The travels of a Nymphomaniac
44 The bitch and the beast. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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44 The bitch and the beast. Part1

Guided out of the old manor, Rhea, moans with pleasure whenever the one she considers her master, pulls the rope. The young woman feels the fresh wind rushing between her labia majora burning with desire. With the hope that the big tail of the chief of the bandits will come again to file them vigorously, her pelvis shakes by itself.

The young woman, who meekly accepts the game of submission offered to her, has her hands tied behind her back. Unable to discern what is around her because of the piece of coarse cloth her master has tied around her head and which covers her eyes, her small feet tread the earth of the large, poorly maintained property.

Feeling the rope very firmly tightening around her nipples from which more and more milk starts to flow, she moves to her left.

Too excited when the man with the oversized dick has fun pulling and releasing the rope, under the impulse of the gigantic breasts that intermittently slam against her slightly cold body, Rhea moans, screams and pisses on the ground.

Greeting her magnificent body reaction, after a very virile laugh, a finger comes deeply to probe her vagina which tonight has been ravaged by so many men, that it still drips continuously with thick sperm.

The vicious finger turns slowly in her intimacy. He conscientiously scrapes the sticky walls of her young vagina and when it comes out, another hand opens her jaws to allow her to suck it.

This pungent sperm taste mixed with the taste of the own nectar that her body secretes, is so delicate that, carried away by an irrepressible hunger, Rhea lets her lips slide for a long time around this sticky finger. To better savour the delicious delicacy offered to her, her little tongue plays with this vicious finger that goes back and forth around her thin lips.

The man seems to appreciate her little buccal toilet very much. His hand is placed under his breast. He kneads it for a few moments, then he does jump the enormous mass of flesh that bounces against his large palm.

It is so good. Rhea would have liked his new master's finger to visit her little pussy again to feed her a second time, but after letting go of her heavy breast, he pulls violently on the rope.

Once again pulled by her big nipples which start to expel a few jets of milk, outside the ruin illegally occupied by these dirty bandits, Rhea moves forward in total darkness.

Even though she cannot see and the ground made of dust and dirt is always the same, Rhea feels that something is different. Her warrior senses are very sharp, so she is certain that her master has led her into what must be some kind of shed or stable.

From the place where her master has stopped his steps to greedily lick her nipples dripping with warm milk, perceiving a new sound, Rhea contains her cock craving and raises her head slightly.

Rhea is very upset when, in order to caress her gigantic breasts more easily, the chief of the bandits unties the rope attached to her nipples, but by feeling her big fingers tickle them, she forgets the slight sound that could remind her of a beast's growling.

When under his caresses, Rhea's nipples change their appearance to become long drooling udders of milk, her master's big fingers become wild. Taken by sadism, the man crushes their tips. The milk that continuously spurts in his face doesn't stop her master who, carried away by his excitement, starts to violently pull on her long indecent udders.


The bandits' leader is not a specialist in milking women, but he has understood that compressing the udders, then releasing them, allows him to accelerate the production of milk of the beauty, who in a few moments, will live an as yet unheard experience for her lecherous pussy.

Wishing to prepare her to make her even more desirable, he again crushes the udders between his fingers, then he pulls them tight. When he finally releases these two udders that don't stop for a moment projecting their nectar in all directions, the man is somewhat surprised by the incredible length of these two udders. To check his supposition, he places his two hands along the stretched nipples and, as he suspected, notices that these monstrous udders protrude from his big hands.

"Your udders are truly magnificent, a masterpiece of the gods. From today, I will be the one to milk you daily. However, it's too early to handle those two monstrous tits, because now I'm going to guide you to the destination where your nasty pussy will know a punishment worthy of the slut that you are. Well, once I untie your hands, you'll move straight ahead."

Rhea, whose drool is dripping from her lips, wants more. "Take care my udders. Please, master, my milk is abundant and if no one milks me, I'll come continuously."

When she feels many violent slaps on those huge breasts, Rhea who arches herself with pleasure, knows that her prayer won't be answered. These virile hands that slap her breasts and make them move from right to left are so good, that already subjected to the pressure imposed by her milk, she feels a powerful flow of cyprine being expelled from her pussy. The pressurized juice that splashes the earth and moistens it, mixes with her and multiple muddy splashes stick to the calves from beauty to the always drooling pussy.

"Now, you horny little whore, you shut your mouth and obey your master."

When she hears these vulgar words, these orders and that dominating tone, Rhea whose tits are a bit sore, feels a wave of pleasure running through her whole body.

Her hands masturbating her long udders full of milk, Rhea follows her master's instructions. "Straight ahead, right, left, left again, you're just a little bitch. Just a few more steps and you'll reach your destination. Worthless whore."

Confused by lust, Rhea moves forward trusting her master's words, without ever questioning them. Constantly masturbating her udders, her pussy dripping always of a very fragrant feminine/masculine mixture, she doesn't try to feel her surroundings or listen.

Suddenly, she is pulled out of this state, when her chin hits what must be a horizontally arranged wooden plank. This kind of small obstacle won't be able to hurt her, but to get around it, Rhea takes her hands off her udders to place them on the object.

It's so hot, extremely hard and yet slightly soft. Instinctively, Rhea has a sudden interest in this obstacle that is blocking her path. Her two hands try to go around it, but it's huge, at least, far too big for her two little hands to circle it.

She herself doesn't know why, but she begins to caress this warm, almost familiar object that is more than 3.2 feet long. She turns around and lets her hands slide slowly along this most interesting obstacle.

Reaching its end, a strange burning bump amazes her. Surpassing her initial surprise, her hands pass the bump and this time find a smooth, soft surface at the end of which a very thick liquid sticks to her hands.

In order to better study the composition of this thick liquid, Rhea lets go of the object and holds her hands in front of her face.

Her little nose goes into action and smells the liquid. A drop of the liquid falls on the end of one of her long udders. Under the piece of cloth, her eyes open wide, her hands tense up and as Rhea opens her mouth in a state of stupor, a colossal hand lifts her from the ground.


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