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33 Arrival of the Heiress

Edward's POV

We are now inside the car. Both Vince and Yve are wearing red themed clothes. What a perfect couple! They even chose the same color without asking each other for idea or opinion.

"Edward, how was my analysis of the report?" Yve asked me.

"What analysis?" Vince passed glances between us.

"Oh, this." I answered and gave the folder to Vince.

"While she was getting dressed up, she studied the report and made her own evaluation. I haven't read it though. You should read it and give your thoughts about it."

Vince looked through the papers and from his face I can see that Yve did a good job in analyzing the data in a short period of time. I know that Vince is not being biased just because he loves Yve. When it comes to business, Vince has always been fair. He corrects your mistakes and helps you improve your work.

"Now, I understand what is your plan. But how did you come up with all of these ideas in just a short of period of time?" Vince asked Yve. They are minding their own universe again.

"I learned the basics. I told you that, didn't I?" Yve answered.

"But with the basics alone… Here, Ed, see it for yourself." Vince tossed me the file.

Now, I'm curious. Vince has praised my achievements but I've never seen him this amazed before. As I look through the papers, I realized why. She have highlighted the faults in every sheet and has written the person responsible for the task. For each issue, she has also laid out the real possible scenarios and what they can do about it. To be honest, this is not something that a person can do in a short period of time with just the basics.

"Now, I understand. Yve, how did you?" I asked Yve.

But then I saw a different look on Yve's eyes as she said, "Enough about how did I… I have a question Edward."

"Yes?" I know right there that I'm speaking to a future CEO of the Stones Enterprises and not the future Mrs. Gray.

"What is so special about the Sky Music Enterprises? It has been showing a very slow development yet it has a very big budget? It was even written as a new company."

"It is under the supervision of your sister, Airis. It is an artist management company but it specializes in singers, dancers and songs."

"Like an idol management agency?"


I don't know why but I'm feeling so nervous while answering her questions. If this is the aura she will put on later, she can definitely nail it.

"Are there any famous names working in the agency."

"Yes. But lately they haven't even made any single achievement worthy of their salaries."

"Okay, thanks Ed." Then I saw her simple smile again but it's the opposite for Edward as he continues to stare at Yve.

"Don't tell me that….." Vince said.

"Yes, you're right. Well, just in case."

"Guys, I don't understand what you're talking about. I guess I'm on a different network. Care to share?"

I really hate it every time these two make me feel miserable for not being able to find a partner yet.

"You will know later. By the way, will Airis be there?" Yve asked me.

I look at Vince before answering, "I don't know. Despite owning Sky Music Entertainment, she didn't attend the previous meetings."

Yve nodded and looked outside the window.



We are now on our way to Stones Enterprises. I can't help but feel nervous. What if things don't go as we expected it to be?! What should I do? Most of all, what if the board discovers my relationship with Vince is rushed just because of this meeting?! Just then my smartphone beeped and I saw a message from Mel.

I opened the message and was shocked to see the picture of Vince and I. It was the one we took earlier. It was really fascinating how we picked the same color without telling each other. What do other people call it, telepathy? I was smiling while looking at the picture and decided to change my wallpaper. I even cropped the picture and used it as Vince's caller ID on my phone.

Suddenly, I felt someone's hand on top of my lap and as I looked to see who was it, Vince said,

"What are you smiling about, my Queen?"

My Queen… It's always nice to hear those words coming out from his mouth. Then I showed the picture to Vince and answered,

"Mel has already sent me a copy of the picture. Look, I even use it as my wallpaper."

"Oh… then would you please do the honors of setting it up on my phone, too?"

"Sure. Your phone please?"

Vince then handed his phone to me. As I set the wallpaper, I also thought of changing my caller ID and surprised him later on. So I decided to look for my name. To my surprise, I can't find my name. I look at him with a confused look.

"Why? Is there anything wrong?" Vince asked.

"No. I'm just doing a final check."

I can't ask him or else it won't be a surprise anymore. Maybe he used a different name. What if 'my Queen'? Will he really name me as such on his phone? Nevertheless, I checked it and what I saw shocked me.

He really put my name as 'my Queen' and he even placed a picture on my caller ID. It was a picture of me wearing the same dress but it was a stolen shot. He took this picture while I posed for Mel and Dia. Those two said they needed my pictures so that they can add it to their portfolio. They even instructed me to pose like a real model. Vince is such a stalker!

"Vince and Yve, we're here." Edward said.

I looked outside and saw the Stones Enterprises.

"I'll go ahead. Just get inside when you feel it. You still have 10 minutes anyway." With that Ed left the two of us inside the car.


"It's okay. You can take your time." Vince comforted me.

I did myself to calm myself and I was about to tell Vincent that we can come out when I saw Airis and my stepmother. Both of them are coming out from a white Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

"Vince, will it be fine if we let them in first?"

"Of course, as long as it makes you feel comfortable."

Then we waited a little longer. After about 10 minutes, we went inside. The security guard was shocked to see Vince. He greeted Vince and asked,

"Mr. Gray, you hired another secretary?"

I was shocked to hear his question but Vince, on the other hand, looked very upset and answered, "Don't you recognize the real owner of the building you're working on? The only daughter of Mr. Walter Smith?"

The guard looked afraid and surprised. He asked "Is that really you, Ms. Smith?"

I need to establish a fierce aura so while holding Vince's arm tightly, I answered, "Yes."

"The whole building must be notified."

"NO! It's fine! I want to do a surprise inspection."

I slightly urged Vince's arm to move which he understood. He lead the way to the elevator. When we got inside the elevator, I was able to calm myself as he said,

"You did a good job!"

"But it was difficult! Do you think I can last?"

"You can! Just don't forget that you have me. You can also use Edward if you need to."

"Thanks, Vince." Then I hugged him when suddenly the elevator door opened.