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49 Another Traitor?


I'm almost finished with my work today when I heard a knock on the door.

"Yes, come in!"

"Mr. Gray, I'm Private Detective Markin. Mr. Edward told me to report directly to you today?"

"Yes, I remembered. Please take your seat."

I wasn't convinced with the working speed of the police so I asked Edward to hire a private investigator.

"Do you have any new updates about Yve's case?"

"Well I followed the investigation conducted by the police but it seemed they miss one CCTV footage."

"What is inside the footage?" I asked the detective.

Then he gave me a USB and a folder containing the screen shots of the video. The screen shots showed her car in a parking lot and a dark figure.

"The video will tell you more."

"I will watch it later. But do you have any idea on who is this person?"

"I already have 2 suspects and I'm still investigating more about them."

"Who are thet?"

"They are very big people and I'm quite afraid to make my movements."

"Big people? Tell me who are they so that I can help you."

"Based on the physique and the list of people you gave me, only one people matched and that is Ms. Airis Smith. I am currently checking on her mobile phone transactions and bank details but since she has many, it might take more time."

"How about the other suspects?"

"Mr. Levi Williams but to be precise his secretary."

"Mr. Williams?! But why would he do that?" I asked the investigator.

"Ms. Airis, her mother, Mrs. Amira and Mr. Williams are in good terms. I have seen them in dinners which didn't look like business matters."

"But you know that your accusation to Mr. Williams contains only substantial evidence, right?"

"Yes, sir. But as stated in that report, Mr. Williams got a higher salary when Mrs. Amira became the CEO and he was also in-charge of overseas negotiations. Those trips were amazingly expensive and yet there were no reports nor adjustments of that sort."

"Okay. I will read your report and watch the video. Continue your investigation."

"Yes, Mr. Gray. Then I will leave now."

With that I exchanged handshakes with the detective and he left.

Mr. Williams are you also part of the conspiracy? Did you possibly harm Mr. Smith just to get more money? I think this case will really hurt Yve more. Somehow, she started Mr. Williams before and she knew deeply that his father trusted the man greatly.

Amidst all of these new information, the ringing of my phone brought me back to reality. It was Yve calling. I wonder why, is there anything wrong?


"Vince? Are you almost done?" She asked hurriedly.

"Yes, but this might still take an hour at most. I'm sorry but can you wait at your office? I'll pick you up as soon as I can. I promise." I honestly said.

"Well, about that, I wanted to go home early."

"WHY? Are you hurt? Is there anything wrong?" I worriedly ask.

"No. I'm perfectly fine. It's just I wanted to cook dinner for all of us. Plus Nyelle is coming tonight. I hope you don't mind me letting her in since I forgot to ask."

"It's fine with me but I don't think the security guard will let her in alone."

The security are notified by the residents when they have a visitor coming. When they arrive, the guard asks for their ID and the tenants will fetch them on the lobby. In the event the occupants aren't there, the visitors need to wait in the lobby. It maybe a stricter compared to the other condominiums but our great security is one of our real estate's selling points.

"She's not alone. Ed is coming with her. We will be preparing our dinner. So it will be best if I go home ahead of you, right? So that you can eat as soon as you arrive."


"I know we promised to each other. But I really want to cook for you. I also need some time with my best friend to update her with different things. Please?"

Her voice is really cute and teasingly convincing. It's quite effective but makes my mind more tenacious. My appetite towards a different kind of meal is growing. Heavens, please help me control this beast inside me.

"And Ed is there. The place is your castle. Nothing bad will happen to us."

"Okay, okay. I give up! But don't take the subway or the bus. Take a taxi towards the penthouse and text me the plate number as well as the time when you leave the office. Don't forget also the time you arrive at the penthouse."

"Yes sir!" I can imagine her giving me a salute on the other end.

"Take care, my Queen. I love you."

"Love you too. See you later!" With that she ended the phone call.

I opened the final report for the day and continued my work. I hope the heavens will help my Queen keep her promise this time.



Vince really cares a lot about me and I like how he balances the space and time I need and want. Although I know he's very cautious and protective right now because of the things he knew about me and my past.

Anyways, right now, I'm on my way out of the office, so I texted Vince that I am on my way. The guard called me a taxi and I obeyed all of his conditions. To be honest, explaining to Nyelle is more difficult than all of these terms by Vincent.

I decided to text my girl on how was she and the grocery going.

"Elle, where are you now? I'm on my way home now. See you in a bit."

Then I realized I typed HOME. Sometimes, you really need to lose things or someone first before you realize their importance or value. Vince is Home for me now. I know I'm safe and secured with him by my side.

I looked outside my the window pane and said, "Dad, don't worry about me now. I have Vince by my side and I will slowly take everything you left for me.

Then I received a reply from Nyelle.

"Sir Edward said, we're almost there. Take care in going home, okay? And you better tell me everything. Don't miss a single detail, okay?"

There it is, her request and order in one. But this made me smile. At least with Edward by her side while shopping, for sure she's safe.