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21 Flashback 9: Perfect Blend



Everyone was staring at us since we entered the hall. I forgot to put cream on my ankle and now it hurts like hell every time I walk. So, Vince is carrying me towards my desk in the hall. I can really feel my heart beating so fast. Sad to say, every happy moment needs a break as he put me down. He told me he will go back to our room to get the cream and will be right back.

"Is that a new strategy to help Airis get Vince? Or what she said to us is true?" That was Carry, Airis' friend and one of the representatives of the production team.

"What do you mean?"

"She told us that you also liked Vince and that everything is going smoothly between the two of you."

I didn't answer as I don't know what to say anymore. If I admit right now, everyone will say that I am a bad sister but if I also deny now and later on will be discovered everything will be the same.

"So, why can't you answer our question? You're one of the smart girls but in this situation, the cat got your tongue?" She said while crossing her arms.

"What might your dad think if he finds out that you're good attitude towards your sister was a facade?!"

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!" I abruptly stood up and almost fell again because of the pain when suddenly Vince came just in time to save me.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" He shouted at them.

One of the faculty members approached us and asked, "What is happening here?"

"Mam, Ms. Carry here is harassing Ms. Yvory." Vince explained.

"Mam, I was not harassing her. I was only asking her a question."

"But what I can see, Mam, Yvory doesn't want to answer and so they are forcing her."

"Mam, we are here in this training camp to help each other improve our skills but Yvory, being the top pianist here, isn't sharing her ideas to us. Isn't that bad?" Carry explained with an evil look on her face.

"What about your side, Yvory?"

Vince helped me stand up and I answered, "She interrogated me about personal issues especially my family which I do believe I have the right to keep. Right?"

"You can't prove that! Yvory stop making lies!" Carry shouted.

"If I have an evidence, would you admit your faults?" I asked her and when she didn't answer, I took it as a challenge.

"Mam, I have this USB that will show you what happened recently."

Everyone was shocked by my revelation. Carry's face looked pale while Vince looked at me in disbelief.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Yvory. I will conduct an investigation about this. Harassment, in any forms, is not tolerated in this institution." With that the faculty left with my USB. Carry also left while Vince guided me to take my seat.

"About the USB,..."

"Don't worry, Vince, I only wore it on conferences and training to review the things discussed. I thought it would be useful in today's training. "

"The practice...."

"The camera was off. I just turned it on when you went to get the cream. My mother gave me the brooch when I won my first concour. I didn't think I would find it useful in this situation."

"Why don't you think it in a bright way, like your mother is protecting you?"

His answer made me feel happy so I answered, "Yeah, I think you can say that."

He then removed my shoes and applied the cream on it. I was shocked by his kind gesture.

"Wait, let me do that." I tried to snatch the cream away but failed.

"Let me do it and just focus on recalling the chords and notes for our performance later."

"Everyone please settle down. I will now present to you the order of the presentation." Then our names flashed on the screen. To our surprise, each pair has different song which was the song played by one of the members when they auditioned for the club.

"Yes, I know what you are thinking. The songs are different for each pair and was performed by your respective members. And per pair will have a separate unique judge which is your fellow member."

The performances of other pairs were good but the coaches were strict. It makes me feel more nervous. It's like I am having a concour. Then all of a sudden, a hand pressed mine and as I look at the owner, I realized it was Vince.

"It's okay. Everything will be alright. We're together on this." He is assuring me again and damn this heart. It's beating like crazy again.

Finally our turn came but I was shocked as Vince came to the coaches and re-arranged the set according to his preference. Everyone is now talking about his actions. He arranged the keyboard facing the chair where I think he will sit just like the arrangement in the resto-bar earlier.

We played our piece and I was lost in our own world as I was watching him play to analyze the chords and blend with him. I never noticed that everyone was watching us intensely... not until we finished the performance. As we are about to bow, the coaches and the other members stood up and clapped their hands. I was in awe at how they reacted to our performance.


Then everyone calmed down and took their seats.

"Mr. Gray, you asked permission to change the arrangement of the instruments. Was it so Ms. Smith can read the chords on your guitar and blend with it?"

"Technically, yes. But if you would recall, Ms. Smith didn't know my idea. I planned for this not only to allow her to read the chords but because this song is my piece and I never heard it being played using a piano before."

"Yes, that's true. Because this piece was made for guitar. The chords and melody for the piano would be very difficult."

"Exactly, Mam. But Ms. Smith here planned the blending which highlighted our individual skill and our chemistry as a pair."

Vince is really amazing. Their family business has a bright future with her as the future president. His explanation left the coaches in awe and concluded, "Both of you are very meticulous and are not afraid to think of something out of the box. Perfectly, amazing!"

"Now, that concludes the presentation and it was clear enough who got the highest score. The thorough explanation and evaluation will be given after the lunch. You have one hour to eat so please do enjoy." Taking that announcement as a cue, we went to our separate ways.

I wanted to get some sleep so I went to the room and I will just order food from room service again. I didn't wait for anyone else as I need some time for myself.

When I entered the room, I received a text message from Airis.

"So, you didn't plan for anything to happen?! Then what about this picture and video I received. He is holding you like a princess and both of you are working on the song?!?!?! I HATE YOU!!!"

I don't have the energy to battle it out so I lightly tossed my phone and lied down on my bed. I badly want my sleep.