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55 Strong, Naughty and Intoxicating


I opened my eyes as the bright rays of sun welcomed the day with me. I touched my bedside only to turn around and see that Yve is not there anymore. I began to think if everything that happened last night was just a dream. I hurriedly got up of my bed not minding my appearance and went out of my room. I looked around but I didn't see any sign of her except...

"Is that the piano I'm hearing?"

Then I walked slowly towards the living room to see Yve's silhouette. She's facing the sun thus creating a very beautiful shadow. I can't see her face clearly but I can really tell that she's enjoying her time playing the piano.

I remember the time I decided to buy that piano having this image inside my head. I can't believe that it's happening right now, in front of me. Dreams and wishes no more but reality. I can't find the strength to interrupt this precious moment, so I just stand there, appreciating her beauty while feeling the emotions through her song's melody.

Her songs were always honest and straightforward. It embodies the things she experienced, experiencing and her dreams. Her melody sounded mature this time but with a little spunk. Then like any other concerts, her version ended and I saw her pressed the recorder.

"So, did I just heard the very first demo version?" I asked her as I walk towards her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?" She asked.

"It's fine. To wake up upon hearing your music is a nice way to start my day." I said to her as I sat on the piano bench beside her.

"So who's the lucky artist to sing your song?"

"Well, I don't have any idea yet. Aside from Hyacinth, I don't think that any of the artists is mature enough to sing the song."

"Hmmm.. so about your training regimen…."

"OH YES!! I almost forgot. Let me get it for you."

She was about to run when I hold her hand and pulled her to me. Caught off guard, she had no other option but to depend on me causing her to sit on my lap. I also didn't expect my action to result this way. I just wanted to stop her in her tracks. Now both of us are stuck in a different universe. I can see her blush as she tried to avoid a direct contact from my eyes.

"Uhmm… Do you want to say something?" She said while looking away.

"Can't you ask that question while looking at me?"

She tried it again but this time while having her eyes look directly at me. I can't help but smile as her pinkish face turned into red tomato. After asking me the question, she hugged me in embarrassment to hide her face. She punched my back lightly.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Why do you have to make me repeat myself with you staring solely at me?!" She asked.

I don't know why but I find her voice so sexy this morning especially as she said those words close to my ear.

"Would you rather have me stare at other people?!" She looked fiercely at me and said,

"Just try! Then you'll ...."



His kiss was so sudden that my heart nearly exploded. With his lap supporting my weight and his hand holding my head and waist, I could only cling to his arm. This enabled him to do kiss me however he wanted. But this kiss was slow and steady, cool and deep.

He was undeniably an expert at kissing, with his naughty plan, his strong and powerful arms and an intoxicating masculinity, he could easily make any woman head-over-heels. She is no exception to this.

Just when I could feel all my blood rushing to the top of my head, Vince release me. That hot look on his face formed a teasing smirk as his plan was a total success.

"Good morning, my Queen. Now where is the training regimen?" He whispered, both of his hands now holding my waist.

I blushed so hard I felt as if my blood were about to drip down my face. Even stronger, though, was a sweetness inside her that she couldn't describe.

"Okay, I'll get it for you."

I shyly stood up and walk towards the study room to get my proposed training regimen for the artists of SkyMu.



As she went to the study, I decided to bring the music sheet with me along with her recorder to the kitchen. I am planning to cook today's breakfast since it seemed that she woke up early to finish her reports and compose some songs.

Since I listened to her song midway, I want to listen from the very start hoping I can help her improve the song so that one of the artists can use the song in their next album.

While doing so, I cook the rice and decided to have vegetable salad and some of the remaining fish from last night. She arrived with the papers just in time the first song finished playing.

"How did you find the song?" She asked me with a worried look on her face.

"Well, it has a nice ring to it. I have two possible different version for this. We can turn it into pop or pop rock."



"Thank you very much, Vince. Just take your seat in the dining table. I will take care of the breakfast."

"But it's almost done."

"I know. That's why you can let me handle this."

She pushed me to sit down in one of the chairs while she finish the dishes. Since, I have nothing to do, I started to read the papers she turned over to me.



My morning is indeed good. My training as Yve's secretary starts today and I will be trained by none other than Sir Edward, himself. It is rarest among all chances. I will make sure that will learn all the necessary skills so that I can be a good enough in the future tasks which Yve will entrust to me.

I did a little research on my own and based on it, the secretary must always wore formal attire unless his or her boss says otherwise. Just my bad luck, I only have one pair of formal attire. I need to buy new ones after today's working time.

"Now you look perfect, Nyelle." I said to myself as I look at the mirror.


I heard loud car horns outside my apartment. I don't expect any visitors so I cautiously look through the thin curtains and I saw a familiar car outside. It was Sir Edward.

"Is he here to pick me up?"

I hurried myself up and locked my apartment. By the time I finished, Sir Edward was outside his car and opened the door of the front passenger seat for me. I was in awe by his gesture but I don't think it is necessary,

"Sir, you don't have to pick me up."

"I know but since today is the start of your training, I thought you might need to know the other duties of a secretary outside the office."

His answer made me feel dejected. So all the good things he did and said were lessons which I need to know as a secretary? I thought there is something more to it. Just like how the male anime characters would act to their female counterpart. Hmph! I misinterpreted his actions.

"Nyelle, you dimwit!" I said to myself.

"Is everything okay?" Sir Edward asked since I haven't entered the car yet.

"Yes." I plainly answered and went inside the car.