOM?!?! How was it possible?"

"She's incapacitated in a hospital bed."

"What happened?"

Then there was a long pause as Amira is debating whether to tell the truth to Airis or not. When she made up her mind, she said,

"I don't know the details but according to my source, she's in a hospital. She might stay there for a long time as she underwent an operation."

"Hmmm…." Was the only response that came out of Airis' mouth.

Airis got her phone and texted her spy to gather the necessary information. To her dismay her spy replied,

"I haven't received that kind of information yet, Ms. Airis but rest assured I am working on confirming that."

After reading the message she mockingly whispered, "What a spy!"

But since Airis trusts her mother well, she doesn't care anymore. Her mom is always correct.

"Now, everything is going back to the place how it should be." Airis looked at her mother and lifted her glass. She wanted to have a toast about their success.