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12 Flashback 3: Video Call


(A few days after the previous chapter)


I arrived from school just in time for dinner and saw my entire family, eating.

"You're home, baby!" That was my dad.

"Yes, I'm sorry for being late. The music department's meeting was extended."

"It's okay. Come join us for dinner."


I walked towards the dining area. I sat beside Airis and across Mommy while Daddy was on my left.

"So how was the meeting?" Mommy asked.

"Well, we have decided to conduct a 3days-2nights training camp 1 month from now."

"WOW!!" Airis said with enthusiasm which made me a little sad.

"Why don't you look happy, Yve?" My dad asked me.

"It's just not all members of the music club can come. Since it was planned in a rush, the school wasn't ready for the funds so they can only release the annual budget per club."

"So, who can come to this training camp?" Airis asked in a snappy way.

"Only the top 2 musicians per instrument and the top 10 vocalists." I answered shyly.

"So, I can't come. What a bummer..." Airis continued her snobbish tone.

"WHY CAN'T ALL THE MEMBERS COME?!?!?!" It was Mommy.

"It was what the majority of the club had voted. I tried to persuade them, but because of the lack of budget, my hands were tied. I am sorry, Airis." I held her hands in apology.

"NO! I DON'T THINK YOU ARE SORRY! YOU LIKE IT THAT WAY!! YOU DON'T WANT ME TO BE THERE!!" She shouted and ran towards her room.

"Walter, you need to do something." Mommy asked Daddy.

"I'll try to talk about it to their principal. Thank you for the food." Daddy patted my back and went to his study room.

"Mie, I am sorry. I should have tried harder."

"It's okay, sweetie. I am also sorry about how Airis reacted. I'll talk to her later."

"No, Mie. It's okay. I understand her."

"Eat your dinner now, Yve."

"Thanks Mie but I just want to eat in my room. Nanny, please deliver the usual set to my room."

"Yes, Maam."

"Excuse me, Mie." With that I left the table and went to my room.

I tossed my bag to my bed and decided to open my laptop and logged my social media accounts in. I checked my notifications when my chat notification popped up. It was Vincent.

"Yvory, you're home?" He asked.

"Yup. And you?"

"Just now. Have you eaten your dinner?"

"Not yet. I am not in the mood to eat?"

"WHY?!" He typed the letters in capital letters which meant a strong emotion in texting or typing language.

I can't find the right words to tell him when suddenly my phone rang. I took my phone out of my pocket and saw a video call notification by Vincent. What does he want? But more than that, why am I feeling nervous? My heart beats so fast. I can't understand this feeling anymore. After taking a deep breath, I decided to answer the call.


"Why are you not in the mood to eat? Did something happened?"

"Umm..yeah. Remember the club meeting earlier?"

"What about it?"

"Based on the outcome, Airis isn't allowed to attend. Well, Daddy said he will try to do something about it but Airis felt bad and didn't finish her meal."

"So you are now blaming yourself?" He asked which made me look at him through my phone screen.

I took a deep breath and said, "Yes because I felt I didn't try enough."

"Look, Yve, I saw your efforts earlier. From the moment you heard about the agenda you knew the odds. To be honest, I was amazed your thoughts on how our club mates will think were so accurate it scared me. You even planned a counter strategy. You did your best."

"Thanks, Vince. But still my efforts were not enough. I still failed."

I bit my lip and looked down. "You can't erase the reality and importance of the budget which was the only flaw. In our age and position, we can't do anything about it. But you made a very clear point."


"Yve, you even said that your father will try to use his power. You did your best. Why don't you let your father do the rest?"

I wasn't able to answer his questions as I was pondering on his advice. It really made sense. I was interrupted when I heard 3 knocks on my door.

"Go ahead, I'll stand by here."

I nodded in agreement and went to open the door. My nanny was there holding a tray of food. I thanked her and brought the food inside my room. I put it on the table and went back to my bed to talk to Vincent.

"Oh, I saw the tray. It's okay. Go ahead and eat your dinner. I will just call you later to check on you."

He was about to end the call when I stopped him.

"WAIT! Can you talk to me for awhile? I am not in the mood to eat."

"WHY? Is it still because of Airis?"

He sounded mad and I was shocked by his reaction.

"Uhmm, Yve, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice. I was just worried about you."

"I know. I have been thinking about the things you said just now. You were right but I have to admit I just don't understand myself anymore."

He took a deep breath and said, "It's okay, Yvory. I will accompany you until you have the urge to eat the food."

I smiled and said, "Thanks, Vince."

"Anytime, Yve."

"Vince, finally you started calling me by my nickname."

I blushed by what he noticed and tried to get my revenge by saying, "You also called me by my nickname."

He just laughed it out and said, "From now own we should call each other that way, okay?"

I nodded in agreement.

We were talking about so many things like the things that we like and hate. I have known Vince since high school but I never had the chance to talk to him like this - to get to know him better. We were enjoying our conversation until my stomach growled so loud that we were interrupted.

I blushed and he just laughed it out and said, "I think you are now in the mood to eat."I nodded embarrassingly without looking at him.

"You should eat now. I will end the call."

"Hmm... okay."

"Is there anything wrong?" Vince asked.

"Nothing." I answered.

I can't afford to disturb Vince any longer. It will be unfair to him.

"How about this? I will accompany you until you fell asleep. But for the meantime , I will go to the kitchen to cook food. Will that be fine?"

I smiled and nodded in response."Finally, I see your smile. You look pretty when you smile."

I blushed at his compliment.

We ate at the same time and talked about so many things. I don't understand why or how but he can really made me feel safe and at ease.



I want to apologize to Yve. I know that it is not really her fault. She must have done her best but odds didn't work in her favor. I was about to knock on her door when I saw that the door was open. I peeked just to see if she was still awake and what I saw was something I didn't want to believe.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Stop it Vincent. Don't make me laugh out loud because it is late in the evening already. I don't want to wake anyone up."

"Okay, I got it. I'm sorry."

It looked like Vincent and Yvory have been talking through their smartphones for awhile because Yvory's phone is attached to her charger and her tray with left over food is still on the table. Normally, Yvory would have washed the dishes already.

She knows that I have a crush on Vincent and she dares to get this intimate with him. Maybe mom is right. She is not the angel I thought she was. She might have been planning this all along and I was a fool to believe her.

I will let her know that she mess with the wrong person.

I turned around and find my way to my room.