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What was that dream about? Why did I dream about the happy times with my family? I looked at the time and it was already 2:30 in the afternoon. I didn't let Vince drop me off my apartment so I went with him to the office. He will not let me ride the public transportation and since I was sleepy, I decided to sleep in the lounge.

Right now, I feel so hungry then I remembered the food from Vince's apartment. I walked towards the cafeteria when I saw Vince heading the same way. I was about to turn around and run away when,

"Yve? Did you eat your dinner?"

I stopped in my tracks and decided to answer him, "Yes, but I forgot something so I will go get it first. Later."

After my answer I move as fast as I can away from him but I failed. He is in front of me and said, "I thought you will not stay away from me? Why are you running away just now?"

I looked up and met his eyes. He looked so sad and I regretted my action just now.

"I'm sorry. I promised it but I'm not ready to fulfill it in front of many employees, in this building, in our workplace."

He looked so confused so I further explain.

"Look, Vince, this is our workplace. You are the boss and I am an employee. I don't want other people to think that I'm clinging to you or trying to get your attention just to improve my position or anything."

He bent down to reach my level and asked, "Are you?"


"Then don't mind about them. We both know what is the reason and that's all that matters."

"Do we?" I asked him.

He patted my head and combed my hair using his hand. He looked at his secretary and gestured to walk towards us.

The man stood beside him and he introduced us to each other.

"Ed, this is Yve, the girl I told you about."

"Yve, this is my cousin and secretary, Edward."

Edward offered his hand for a handshake and I accepted it.

"Ed, I will eat my office. Go and have your lunch in the cafeteria."

"Okay, see you later, bro."

With that Edward, left us behind.

"I thought you will eat in the cafeteria. That's what you said in your speech."

"Yup but that was before I found out that you are one of my employees."

"Hmmm. Okay."

With that he lead the way towards his office.



Good thing she approved eating lunch with me. I guess what she said was really true. Ever since before she was really afraid of gossips and doen't want to be part of rumors whether good or bad.

We arrived at my office without any of us breaking the silence. However, I can sense that something is not right with her. It made me recall the time when Airis, her stepsister pushed her. She lied to all of us and tried to cover it all up. It took awhile before she finally confessed what happened.

Is her reason for leaving me behind similar to that incident?

But what big incident would it be and why haven't I heard about it?

I have so many questions in my brain and as much as I want to ask them now, I know I mustn't.

"Vince? VINCE?!"


"What are you thinking? Why aren't you eating?" It was Yve. It was the first time that she initiated a conversation.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Don't worry it's only an idea about business."

"Oh, okay. But you should not think about business when it's time to eat. You're being rude to the food."

"Yes, Queen!" I said and saluted.

Meanwhile, I saw her blush. Is that really true or just my imagination. I don't want to clarify it now so I decided to eat my lunch. She is also there eating her lunch, when she broke the silence again.

"Vince, I will go home after lunch to get some clothes." I was shocked because it sounded like she was asking permission from me.

I nodded in response and said, "Sure. You can ask Edward to drive you home."

"It's okay, Vince. I have my car. I parked it in the employee's parking lot."

"Okay, remember to be careful in driving."

"Of course."

"By the way, your shift..."

"What about my shift?"

I wanted her to change her working schedule so that we can see each other but I don't have any idea on how to say it and if I have the right. I am not her boyfriend and she's not comfortable if other people will see us together.

"Did you choose the schedule?"

She nodded her head while trying to chew the food in her mouth properly.

"Yes, because I can sleep better when it's day time."

I was shocked with her answer and asked, "Why can't you sleep at night?"

"I don't know, maybe it's because of insomnia. You know me. I already had insomnia before."

"Yeah, but only for 3 consecutive nights then after it resumes to normal. But it's worse when you have your period."

"WOW!! You really remembered them. That was great." She said laughing the issue out and patting my back as hard as she can.

Her laugh is not sincere. It seems like she knew the real reason behind her insomnia and doesn't want to talk about it. Then, I wouldn't ask her but I'll find it by myself.

"Of course, I remember everything about you, about the things we did together."

She stopped laughing and looked at me seriously. Then from her fake laugh face, she changed into a worried face and looked down.

"Even the bad things I said?"

"Except that part. Most of my memory about that day was foggy and the only thing I remembered was you ending our relationship. But as for the details, I don't remember anything."

I lied to her because I can see the pain in her. I touched her cheek to make her feel relaxed and made her look into my eyes.

"Don't worry about it. What matter's most is that you and I are here."

"But.... it's not like we're back together."

"Well, it all depends on you." I made this half serious - half joke statement.

But I didn't expect what she did next.