The travels of a Nymphomaniac
46 Toys, Beast and Deep insertions. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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46 Toys, Beast and Deep insertions. Part1

Meanwhile, in the basement of the old mansion, the bandits observe the two little maids who have been unanimously designated as volunteers to test the strange objects placed all over the shelves of this particular room.

To the sound of the little bells at the end of which small metal clamps hang from the big nipples of the two pretty girls, the men masturbate as they watch them let their pussies slide around a totally transparent tube.

Ass to ass, the two little maids, exhausted after being threaded by more than fifty cocks, moan as the smooth tube slides gently along the walls of their little holes that have rarely been so dilated.

Often uttering long screams that add to their fatigue, on all fours in two opposite directions, they shake their little asses to let the large tube go back and forth in their very wet little pussies.

As one of the men feels his sperm rising to his glans, he takes two steps forward. Standing in front of the face of the cute little blonde whose big nipples are pinched by the two little bells that emit a little (driling) with each stroke of the hip she gives, he accelerates his masturbation.

Not being able to hold on any longer, he moans without taking into account the eyes of his friends who applaud his sperm jet coming to water the cute little face of the blonde maid.

The man, relieved after having emptied his balls, he looks at the pretty girls covered with the semen of all the men present in the place. Again very excited when his eyes rest on the transparent tube that penetrates the two little pussies and starts to fill up with their mixed cyprine, his cock straightens immediately.

Tired of using his wrist, he stretches his cock towards the lips of the little blond maid and unsurprisingly, the pretty girl completely greedy for cock since their boss has given them his special little preparation, the one who is currently only a horny whore, swallows her sex without wasting a moment.

While observing the large transparent tube, the bandit's sub-chief squints his eyes. How long have these two little sluts been letting their pussies slide around this hollow object? Although he doesn't really know, seeing the tube filled with their slimy cyprine making little waves, he decides to make things right.

Arriving at the level of the two little maids, he leans between the two pussies whose friction against the very large object makes them emit extremely obscene noises.

His hand, which is placed in the center of the transparent tube, is hit by the two little pussies who want to mix their pubic hair, but not having time to enjoy the show, he vigorously pulls on a small string attached to the tube.

In order not to get his hand dirty by what will result from his action, he removes the little plug hanging on the string as quickly as possible, then, without wasting a moment, he moves away from the place where the two girls moan with pleasure.

Faced with more than fifty peaces of eyes full of expectation of this great moment, as soon as their second boss removes the little cork, the bandits revel in the cascade of women's juice splashing over the stone floor.

From the centre of the tube along which, two burning little pussies let their labia majora slide, the abundant female juice that filled the object of pleasure for women, flows so abundantly, that very quickly their feet soak in this liquid whose feminine odour makes them so horny that their semen rise to the end of their glans.

As one, all these men, motivated by the sight offered by these two pretty girls that each of them has already brutally fucked at least twice, all of them approach the two little maids whose eyes close but who, carried away by the pleasure, continue to deeply insert their little pussies along the hot and humid tube.

In order to be able to ejaculate on the two pretty girls, each of the men pushes the others, but very quickly the strongest manage to find their place in front. With their cocks in hand, masturbating ever more wildly, sperm jet after sperm jet, each of them, sprinkle the bodies of the two adorable little maids who simultaneously stop shake their little asses along the tube, and collapse to the side.

After that deluge of male fluid, at first a little worried, the bandit's sub-chief brings his ear close to the two little mouths whose smell of sperm forces him to pinch his nose. Sighing with relief that they have simply fallen asleep and considering that the first sun will soon appear, he points the door to let his men know that the party is over.

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