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29 Calm Before the Storm


In the Stones Enterprises main office, a woman wearing a red dress was looking through some old papers. She looks worried about some of the details in it. When suddenly a young lady wearing pink jacket and black pants came in.

"Oh! Airis, my daughter, what are you doing here?"

"Well, he didn't come."

"What do you mean?"

"I called his phone but his secretary answered. He said that Vince had to attend an emergency meeting so he can't fetch me." The young lady called Airis said while throwing her handbag on top of the table.

"What emergency might that be?! Gray Group is doing so well now under his supervision."

"I don't know! But mom, are you sure that Vince doesn't have any girlfriend?"

The woman approached Airis and touched her hair and said, "Of course. My sources said so."

"But how about Yve? Do you have any news about her?"

Her mom was shocked about her question and asked instead,

"Why would I have any news about her?!!"

"Mom, don't be mad. I just want to make sure that she is following her promise to us."

"Well, so far, no specific girl was found beside your Vincent. Vincent was actually a very workaholic person. Whenever we see each other, it is always about the business."

"Don't worry mom. That attitude of his will change soon because you will his mother-in-law."

"That's my daughter. By the way do you want to come to the shareholders' meeting?"

"Mom, I don't want to talk about business. You know that!"

"Vincent will be here tomorrow. Gray Group is one of the shareholders now. They only holds a small share though."

"Why didn't you said so in the first place? I'll be coming tomorrow, of course!"



While Yve was in the toilet, Edward came back.


"Well, I rejected her. Don't worry."

I tapped his back lightly and said, "Nice work!"

"But I'm afraid you will see her tomorrow."


"Stones Enterprises called for a shareholders' meeting tomorrow and knowing how they think. She will be there for sure."

"What would be the agenda?"

"Choosing the next CEO of the company."

"WHAT?!?!?!" Yve shouted coming out of the toilet.


"Isn't that a good idea?"

"NO!! The time limit stated on my father's will is not yet over. As far as I know, I still have 6 months."

I don't understand what Yve was saying and she looked so worried so I approached her and calmly asked,

"Time limit? What do you mean?"

She looked at me with those worried eyes and answered, "It was stated in his will that I have to find a suitable partner who will pass the standards of the board before his 7th death anniversary."

She held onto my hand and said, "We can't let Airis and her mom get the company. After what they did to dad, they don't deserve a single thing. Vince, help me."

"Don't worry, I will be more than happy to help you. But will you be fine, if I will make an announcement tomorrow?"

"What kind of announcement?" This time it was Edward.

"An announcement about our engagement."

"WHAT?!" Ed shouted.

"Ed, stop being hysterical. You are in the hospital."

"I am sorry! But aren't you guys moving a bit too fast?!"

"I will tell you the reasons some other time, Ed. But right now, we need to get ready."

Yve looked confused and asked, "I don't get your plan. Care to explain?"

I looked into her eyes and said, "Will you come with me to Stones Enterprises?"

She looked shocked and right there I know that she understood my plan. I was thinking of introducing her as my fiancee. The board must know that she has found a partner, so whatever her step family is planning will be put to end.

"But I can't come to the building like this…."

"Of course you won't."

"Edward, when will the meeting be?"

"2 in the afternoon."

"Great! Then get me the best stylist and let them wait at my penthouse."

"Ok, bro. Let me take care of it! I shall take take my leave now."

After Ed closed the door, Yve immediately embraced me. It was a very fulfilling moment knowing that after a long day, someone you love is there to welcome you home.

"Did you miss me?"

She looked at me and said, "Would it be weird if I say.... YES?" She winked and run away from me.

My Queen, you're really cute and I'm filled with happiness seeing real smiles on your face right now. I will not allow anyone or anything to take those smiles away from you.

"Yve, stop running around!"

Then she finally stopped running. She turned around to look at me and asked me a questions,

"Vince, now that I think about it… If the board will ask us some questions…."

"I know we can handle it. For now, you should rest because we will have a long day tomorrow." I said to her as I guide her to the hospital bed.

As she lay down, I wanted to help her calm herself and to have a good night so I said,

"Don't think about anything else. I will be by your side always."

"Okay. I know. But you should get some sleep. You had a long day today and I bet you haven't rested enough last night."

She has always been a sweet girl which made me and her father worried. Turned out we were right. But the worst case of all, his father was also deceived. Both of them trusted the new family members so much. In behalf of his father, I know this time around, she will not be deceived easily.

As sleep becomes more visible in her face, I felt at ease. I think tonight, she can calmly fall asleep. Knowing that, I think I will also be able to rest and prepare for a long battle tomorrow. Tonight, somehow, makes me feel as if it is the calm before the storm.