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20 Flashback 8: Witty and Smar



2 hours had passed since we started today's training. The special training coach shared some tips to us and wanted us to pair with a specific instrument. My instrument is guitar and so I was instructed to pair with a pianist that was either Elise or Yve.

"Should I even give it a second thought?" I said to myself.

"Coach, I'll pick Yvory Smith as my partner."

"Okay. Now that everyone is in pairs, I will give the mechanics for this activity. This activity will tell me the equilibrium of your skills. Each pair will be given a song which they need to listen for 15 minutes, after which I will give you 30 minutes to practice with your partner. Then you will perform the song in front of us together. Any questions?"

One of our members raised her hand and asked, "Are we given music sheet for this?"

"Before the performance, no. You will know if you failed this activity when you will be given a music sheet."

The explanation caused some of the members to panic since most of us are used to playing the instruments through the music sheets. Yve and I, on the other hand, just looked at each other because I know that Yve has been practicing like that but she can only master the chorus part.

I can see the worried look on her face. Then an idea came to my head. So I asked the coach.

"Can we put some twists in some parts of the song?" I asked.

"Can you please elaborate, Mr. Gray?"

"Like we will play the instruments at the same time but in different octave, like voice blending?"


I was happy with the coach's answer while Yve was still worried so I tried to comfort her by saying, "Don't worry. We can do this."

"You look and sound so confident. You know my skills, right? I can only do the chorus part."

"Just leave it to me. We can nail this."

"You seemed to have a plan. Okay, I'll go along with you."

"That's my girl." I patted her head for a few seconds after realizing what I just said.

I quickly removed my hand and looked away to avoid any confrontation.

"Okay now everyone, please go to your respective areas to listen to the song. I will give you 2 minutes to be settled before I will play the music."

Per her command, we went to a particular laptop with our last names on it. We attached our respective headsets to listen to the song. As all of us were focused on listening to our respective songs, we didn't notice that the time was over until the song stopped on its own. We turned our heads to the stage and listened to her announcement.

"Now, the listening time is already up. I can see some of you have written the notes in your own music sheets however during your performance you can't bring any music sheet along. Each pair will be assigned to a specific place where you will practice."

Then one of the teachers hand over a sheet of paper indicating where they will practice. To my enjoyment, in the acoustic area in the hotel's bar and restaurant. I saw Yve smiled for the day. As each pair received the note, we all went to our respective places.

We were squishing inside the elevator until we reached the 27th floor where the bar is located. Upon exiting the elevator door, I saw Yve touching her ankle. Could she.....

I approached Yve and asked her, "Did you forgot to apply the cream this morning?"

"Yeah, it didn't hurt this morning so I thought it would be fine. But now, I'm regretting it." She answered.

I took a deep sigh and asked, "Can you walk at least until we reach the bar?"

Yve nodded her head so I decided to carry her in a princess style.

"Wait, Vince." She tried to protest.

"This is the fastest way possible and you have to remember we only have 30 minutes."

"Ah, I guess you're right."

"Can you bear with it until the time comes for us to return to the hall?"

"Yeah. I think I will be fine as long as I sit."

Upon arriving at the bar, I prepared the necessary equipment for her and for my guitar as well. She then took out her music sheet and opened it. She looked worried as she looked at her notes.

"Is there any problem?" I asked.

"As expected, I only got the intro, chorus and the ending part of the song. How about you?"

"Well, I got the most of it but for guitar. I don't know how to play piano."



"Then leave it to me, I can perfectly blend with the guitar." She looked so happy when she heard that I got the chords.

I don't want other people to know but I was gifted with perfect pitch so I can identify the notes of the songs clearly but this time, I felt so thankful for this gift. So I grabbed my guitar and played the verses of the song while she plays the parts which she wrote.

After 3 attempts, we were successful. We finished the songs with her playing the intro, chorus and ending part. But deep inside ourselves, we know that we will fail if we're going to play it this way.

"This is not good enough, Vince." Yve said.

"I thought you will say that."

"How about this way? You will play as it is during the chorus and I will find my way through blending?"

"I think it is worth a shot. But then it will emphasize that I didn't knew the intro chorus and ending of the song."

"Vince, you also know how to blend with the piano on your own, right?" She asked.

"I think I can because I saw your notes just now."

"Then why don't we have it this way? ...."

Yve explained his idea to me and really she isn't the top student for nothing. I only gave her an idea a few minutes ago and witnessed our skills just roughly 10 minutes ago and she was able to came up with this idea. If only she is not pursuing a health related career, she will definitely be a good businesswoman.

We used the rest of the time to practice her plan and when the time was over. We decided to go back to the hall. Since her sprained ankle was still hurting, I carried her to the elevator until we reached the hall.

Upon arriving there, everyone was looking at us. Some were shocked by other members already knew. After putting her down on a chair, I asked permission from our adviser to get her cream from the room and she approved.

So, I went to our room.