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Edward is really amazing. He prepared all of this in just one night. He even got me the best stylists. The girl in-charge of my hair and make-up is named Dia while the girl who's busy mixing and matching the colors in the farthest corner of the guest room is named, Mel.

Right now, Dia is busy finalizing my hair and makeup. For my hair, she decided to divide my hair - the upper part and the lower part. She curled the hair ends of the strands which belonged to the lower part. On the upper layer, she tied it in a reversed ponytail. As for my makeup, she made it as natural as possible. After a few minutes, she has finished my look.

"Mel, I'm done here. But to make this look more powerful fit for a heiress, do you have any hair accessory we can use." Dia asked Mel.

"Look at the jewelry box over there. You will find the accessories there." Mel answered and finally approached me with 3 different combination outfit."

"Ms. Yve based on your theme, here are the outfits I came with."

"Okay." I stood up and look at each of the outfits.

"They were so good , Mel. Good job!"

"Thank you very much, Ms. Yve"

The first outfit is a blue coat dress with long sleeves and a deep v-neck line. She accented it with a gold belt. What a sophisticated and daring look.

"We can fold the sleeves and turn it to ¾'s if you like. To complete its look, you can wear shades." Mel explained.

"But her hair would look too simple if that is the dress." Dia shared her idea.

Dia is right. I like to keep this simple look. I don't want the board of directors think that I have been using Vince's money to look good. So I put the blue dress back in the rolling rack and get another dress.

This second pair has the more corporate look. It is a black pencil cut spaghetti dress accented with light yellow crochet on top. It is paired with a formal yellow gold long sleeved coat. The coat has the same crochet design on the edge of each sleeve and has two side pockets. It has 3 gold buttons so that you can close the button and emphasize your body shape.

"That dress is more formal and looks fine to me, Ms. Yve." Dia suggested.

"Yeah, the style looks fine to me except I don't particularly like the color and how it shows the curves. I don't think I can give justice to that outfit."

"What are you saying, Ms. Yve?!" Mel said.

"Let me check the third outfit first." With that I returned the second pair and took out the third one.

The ferrari red coat really stood out. The coat is very simple with ¾'s sleeves and 2 side pockets. It only has one white button to close it up. The inner dress is a white lace spaghetti strap. The white lace makes it look so pure while the the ferrari red coat shows shows fierceness.

"Mel, this is the one. I like this."

"I couldn't agree more, Ms. Yve. The simple hair and makeup complement the white dress dress to show simplicity. The ferrari red shouts authority." Dia said.

"I'll look for the perfect accessories, then. I think a brooch and the hair piece with your white watch will complete the look." Mel explained.

"Okay, then I'll leave it to you then. I will change my clothes." I said and went to change.

As I came out of the comfort room, Edward was there still wearing the same clothes.

"Oh, I see that you look ready already." Edward said.

"Yeah, almost there. How about you and Vince?"

"Well, we're about to. But before that, let me say, you look really amazing in that dress. I can't wait to see the completion of your look."

His compliment made me feel shy. I think he noticed it and so he said,

"Don't show any signs of being shy in front of the board later, okay?"

"Yep. Thanks for reminding me. But I'm sure you're not here to see my look."

"Hehehehehehe. I came here to check if you have any concerns about the papers I gave you."

"Oh, it's fine. I got the most of it and I even laid out some details. Can you check if I interpreted them correctly? The papers are on the table."

"Okay. I'll get them and let these girls continue their magic."

With that Edward left the room. I walk towards the mirror to look at how I look with the clothes.

"Ms. Yve, it's looks perfect!". Mel said.

"But it also needs a pair of shoes." Dia said while a pair of stiletto heels.

As she approached me, I decided to take my seat to thoroughly examine the shoe. The red pump is 4 inch in height and has diamonds attached to it. It looks very beautiful.

"Dia, you're amazing!"

I wore the pair immediately and walked around the room, I was feeling the moment when I remembered something.

"Dia and Mel, how about the accessories for this outfit?"

"Uhmm about that, we haven't….."

"How about these accessories in me, then?" Vince said while standing in front of the opened door.

"How long have you been there?" Did he see what just happened?

"Just enough to understand what Edward said about wearing red." He said and came inside the room.

That was the time I realized that he is wearing a carmine red coat as well. Like a couple outfit then. I blushed at the thought of it.

"Wow! A couple outfit! Mel squeaked and I was shocked thinking that I might have said my thoughts out loud.

Vince approached me and opened the boxes he brought.

"I might have the perfect brooch you can use on your coat." He opened the first box and I saw the same crown shaped brooch with white crystals he has in his coat.

I blushed again. This time it's a couple thing because he's giving it to me. I wasn't able to say anything so Vince asked,

"You didn't like it?"

"Uhh NO!! I mean, it's not like I didn't like it. As a matter of fact it's looks very pretty."

"Then let me put it on you." Vince removed the brooch from the box and attached it to the left side of my coat.

"There! It fits perfectly." Vince said.

"Yes, it definitely looks nice! Mel said.

"Now, if only we have a hair accessory to enhance your simple look." Dia said.

Without saying anything, Vince opened another box and took out a hair comb and put it in my hair. I didn't even get a closer look at the accessory but Dia and Mel's faces intrigued me.

"Dia, Mel, why are you looking like that?"

Still no response and just then Vince was finished attaching the hair comb and asked,

"Did I do it right? It's my first time."

"You did it perfectly, Mr. Gray." Dia answered.

"Hey! Answer me first! Why did you look so shocked earlier?! How does it look like?"

Before anyone can answer, Edward came looking dashingly good in his gray suit.

"Come on, guys. We don't want to be late, right?"


"Ms. Yve, I'll take a picture and send it to your number." Mel said.


"How about you guys take a picture together? Make it as your wallpaper?" Edward suggested.

Without wasting any time, Vince approached me and put his arm around me. As Mel said,

"1, 2, 3, Smile!"

Both Vince and I smiled at the camera.

The next thing I know, Vince is holding my hand as he guides the way to the parking lot where our ride towards the fighting arena awaits.