The travels of a Nymphomaniac
41 Collective milking on the grass. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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41 Collective milking on the grass. Part2


As his sex runs along the beautiful girl's wet little tongue, the Colonel now understands why His King seems to care so much about this girl. Despite her young age, her mouth is a sacred sanctuary for the dicks.

The man observes his big dick that so many women are afraid of, disappear completely between the thin lips of the young woman who lovingly caresses his big pair of balls, and at the height of his well-being, when this beauty with gigantic breasts swallows it until seeing her deform her throat, he can't hold back long moans unworthy of the virile male that he is.

Between her little tongue strokes and her pumping sessions that suck all his pre-ejaculatory liquid out of his big cock, the Colonel, subjected to too much excitement in front of the little hands of the pretty maids that masturbate their mistress' long nipples, he can no longer contain the tidal wave of sperm that spurts inside of the mouth of the professional cocksucker.

Without ceasing to polish her beautiful cock, the beautiful one, whose excess semen flows in regular streams out of her small mouth to drain and then spread out over her huge breasts, slowly starts to swallow his thick male juice.

The young expert cocksucker, arches back. She spits out his sex and moans when under the nimble fingers of the cute little maids, her udders begin to expel milk all over the two delighted girls as well as on the good quality blanket already soiled by the cyprine of the two pretty girls and the too abundant sperm of the Colonel with his face deformed by the pleasure felt to have his glans pumped.

The pretty little brown maid who, a moment ago, had just stuck her mouth to the udder of her miss, panics when a horrible truth crosses her mind. In order not to hurt the sweet udder of her Miss, she grasps it between two fingers and delicately her face covered with fresh milk moves away from it.

"Maria, this is awful. In the castle, the milking machine was also used to collect our miss delicious milk, but here... Our miss certainly produces the best milk in the kingdom and it's so plentiful that to waste all that nectar would be unforgivable. We don't have a tub big enough or a collector to collect it, so what are we going to do about it?"

The little blonde maid contemplates the solution to this problem for a few moments, then turning her beautiful eyes to the many soldiers whose pants are deformed at the crotch, a simple idea comes to her mind.

"The milk of our miss is particularly abundant in the morning and at noon, so I propose that it be a component of the breakfast and lunch of all these soldiers who kindly watch over us. If all those mouths would come and suck our miss udders at those times of day, the question of losing her precious milk would be settled."

Enchanted by her girlfriend's brilliant idea, the little brown maid applauds and turns to all those brave soldiers who will escort them to the capital.

"Gentlemen, come all. Our miss needs your help to relieve her udders."

At first unable to say a word as he hears the improbable chatter of these two pretty girls, subjected to the comings and goings the mouth of the tall blonde with oversized tits who gives little tongue strokes along his dick to clean it, coming back to his senses, the Colonel takes his eyes off their two tiny hairy pussies to show his disagreement. However, already more than fifty of his men arrive running.

It's too late to make the two men back off that have just grabbed the two enormous breasts whose big nipples are propelling milk on their uniforms.

Seeing his own soldiers with hard cock massaging the two mountains and swallowing the two big udders of the beautiful blonde to suck them off better, the Colonel understands that because of his perversity, general anarchy has set in in the ranks of his army.

His cock coming and going at a frantic pace in the young pussy dripping with vaginal slime so soft and so good to stuff that he has already soiled the entrance of her uterus twice, the Colonel is mad with anger at his soldiers who taking turns lie down under the beautiful one, to suck her udders which continue to produce milk.

His black eyes then turn to his shameless Sergeant. This bastard didn't hesitate for a moment to wedge his little dick between the tender lips of this little sucker who should only swallow the sperm of the great and powerful man who leads this army.

Ever more furious, hearing the cries of pleasure of the beautiful one whose tongue now avidly sucks the bastard's glans, he promises himself that he will fuck her beautiful slimy pussy until she asks for mercy. After slapping several times her horny little whore ass, he pushes his cock very violently into her entrails.

"So bitch, you like it when my big cock devastates your horny little bitch pussy, don't you?"

"I love all dicks. I love all the dicks that devastate all my vicious little holes. But in order for me to be the woman of a cock and be subject to it, that cock that fucks me daily must have the means to keep me close to it."

"You're a whore. And me, the whores, I'm tearing their assholes apart with my colossus."

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