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56 the Spy Reports


Why did I have to say it that way? Everything sounded so insincere. Edward, what is wrong with you?!

As the silence continues to fill in the car, I regretted saying those words to Nyelle. She doesn't deserve the insincerity of my words. It wasn't out of responsibility or lesson but because I wanted to do so. I need to think of a way to improve this atmosphere before the day ends. I should ask an advice from Vince about this.



"What do you want to show me?" Holding Vince's hands which covered both of my eyes.

"Be patient. Just a little more." Vince told me.

He has been covering my eyes since we went out of the penthouse. One thing's for sure, we're out of the elevator now but as to where exactly are we, I don't have a single clue.

"I have a surprise for you." He said.

"You don't need to give me any surprises."

Then without any hint he removed his hands and I saw a beautiful car. I believe it's an Audi A5 Cabriolet in red. It looks so pretty but at the same time, I know how expensive it is. I look at Vince without saying anything. He began to worry, so he asked.

"You don't like the car? I can…"

I hugged him so tight and answered, "It's not about not wanting the car. You know how much I love cars but this one is too expensive. You don't even need to give me this."

"I know but I want to. Besides no expensive object can be compared to how precious and valuable you are to me."

I don't want to say anything else. One thing's for sure, I only want him by my side forever. If not only realizing that my step mother and step sister don't deserve my parents' legacy, I don't even want to enter this messy world of business.


"Thank you very much, Vince. I know if Dad is here, he will be very happy knowing that someone is protecting me."

"I hope so. I hope I am not too late." I sensed a hint of regret and frustration from him so I looked at him in the eye. I cupped his face in my arms and closing the gap between us, I said,

"You're not late. You came perfectly on time. Thank you very much." Then I kissed his forehead and hugged him once more.

"So I guess there will be no picking me up from work or anywhere else?" I teasingly reminded him.

"OH!! WHY DID I GIVE YOU A CAR?! You're making me regret it now!" He jokingly answered.

"But having your own car than riding a taxi home every time Edward or I can't pick you up."

He said.

Holding my shoulders tightly, he reminded me, "But promise me that you will be very careful in driving, okay? I don't want to go through the fear of losing you again, okay?"

"Okay, I promise." I even raised my hand in oath.

Sometimes, I question the heavens on why they let me go through hell of losing my father and realizing the truth behind my stepfamily. But now, knowing that Vince and this future is waiting for me at the end of the road, I don't even mind it.

Now, I hope that everything will go as how I wanted and planned them to be.



Vince and Yve went on their separate ways as each of them used their respective cars. Vince is on his way to Gray Group while Yve is going to SkyMu.

Yve is feeling confident about her training regimen as Vince said it was very fine. He also thinks that with proper explanation to the artists, they will gladly obey. Her first meeting of the day is with the training coaches. Edward said that he will arrive at SkyMu after reporting to Vince. He said he has important things to report.

Vince arrived first at the hotel and saw Edward and Nyelle together.

"I think my cousin is finally in love with someone. I don't think Yve will mind if she finds out. Edward is a good person after all." He said to himself.

Edward approached him while Nyelle bowed at him before going inside the hotel. Something is not right.

"Morning, bro."

"Good morning, Ed. But what is wrong with Nyelle?"

"Well, about that I will be needing your help. Can I talk to you in your office?"

"Sure, but how about Yve's schedule?"

"She only have a meeting with the coaches. I told her I will report to you first. I also gave Nyelle her own copy about today's meeting."

"Good. So what are we supposed to talk about?" Vince asked Edward as they walk inside the hotel.

The hotel chauffeur receives the key from Vince and drives the car towards its respective parking spot. Edward's car, on the other hand, was also taken care of by another chauffeur.

On the top business floor, Vince and Edward were greeted by Nyelle who is smiling sincerely to Vince. But Nyelle's different way of addressing Edward didn't escape Vince's observation. As they went inside, Vince can't help his curiosity anymore.

"Bro, have a seat and care to explain what happened?"

Rubbing his forehead, Ed explained everything that happened ever since she fetched Nyelle from her apartment.

On the other hand, Airis is taking her sweet moment in one of the prestigious spa in the city. She has regained her confidence since her mother said she will take care of the lost money and with her spy lingering around Yve again, she will be one step ahead of her. She can then easily ruin her plans.

Just in time, her spy has sent her a text message,

"Ms. Airis, Yvory is planning to release an album of Hyacinth in a month's time. She made the title track and two of the other songs. The remaining songs are still in negotiation with the composer. It was said to be another version from Hyacinth's previous movie."

Airis was shocked in hearing the news. Hyacinth has always been demanding wanting so many changes. From the title tracks even to the music video. She began to wonder how was Yve able to convince Hyacinth. She replied to her spy.

"How did Hyacinth react?"

Immediately there was a response.

"Hyacinth was happy and went into training immediately. The songs are still in their fine-tune stage."

"Okay. Keep me updated on the latest information."

"Yes, Ms. Airis."

With that report, Airis was furious and told the masseur to stop whatever she's doing. She wanted to be alone. The masseur was startled and afraid on how Airis reacted so she immediately went out.

"So now you wanted to tell the world that you're a better composer than me by making Hyacinth loyal to you?!"

She drank the cup of tea and continued, "We'll see who's the better one. You don't know the limitations of Hyacinth's voice. It can be an asset and a liability as well. But just your luck, I will totally make sure that you will fail."