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Morning has finally come and right now, Vince is settling the bill while Edward is fetching the car. We are going to attend the Stones Enterprises' shareholders' meeting. Damn my stepmother and Airis! They are planning to throw me out of my father's legacy. Luckily, I have Vince by my side.

Speaking of Vince, every about him is so sexy, even his back. I have been staring on his back as I am sitting on one of the chairs across the cashier. Then I saw him turn around and walk towards me. I didn't mind if other people can see me ogling at this man who is now standing in front of me. He bent forward inching the distance away.

"Did you enjoy the view?"

I also bent forward and said, "Why? Can't I?"

He stood up properly and said, "I get conscious, too, you know. Especially if it's you."

I stood up, circled my arm around his arm making him look at me and said, "Then maybe you should get used to it, then. You still have a big announcement to make, right?"

I winked and walked towards Edward, who is waiting outside the hospital, leaving a shocked Vince. Edward opened the door for me and went inside.

Thinking back, when we were together, I would play tricks on him like this. I would be frank about my feelings and then left him hanging. I was smiling by myself inside the car when suddenly the other door of the car opened and saw Vince getting inside the car.

"What are you smiling at? You seemed so happy making a fool out of me, huh!"

"No!! It's not like….."

He interrupted me with a sudden kiss. It was more of a smack and then as if nothing happened, he looked at the window on his side and told Edward to start driving. Me, on the other hand, was dumbfounded and shy at the same time. Trying to hide this romantic excitement, I also looked outside using my side of the window.

As the car passes by the different buildings and establishments, I begin to remember the things that are about to happen. Will everything be alright? I know that Vince will pass the standards of the board but will they believe that Vince and I are in a relationship for quite awhile?

I was brought back to reality when I felt a strong hand applies a gentle pressure on mine. I looked at my hand and traced the arm to see Vince with a concerned look.

"Yve? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine. You were saying something?"

"Well, Ed, here is giving a run thru of what might happen later?" Ed handed me folder.

"What's this?" I asked.

"The financial status of the Stones and the existing immediate plans." Edward answered my question.

Now, I look more confused. Am I going to attend the board meeting as a member.

"I am going to tell them that you have been supervising Stones through me and you're also taking business lessons from me which is why as your training, you are working in our hotel." Vince explained.

I was shocked. "And Edward prepared all of this over night?"

"Well, that's what I do. Prepare my boss' tools and equipment and hand it over to him. It's up to him when and how to use them." Edward said.

Then I looked at Vince and said, "You've met a very efficient and trustworthy right hand."

Vince smiled at my compliment towards Edward. He leaned towards my ear and whispered, "He can also be your right hand if you want."

"Nahh… I'll be worried that he might not be able to handle having two bosses."

"You two love birds, I can clearly hear you. Yvory, let me decide on that. Right now, I am handing you the weapons you can use in today's meeting. Let me see how you use them. Who knows maybe you and Vince have many things in common more than you think."

I nodded in agreement and assured him by saying, "No worries. I'll do my best to put this weapons in good use."

I look at the papers in front of me and was shocked to see some numbers in disarray, so I asked Edward.

"Ed, about this report on page 15, something is wrong here."

"What is wrong with this page?" Vince asked me.

"Why did Stones decided to pursue the project despite having a very slow growth potential?"

"See, Ed? She will be fine on her own." Vince told Edward.

"What was that?"

"I'm sorry, Yvory. I was worried that you might not handle how the bosses will talk to you. After all, Vince can only make the announcement to help you in power and name. But on how you will prove the story, you will be on your own."

"It's fine, Ed. Although, I can understand some basic terms but I am not very sure about the other terms. After all I only learned the basics before only to help the Gray Group. You can say I had a crash course but that's it."

"Learning the basics is actually a difficult task. And remember, your idea saved Gray Group." Vince encouraged me.

"Just ask Edward if you have any questions."

Then Vince went out of the car. I went out of the car as well to notice that Vince we arrived at the building of his penthouse. But I ran towards Vince and asked,

"Will you be going somewhere?"

I know I said that I can handle the directors but I still want Vince to be there. His presence is enough to give the little push which my parents used to give me. Now, I'm afraid that he might not be there.

He went inside the elevator while me and Edward followed him immediately. He answered,

"I will be in my study while you are getting ready. I need to check on my papers. But don't worry, I will certainly be there to give you all the support that you need." He touched my cheek.

It was a simple touch yet it meant a lot to me. His touch made me feel so many things - his support and his love for me. After that touch, he went out of the elevator and we're already at his penthouse.

In the living room, there are 2 people there which I believed are the stylists.

"Ed, take it from here." Vince said. I thought he was going to his study when he bent forward and whispered, "See you in awhile, future Mrs. Gray." Stunned by what he just said, I found him on his way to his study.

"Okay, everyone, meet Ms. Yvory Smith, ahh correction. Meet future Mrs. Vincent Gray."

Why did Edward have to introduce me that way?!

"I want you to dress her appropriately for a business meeting."

"Okay, Sir Ed. Leave it to us. It is our pleasure to be of service to future Mrs. Gray." The ladies said.

"Please call me, Yvory." I'm still not comfortable and I don't want people thinking that I'm using his name.


"Please and can you also tell me your names? I want to address you properly."

I asked the ladies some questions and shared my ideas on how I want to look like. I admit they're really the best. I haven't been in this fashion circle in a while but I can still tell that all of their materials are on a different notch. They even have accessories to compliment the clothes and the hair & cosmetics with different looks.

"Ms. Yvory, you're really beautiful."

"Yes, the moment we saw you coming in, we were so excited to dress you up!"

"You bet! We were even confused on what would be the best look for you. Good thing you have the idea on what look you want to have."

"Come on, stop saying those things. It's embarrassing."

With that the girls continue doing their magic while I continue to review the papers given to me by Edward. I need to my absolute best because I don't want to embarrass Vince and put Edward's trust in vain.