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41 Unwelcomed Guests


I honestly felt sorry towards Yve and Vince for ruining their precious time together. Although I didn't know what I interrupted, I can really tell it was something important. At the moment, Vince and I were waiting for Yve to finish preparing herself. We will go first to the SkyMu Entertainment where Yve and I will work. Vince told me to spend my morning hours with Yve while I will spend the remaining working hours with Vince.

"Ed?" Vince asked.

"Yes, bro?"

"Have you already informed Ms. Nyelle?"

"Yes, I will meet her after working hours. I can only train her at night. Will it be fine if I will pay her overtime for this?"

"Yeah, sure. But after a week, let her be my morning secretary instead to let her get use to her job."

"Ok. But, to be honest, I have a high expectation about Ms. Nyelle. "


"She has a very good professional background and when I asked her employment records from the HR department, they said she deserves the promotion in case I will give her."

"Hmmm… that's good. The faster Ms. Nyelle gets used to the job the better."

"Gentlemen, thank you for waiting. Let's go now." Yve said.

Yve is now wearing a white ¾ blouse with a ribbon accent in front. She paired it with royal blue skinny jeans and a white stiletto. Based on how Vince stared at Yve, I can tell he liked the look. Yve now is less formal compared to yesterday but still fashionable and pure. Now I know why Vince fell in love with Yve. Even if I haven't met her for a long time, I can say for sure that she's a good match for my cousin.

Right now, we're inside Vince's car. I am on the wheels while the two of them are seated at the back.

"Yve, if you need anything don't hesitate to call me, okay?"

"Yes, I will. But Vince, how was the plan I made last night?"

"Well, it was okay. You came up with a thorough plan after seeing some of the reports. Here is the revision. You can read them when you arrive at the office."

"But what should be my top priority?"

"You're on the right track of stating a change through Hyacinth but what about the other artists?"

"I am also planning on checking up on them by listening to their previous songs and check on their skills as well."

"That's good. Do you plan on composing all the songs?"

"As much as I want to, I still have other things to do. Maybe only their title tracks but I will let the company composers take good care of the rest."

"GREAT!!" You actually have a plan already and if everything goes well, SkyMu is on the right track."

"Thanks, Vince. Your assurance gives me the confidence."

"Of course. I told you anytime you need my help…."

"Ed?" Yve called me when we reached an intersection.

"Can you set me a meeting with the artists? But let's start first with Hyacinth and her usual production team?"

"Okay. I will do it as soon as we reach the office."

"Thanks, Ed."

"No worries, Yvory."

Finally we arrived at the SkyMu building. Vince opened the door for Yvory. When we were about to enter the premises, Vince whispered to me,

"Take good care of her, okay?"

"Of course, bro. You can count on me. Just focus on Gray Group. I will keep you updated in the afternoon."

"Okay." Vince replied then he looked at Yve and said,

"Break a leg."

"Thanks, Vince. You should go now or else you will be late for work."

"I will. Call me up when you're done for the day because I will pick you up."

"Don't bother, Vince. I'll just take a cab and go home."

"No. I insist. Just let me fetch you. I don't want to receive another call telling me you had another accident."

Yve took a deep breath and said, "Okay. But if you need to stay at the office later than me, promise me you will not forsake your work just to pick me up."

"Okay, my Queen. I promise."

"Okay then. See you later."

Without waiting for Vince to go, Yve decided to head inside the building and I followed her. By how she breathes, I can tell she's worried about the day.



I still can't help but feel nervous even after consulting Vince. But don't get me wrong. What I don't trust are the things that might unexpectedly go wrong. Right now, I am in the elevator with Ed. Today's my first day as the president of SkyMu. Straight from the elevator, we went inside the office and we didn't expect the people who were waiting for us.

"Good morning, my dear sister. How was your sleep last night?" Airis asked me while her mother turned her head around to see me.

"Yvory! Good morning."

"Good morning. I didn't know that my first meeting today will be from the former SkyMu president and the current CEO of Stones. Ed, did they set an appointment?"

"No, Ms. Yvory."

"Do I have any schedule this morning?"

"Yes, Ms. Yvory. You are to meet the production team at 9."

"Okay, thanks Ed. You may now go to your office." After giving my instructions, Ed took it as a cue to leave the office.

"I only have 30 minutes to spare. So what do you want to talk about this time?"

"Don't you offer coffee or any drinks to your guests?" Airis asked.

"Well, guests would wait for the permission to get inside or will set an appointment but you didn't do either of those." I answered calmly.

Amira was shocked on how I acted and asked me,

"Are you that confident right now because Vince and the Gray Group got your back?"

"Are you here to accuse me of things that you can't even prove?"

"Can't you not answer my mom's question with another question?!!!"

"You can't force me to answer personal questions. I have a right for privacy. So what is your real agenda?"

"What's your plan for SkyMu?" Amira asked.

"I think you should answer that question now because it's BUSINESS related." Airis smirked.

"Well, I'm planning to do a make-over." I plainly answered.

"And?" Airis inquired.

"That's it for now. I will call for a board meeting soon to inform you about my plans. If that is all, you may now leave the office. I still have to get ready for the meeting"

I sat down on my desk and I thought they would already leave but they didn't. So I asked,

"What are you still doing here? Didn't you here what I just said?"

"Don't be so confident! You know nothing about business!!" Airis said.

"Is it me who know nothing or you?" I answered back.

"Come on, princess, let's go. She's soon to fail." Amira said and pulled Airis out of the office.

As soon as they went out, Ed came in and asked,

"Do you want me to move back the meeting, even just for 30 minutes?"

"No, it's fine. If I have to move every meeting just because I met them, then I am not a good businesswoman. So as soon as the production staff arrives, let them in."

"Yes, Ms. Yvory."