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42 Meeting the PD Team



As per Yve's instructions, I called the production team and set up a meeting with them. Her meeting with Hyacinth was also set up. Everything happens this morning. Yve impressed me when she didn't flinch upon seeing her step mother and step sister. Instead, she was able to face her on her own and stood her ground.

But now, here comes another important step. She needs to talk to Hyacinth's production staff about her next album. I knocked on her door to let the production team in.

"Yve, they're here."

"Oh, yes. Thanks, Ed. Please have a seat." Yve said after exchanging handshakes with them.

"Would you like something to drink or eat?" Yve addresses the staff.

"Uhhmm… we're fine, Ms. Smith." One of the staff said. I don't mean to judge her because of her nerdy look but she seems like one of the writers.

"I insist. Ed, please prepare a light snacks and coffee for each of them. Please include bottles of room temperature water."

"Yes, Ms. Yve." With that I followed her order and prepared the light snacks.



As soon as I offered the staff something to eat, they eased themselves and I can sense that they realized I am not like my sister. I don't want to know how my sister treated them before but I have a slight idea.

"Ms. Smith, why do you want to call us?"

"Before I tell you the reason, I want you to call me Yvory instead of Ms. Smith. Second, I want to know your names so that I can address you properly." I instructed them.

It seems like they were shocked by my instructions. But isn't it a proper protocol to know the people whom you're talking to so that you can give them the proper treatment? Then in response to my instructions, they gave their names with their positions, one by one.

"Okay, that's good. Thank you very much. And before we really begin our agenda, I also want you to meet my secretary, Edward. If you can't reach me and needed to talk to me, please don't hesitate to find him instead, okay?" I introduced Ed as he brought the snacks inside.

As soon as Ed went out of the room, I told them the agenda.

"I believe all of you know the great news and positive feedback about the movie which Hyacinth recently participated in. I want to use this to change Hyacinth's image and release a new album." I stated.

"Really? Ms. Yvory?"

"That would be great news but haven't prepared anything."

"Yes. As irresponsible as it sounds likes, Ms. Airis always wanted us to make the same type of songs for Ms. Hyacinth so we haven't prepared anything. We're very sorry, Ms. Yvory."

"It's okay. I clearly understand your situation. As this is also a rush plan and time is our greatest ally and enemy so I prepared some demos for the songs to be included in the album." I responded.

This caused them to talk to each other. I noticed that they might me cautious because of my position, so I said,

"I want you to listen to it and be honest about your opinions. If you think that my songs aren't good enough or needs improvement, please do so. It is all for the good of the company, no hard feelings, I promise."

They calmed a little and so I continued…

"I was thinking of releasing a mini-album with only 5 tracks. I was hoping to have all of these songs in the album and have the remix or other versions of the movie soundtracks for the remaining slots."

"That is a good idea. Why don't we start listening to the songs, then, Ms. Yvory?"

Taking that as my cue, I played the demo versions and handed them the music sheets. It has been awhile since I felt this shy and nervous about my music. I admit that I'm not as good as I used to be. I even can't play any difficult tunes compared to my college years.

Finally, my longest 12 minutes had ended.

"What do you think about the songs?" I nervously asked them.

"Ms. Yvory, they were fantastic. They fit into one theme which is growth."

"Do you want to show Hyacinth's growth with this album?"

"Yes, that's correct. She's a veteran in this industry and as a thank you to her fans, showing how much she has improved will be a great gift to them."

"Musicality wise, Ms. Yvory, it was good but do you plan to release this album having a ballad approach?"

"No. We can actually add more instruments but since I can only play piano, I used it as the main instrument." I answered.

"Well, this is a good set. Leave the editing to us, Ms. Yvory. Give us three days to give you the final demo version."

"Okay, three days it is. The only thing we need to fix will be the copyrights of the movie soundtracks."

"We can also take care of that. But it will take about one week to have the copyrights and to make another demo version."

"That's okay with me. But I want an acoustic version, okay?"

"Yes, Ms. Yvory. Now if you don't mind, we would like to take our leave. We want to start making Ms. Hyacinth's new album.'

"Of course, thank you very much." I said as they stood up.

Then they left the room as happily as what it seems to me. They're positive feedbacks about my songs were also great. It made last night's overtime worth it.

I sat back on my desk and smiled as I remember their appreciation about my work. Then a my phone rang. It was Vince.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello, my Queen. How was the meeting with the production team?"

"It went well. They even liked my songs! They complemented my songs a lot, Vince!!" I sounded so excited on the phone.

"Of course, they will. Your songs were amazing! I am also looking forward to hearing you play the songs."

"I will as soon as I heard the final demo version, okay?"

"That's a promise then. When will you meet Hyacinth?" Vince asked.

"Before lunch."

"Oh great, then can I have the honors of asking you for a lunch date?" Vince asked.

"Really? Are you serious?"

"Did it sound like a joke?"

"Hmmm…. Well I'll check my schedule first with my secretary."

"I already did and he said, you're free for lunch." Vince said and I can clearly imagine him winking on the either line.

"Ok, my King. Do I have any choice?" I surrendered to him.

"I will make sure you will not regret having a lunch with me."

"Let's see." Now it's my turn to wink.

"I'm sorry Queen, I have to go now. I love you."

"Hmmmm…. Me, too." That was all I could say and ended the phone call.