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8 Sleeping soundly


"Vin... please....top."

I pleaded Vince to stop kissing me. To both my delight and dismay he granted my request. Both of us are trying to catch our breaths. I looked down to the floor as I am ashamed of how I reacted to the kiss. I enjoyed it despite all the objections I said.

"Look at me." Vince said and adjusted my face so that I am looking at him.

"You can say all the objections you want, I don't mind but you have to take note, that you're actions and those gray eyes can't lie." I tried to avoid his gaze and said, "But, I ....."

"No more buts, Yve. I can patiently wait until you can tell it to me yourself. Just let me stay by your side. Allow me to be a part of your moving on stage."

"I have changed, many things about me have changed. How can you sound so sure that you're okay with all of it?"

"Because the things that I like about you are still there and I am sure that your changes are brought by the hardships you encountered in life. I can say it's the process of maturity."


He placed his finger on my lips to hush me down."I said, no more buts right. Even if you say no, after what just happened I will not let you go."

I blushed again after recalling what happened. I avoided his reach and decided to continue my food. I know his character too well. If he says he will not let go, might as well enjoy the moment until he says otherwise. I decided to continue my meal.

"That's my queen. Just enjoy the food."

I looked at him and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Why? Will you miss me?"

"You wish! It's just that there are so much food in the table. I can't possibly eat everything here."

"That's fine. Just eat to your heart's content. Feel free and treat this as your home."

He kissed me on the forehead and walked towards the brown colored room.

I blushed again and decided to eat this feelings away.



Upon closing the door, I opened my smartphone and called Edward.

"Hello, Ed."

"Bro, hmmm I thought it's time to sleep now."

"I'm sorry. But about Yve's past, can I have the details tomorrow morning?"

"WHAT?! Bro, I also have jet lag. Can I request an extension? How about first thing tomorrow afternoon?"


"Bro, I know that you are anxious and I can totally understand that but don't forget your mother's reminder."

"Ed, I know that. It's just...."

"Vince, be patient. At least you have found Yvory. You still need to make up for all the lost years and make new memories with her."

"I know. Thanks bro."

"You're most welcome."

I think Ed's right. I truly appreciate his presence as he can fulfill the roles of being a brother, secretary and friend at the right place and at the perfect timing. I took a seat in front of my desk and looked at the pictures of the most important people to me. I have my family portrait and the final picture I took with Yve at the university before she decided to end our relationship.

I have so many questions in my brain. I've been dying to know the reasons behind her actions. Even in university years, she has been a strategic type of person. She would plan her next move as detailed as possible and would even prepare a back up plan. I know that breaking up with me at that time was the best solution she can think of. And the kiss we just shared shattered all my doubts about her feelings.

Although I forced the kiss at the beginning, she responded and gave me permission to deepen the kiss. I miss those lips, her breath and her shivering body. I know that she is thinking her next step about our relationship and I won't allow her to leave me again.

Speaking of time, it's already 10:30 in the evening but I haven't heard a single noise outside the room. Wait???? Did she leave already?!

Realizing the possibility, I rushed outside my study and looked for her. In the dining room, I saw no sign of her. She cleaned the table and even put the leftover food in the refrigerator. The dishes were arranged neatly inside their respective microwavable containers. She even washed the utensils we used.

I was about to call the security of the condominium when I heard people talking. The voices were not familiar to me, so I looked for the place where it came from and I ended up in the living room. It was the television but I still didn't see any sign of Yve. It was until I peeked on the couch and saw her, sleeping soundly. She must have dozed off while watching.

I approached her and looked at her face. She is still as pretty as always despite the maturity in some of her facial features. I was lost in appreciating her features until she turned to the other side because of my hand that touched her cheek. I turned off and the television and carried her to my room. I carried her carefully in princess style so as to avoid waking her up.

We reached my room and I placed her on my bed. I covered her with my blanket and she curled immediately. I smiled at her movement. I remembered the time when we were together, she would always snuggle around me or my pillow and blanket. She said she felt so comfortable and safe which allowed her to sleep deeply. I am happy that she is still feeling the same unconsciously.

I got one pillow and a small blanket from the cabinet left the room. I guess it's the couch for me tonight. I am very tired from the trip and work but it's fine because I already found my Yve, my one and only Queen.