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19 Flashback 7: Fallen for You



I forcefully opened my eyes as the rays of the morning sun has been shining on it for quite awhile. I studied the entire ceiling until I fully remembered what happened yesterday. I turned to the other bed to see Vince sleeping. I got out of bed and went to Vince's bedside.

I took my time to appreciate his long eyelashes and imagined his deep brown eyes with his dimples showing every time he smiles. I touched a few strands of his hair and said, "Vince, what should I do? I think my evil conscience is right. I am falling for you."

I traced the outline of his face as gentle as possible and continued, "But I know it is not right. Someone important to me has fallen for you and asked for my help."

I stared on his face a little longer while saying, "But I also don't want you to end up with other girls out there. I want your full attention. Ahh.. Only you can help me with this problem, Grand master."

I stood up and turned around and said to myself, "But it's not like I can share this to you. This is my deepest secret." I walked towards the bathroom and decided to prepare myself for a long day in the camp.



I felt someone's hand touching my hair. I was about to wake up when I heard Yve's voice. It seems that something is bothering her. I decided to act asleep and listen to her thoughts.

I didn't expect her revelations.

"I am falling for you."

"But I also don't want you to end up with other girls out there. I want your full attention. "

These words keep on repeating inside my head until I heard her close the bathroom door.

I got out of the bed and said, "I need to carry out this plan especially that I know you feel the same."

I opened my phone and called Eric.

"Yes, bro?"

"Where are you?" I asked.

"I am on my way to the hall with Elise. Why?"

"Let's meet up during lunch break. I'll be asking for your help."

"Okay but...."

"You can bring Elise as well."

"Okay, bro, that's more I like it."

After I ended the phone call, Yve came out of the bathroom wearing the designated uniform for the day.

"Good morning." I greeted.

"Yeah, good morning. I'm already done. You can use it now."

"Okay, thanks."

I went inside the bathroom and took my bath.



I took a deep breath and said, "That was really close. My dear heart, you should take it easy."

I looked around and saw that his bed was a mess. I was fixing his bed when my stomach growled. I looked at the time and noticed that we still have 1 hour before the day 2 training starts.

I knocked on the bathroom door and asked, "Vince, I am going to order food. Do you want anything?"

A few seconds passed and I didn't hear any response. So, I put my ear closer to the door and suddenly it opened and I fell into a hard object. As I looked closer, it was wearing our uniform today so I looked above and realized it was Vince. He opened the door and I fell into his chest.

"Oops, I'm sorry." I apologized while avoiding eye contact.

He bent forward to meet my eye and said, "It's okay but why are you still outside the bathroom? I thought you are going to request a room service."

"Yes, I was but I didn't hear your order."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess the water was louder than my voice."

I thought, "No it's not your fault. My heartbeat, for sure, is the loudest."

"I'll have the same as your food with a cup of hot American coffee."

"Oh, okay. I'll give them a call now."

I ran towards the bedside table and called the front desk. I ordered two American breakfast with different drinks, hot American for him and hot chocolate for him. The front desk informed me that the order will arrive 15 minutes from now.

While waiting for the room service, I opened my laptop and tablet to do my morning exercise. I have this routine of listening to different songs and music thrice. After which, I will have 5 attempts to play the song on my own without any music sheet. If failed, I will have another 3 attempts to play it with the music sheet, before I record the audio. I usually upload my videos in different social media platforms but with a different username.

I was busy practicing that I didn't hear the room service not until I saw the hotel staff pushing the food cart. Vince had opened the door instead. I decided to turn off my laptop to set the table. Vince and I thanked the staff and started eating the food.

"Why didn't you told me that the room service had arrived so that I could have opened the door myself?" I asked Vince.

"Because I didn't want to disturb your practice. You looked so cute focusing on the song and your practice."

I blushed and said, "Well it's not like the song I am practicing is part of our school's piece. So it's fine."

"But that's how you keep your top position both in school and in the concours, right?"

"No, of course not! I mean I was just following my mother's advice to avoid causing imbalance in the different areas of music."

He nodded and said, "I see. You should eat now. We only have 30 minutes before the start. We don't want to be late on our official first day, right?"

"Oh yeah!" With that I enjoyed our breakfast together.

I did a final check before leaving the room. The hall is in the 22nd floor of the hotel. It was just me and Vince inside the elevator. My heart is having its own disco bar.

"Uhmm, Yve....." Vince broke the silence.


"About what I said yesterday, at the car..."

"Huh? What about it?" I must look so confused now. We talked about so many things yesterday.

"Meeting me at night?"

"Ahh yes, that was supposed to be last night. I'm very sorry, Vince. But you can say it now."

"No, it's fine. Can you meet me tonight?"

"Of course. We share a room, did you forget?"

"Nope. I mean can you meet me at the hotel's swimming pool tonight, after today's training?"

I nodded in confusion. Then like it was planned, the elevator doors opened at the 22nd floor where we get off.

It will be fine. I know I can trust Vince. He will not harm me. But what is so special? Why should it be in the swimming pool?

I erased those thoughts for now as Vince opened the doors of the hall. I need to focus on the training for now.